Pot, meet kettle: The anti-gun, California governor’s hypocrisy is on full display thanks to rap lyrics


By Larry Keane and our friends at NSSF

California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom was quick to sign a law that banned any advertising that could potentially be attractive to youths. Gun ads, he believes, might warp young minds.

He is whistling a different tune, though, when it comes to rap lyrics. Turns out, any mention of violence, crime or lawlessness is just fine.

Gov. Newsom sees himself as the arbiter of First Amendment-protected free speech.

In his mind, it is the lawful firearm industry – and any advertising related to youth hunting or shooting sports – that is responsible for the gun crimes committed by criminals in California where his district attorneys refuse to prosecute. Words matter to Gov. Newsom, except when they happen to be rap lyrics.

Preferred Speech

Gov. Newsom hosted a video bill signing for AB 2799 and was joined by several hip hop artists. The bill, titled the Decriminalizing Artistic Expression Act, prevents prosecutors from using violent and descriptive rap music lyrics in criminal court cases against criminals who have broken the law.

In addition, AB 2799, requires “a court, in a criminal proceeding where a party seeks to admit as evidence a form of creative expression, to consider specified factors when balancing the probative value of that evidence against the substantial danger of undue prejudice.”

“Artists of all kinds should be able to create without the fear of unfair and prejudicial prosecution,” Gov. Newsom said. “California… is taking a nation-leading role to protect creative expression and ensure that artists are not criminalized under biased policies.”

Those following the governor’s castigation of free expression by the firearm industry might by suffering cognitive dissonance. There certainly is plenty of non-violent rap music, but it is no secret that much of it also contains violent, descriptive language. Crimes are bragged about, including criminal firearm misuse against law enforcement.

To Gov. Newsom, these are “artistic creative expression” and should be protected by the law. Commercial free speech by gun manufacturers, not so much.

Criminalizing Kids

Gov. Newsom previously signed AB 2571, as “a way to save lives by banning firearms advertising to children.” He released a video while holding a .22-caliber rifle, pointing it at the cameraman, laughably calling the firearm a “weapon of war” and decrying the firearm industry for “openly marketing” the lawful firearm.

It is an absurd line of attack against the firearm industry by Gov. Newsom. To him rap lyrics are fine and the artist should be protected. “Of course it’s not their fault if someone else acts out the violence they describe in their music.” Firearm manufacturers, though, are held responsible for criminal violence in California because they advertise to parents and adults about youth hunting and shooting sports.

For gun control schemers, their message is clear. Only some creative or artistic expression is worthy of legal protections, but not all. Violent rap lyrics qualify. Nonviolent firearm advertisements do not.

Youth Safety

Gov. Newsom youth hunting and shooting sports advertising ban had a near-immediate impact. The California State High School Clay Target League folded up shop after the bill became law. The program cited the possibility of facing $25,000 civil fines on “firearm industry members” advertising “any firearms-related product” in a way that could be seen as “appealing to minors.” The group regularly advertises target shooting competitions and trainings to members and prospective members.

Gov. Newsom recently signed AB 160, to allow for firearm safety, “communication offering or promoting any firearm safety program, hunting safety or promotional program” as well as membership in youth shooting leagues or clubs.

For Gov. Newsom, some creative speech is perfectly acceptable, even if violent, descriptive and dangerous and should be protected. Other creative free speech that is neither false, misleading, deceptive nor immoral is abhorrent and unacceptable and should be punished and banned.

The difference is not based on principles – it is just Gov. Newsom’s gun control bias.


America – and law enforcement – needs to be prepared for the coming “electrical storm” that could plunge us into darkness

Sitting alone in my unmarked vehicle on a quiet residential street in a small town in central New Jersey, I was conducting surveillance of a home for evidence of criminal activity.

As the evening became darker the evidence I had waited for appeared. The lights of the house under surveillance came on and I knew this was likely a crime.

I radioed for my back up to converge on the home. I walked up with my camera to photograph the evidence.

The crime? Theft of electrical service from the electric utility company I worked for as a field investigator. My back up was a huge utility line truck with flashing amber lights operated by an imposing Lineman.

In this typical case, electric service had previously been disconnected so no lights should have been visible.

The electric meter had been previously removed by the company for non-payment. In its place, the customer had used jumper cables to circumvent the metering system and steal electricity. Photographs were taken, the jumper cables were removed and taken as evidence.

