A California judge freed a felon who then killed a cop. Now a petition has been launched to remove her from the bench.


A violent felon was convicted for assault and hostage-taking, but had bail reduced significantly and freed pending the sentencing hearing- a petition has started to have the judge removed

Exclusive: A national call for a California Judge to step down after freeing a dangerous felon who later killed a cop is getting too loud to ignore.

Cara D. Hutson, a California Superior Court Judge, had a simple, and by all accounts a moral obligation to put a known violent gang member away for a long time.

But she didn’t and now a 32-year-old Sheriff’s deputy, Isaiah Cordero is dead because of it.

A California judge freed a felon who then killed a cop.  Now a petition has been launched to remove her from the bench.
Judge Cara Hutson, click image to sign the petition to remove her. Image from Nationalpolice.org

California is among the most soft-on-crime states in America. Their statewide liberal philosophy resonates on all levels of government and the judicial system.

New York is another liberal soft-on-crime state; however their approach is different but equally troubling. New York ties their judges’ hands and force many criminals back out into the streets. This often occurs when judges WANT to keep an offender in jail pending court but cannot because of bail reform and law changes.

California on the other hand, gives judges’ discretion. In this case, this discretion flew in the face of common sense.

And now there’s a call for her to step down.

California Judge Frees Felon

William Shae McKay, 44, in 2021, was convicted for assaulting a woman who he also held hostage for several days. The crime has quite heinous and troubling.

According to a Washington Examiner column that covered the story, it stated:

“But Hutson reduced the bail of William Shea McKay, 44, after his November 2021 conviction instead of immediately jailing him while awaiting sentencing. Hutson also dismissed several charges that would result in a shortened prison term.”

Sgt. Betsy Smith, a retired officer who spent 29 years in a Chicago area police department, told the media:

“He should’ve been remanded to the county jail to await sentencing and that’s not what happened. Not only did [Hutson] have the legal duty to do this, she had the moral obligation to incarcerate this dangerous felon.”

She continued:

“He was a multi-convicted felon and gang member even before November 2021. This judge had the opportunity and obligation to incarcerate and sentence him.”

A California judge freed a felon who then killed a cop.  Now a petition has been launched to remove her from the bench.

 A Violent Felon

Cordero, an 8-year veteran of the force, pulled McKay over for a traffic violation in Jurupa Valley. However, he was fatally shot by McKay as he approached the vehicle during the stop.

McKay then fled the murder scene and led police on a high-speed chase. The chase itself ended after officers placed spike strips on the road, flattening McKay’s tires.

A gun fight ensued between McKay and responding officers and McKay was killed.

Many past offenders who are later released often go back to a criminal lifestyle. But many will refuse to go back to jail and will go down fighting first, as appeared to be the case with McKay.

A California judge freed a felon who then killed a cop.  Now a petition has been launched to remove her from the bench.
McKay, image courtesy of State of California DOC.

McKay had other violent crimes in his past.

According to the Washington Examiner:

“McKay was also convicted of assault with a firearm and burglary in 1999 and first-degree robbery and assault with a deadly weapon in 2006, according to the California Department of Corrections. In March 2021, McKay was involved in a police chase that ended when he stabbed a police dog.”

It is believed that McKay should have remained in prison for life under the “three strikes” law as his violent crimes appear eligible. However, that was not the case.

Some felons “age out” of a life of crime and settle down. But Mckay has shown a violent past that spanned decades. Any likelihood for living a “straight, honest life” were clearly in doubt.

But the judge didn’t see it that way.

The Petition

Since the death of Cordero, a petition has been started for the removal of Judge Hutson. The judge’s growing unpopularity from the police and the community at large is getting too loud to ignore. That’s what could happen when a judge frees a felon.

Riverside County Sheriff Bianco stated:

“What she should do is resign. She is proving she has no business being in the position she is.”

He continued:

“With this suspect’s past and the horrendous things he has done … and for her to let him out repeatedly, and then this happened? You can’t tell me this heinous crime is the first time she has done this.”

Judge Hutson needs to go.

The National Police Association has started a petition to remove Judge Hutson. It has already garnered over 7,000 signatures but deserves a lot more.

We urge you to fill out the petition and make your voice known. Judges like Cara Hutson are dangerous to both the police and the residents of California.

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A California judge freed a felon who then killed a cop.  Now a petition has been launched to remove her from the bench.

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