The electric service was cut at the pole by the Lineman. I interviewed the occupants and upon completion of my investigation (including calculating the amount of lost revenue) I signed a criminal complaint in Court against the customer and moved on to the next case.

Theft of Electricity around the Globe

Theft of electrical service is a worldwide problem, particularly in developing countries where the expertise and technology to detect electric service theft is still maturing.

The electric utility industry estimates that global losses due to theft of electrical services amounts to over $96 billion annually.

In the 1980’s, utility companies began to formalize their investigative responses to theft as instances of meter tampering and electric current diversion (unmetered and not billed) began to grow.

Some of the reasons for the dramatic increase in theft was the energy crisis of the 1970’s when electric utilities raised their rates for both residential and commercial customers. In the cold winters of the North East, customers who lived in total electric homes were shocked at their monthly bills.

The 1980’s saw an increased awareness of energy efficiency such as more efficient home insulation products, alternative heat sources and construction methods and materials that were more energy efficient.

Fast forward to today and electric costs have remained a relatively manageable part of the family budget. If we are to look ahead to the next 30 years, there are trends occurring that will impact this significantly. This will likely include increased service rates.

The Impact of electric vehicles on electrical theft

The Federal Government and many public voices are calling out for more energy efficiency and less reliance on gasoline powered vehicles.

A large part of the infrastructure bill recently passed by Congress includes $15 billion dollars to install electric vehicle charging stations.

As more consumers buy total electric vehicles and charge them at home, electric bills will rise, in some cases dramatically. Estimates to charge an electric vehicle range from $10 to $30 per charge.

A number of States provide financial incentives to purchase electric vehicles, no sales tax is charged.

In addition, California recently passed legislation to ban the sale of gasoline powered vehicles by 2035. At least 15 States have followed California’s previous emissions standards.

Why the fraud triangle applies

In the fraud investigation community, the “fraud triangle” (perceived unshareable financial need, perceived opportunity and rationalization) can apply to almost any business and electric utilities are no exception.

After all, who really cares about the big utility company missing out on a few bucks? I heard this from electrical theft suspects and defendants regularly.

While the topic of electric current diversion has received little attention in recent years, the increased use of all electric vehicles promises to change this trend. With gasoline prices this summer increasing to record levels and inflation at its highest in years, consumers may choose electric vehicles to both reduce emissions and to save on operating costs.

Currently, US residents who install a charging station for their electric vehicle in their home are eligible for a $1,000 credit.

As customer’s electric bills rise, so too will the incentive to cut these costs, which will likely include theft of electric service and meter tampering.

In addition, the electric vehicle charging stations will be tampered with in order to provide a charge without any payment or the use of fraudulent payment methods to obtain the charge.

What are some of the fraud scenarios that could take place? Based upon my experience, electric theft is “Cluster based.” A diversion condition found at one residence often led to other customers stealing electricity at the same address.

In urban areas, extension cords were sometimes used to electrify apartments with no service – all connected to an apartment with a stolen electric meter.

During field investigations, it was not uncommon to see yellow and orange extension cords dangling from windows and stretched between buildings across dark alley ways. When it comes to electric vehicle charging stations, an illegally connected charging station could have vehicles lined up for a “free” charge.

As dangerous as tampering with electric services may be, it remains a common issue. During my tenure as a field investigator, there were cases where customers were electrocuted, severely burned or caused fires.

Despite some advances to prevent electric theft, little has changed to make the diversion of electrical services more difficult or meters more tamper proof today.

Much of the nation’s electrical grid and infrastructure is aged and the equipment dated. An interesting book on America’s electric infrastructure and the inherent risks is (Koppel, Ted “Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath,” Random House, 2015).

How easy is it to steal electricity? I observed it in all types of households and commercial buildings – from a small bungalow in the New Jersey pine barrens to the expansive estate of an elected official who was also an electrician.

Without giving away secrets, the methods to steal involve almost no tools and a very limited knowledge of electricity. Some cases we investigated involved the use of professionals – bad guys with electrical knowledge who peddled their meter tampering services to large commercial customers for a fee.

What could the future hold when millions of electric vehicles are added to the grid and charging costs rise? The amount of theft and tampering could potentially explode similar to the credit card fraud phenomena in the 1980’s. Anyone who worked credit card fraud in that era knows that fraud controls were weak to non-existent – sophisticated fraud was not planned for.

One last personal story

One notable case our team investigated was a large gated home near the Jersey shore. The case was reported when a meter reader cut the service for non-payment.

When the employee removed the electric meter, the air conditioning was still running. Upon further investigation, a search warrant was executed.

The result? the customer had dug into the underground electric service delivery lines and tapped into the unmetered service. Further excavation by our utility crews found unmetered natural gas and unmetered municipal water – the “trifecta” of utility theft.

Future crimes

The future trend for theft of electrical services will prove to be quite telling. It could prove to be overwhelming, both for law enforcement and electric utility companies.

With not only total electric passenger vehicles added to the electric grid but also large commercial trucks, tractor trailers, buses and construction equipment, the opportunity for fraud could potentially grow at an alarming rate.

With an increased reliance on electricity to recharge electric vehicles both at our homes and at charging stations, it seems only natural to predict a dramatic increase in this type of theft in the near future.

Law enforcement role

What should law enforcement do? Planning for this eventuality is foremost. Meeting with utility companies to discuss fraud scenarios, technical issues, response protocols and prosecution strategies will be helpful. In addition, roll call training and Academy seminars can be utilized to train officers on the basic and advanced principles of electric vehicle theft.

While it is impossible to predict how extensive fraud of this nature may grow, the increasing reliance on electric vehicles will provide the three things necessary for any fraud (financial need, perceived opportunity and rationalization).

Social media provides a forum for many discussions and “how to steal electricity” will become a common search term. You Tube already includes some of these videos.  The question for law enforcement is whether we will take the opportunity to prepare for “the coming electrical storm.”

Barry Bittenmaster worked as a Detective for 27 years in a variety of assignments including fraud and corruption. Prior, he was a field investigator for an electric utility company investigating theft of electrical services.   

Reyes: We’re facing the collapse of law enforcement in America. It will lead to the end of our country as we know it.

Editor’s note:  In what has become something of an annual tradition (sadly), Law Enforcement Today writes about the challenges facing not only law enforcement, but our country in general.

These articles have proven to be among the most popular we post. When we started this series, we thought things were pretty bad. However, since January 20, 2021 – things have gotten much, much worse.

In 2020 during the run up to the November election, we tried to warn people what our country was up against, and what the Democrats had in mind. Sadly, but not surprisingly, we have found ourselves to be right.

Law Enforcement Today is written primarily for law enforcement officers and those who support law enforcement. However, our audience has expanded to include those who support our military, our Constitution and all the liberty and freedom it guarantees and are God-fearing patriotic Americans.

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For the rest of you… simply keep following, keep reading, and keep sharing. Especially sharing…the more people who read these stories, the better it is for our law enforcement and military brethren.

I, [name], do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So, help me God.

On July 4, 1776, a group of patriots decided they had suffered enough at the hands of the British monarchy. On that date, at tremendous risk of their own personal safety and more so their very lives, they put quill to paper and signed the greatest document ever forged. A document that gave birth to the greatest country ever to grace the face of the earth—the United States of America.

Yet here we are, 245 years nearly to the day that document was signed, and we find our country at a crossroads. When you look at all the great dynasties in the history of the world, all of them eventually collapsed. The Roman Empire…the British Empire…they number many.


It’s something that you don’t really consider when you’re young.  You can do anything.  You’re invincible.

But as we grow older, we start considering that mortality.

With all of that in mind, it’s time we start considering the mortality of America.

I spend a substantial amount of time working in two different arenas – the world of law enforcement and the business world.

By day, I run a marketing agency. Among the areas we work in, we do extensive work in the firearms industry.  My travels take me across the country – often to some of the most rural parts of America.

By night, I am the Executive Director for Law Enforcement Today.  I’m not a police officer.  I was tapped because I can do one thing cops can’t do.  I can give them a voice.  I can run my mouth and no agency can fire me.

That travel that I referenced – both in the business world and supporting the LE world – has afforded me countless opportunities to work side by side with some of the greatest patriots in America.

My closest friends are either in law enforcement or either active or retired members of some of the most elite military forces in America.  And from our greatest warriors to our everyday citizens… I can tell you the underlying fear that so many are thinking about – and that’s the seemingly inevitable collapse of society if we don’t make some monumental changes.

As a Christian, I believe we are in the middle of some serious spiritual warfare.  But you don’t have to be a Christian to understand that the very soul of America is under attack right now.  And the rapid erosion of the Thin Blue Line has us sitting on a powder keg.

Historically, if you look at the collapse of some of the greatest empires in the world, it happened from within.  Simply put, it raises the distinct danger that America won’t be conquered by foreign enemies … but rather from domestic ones.

President Ronald Reagan probably put it best when he said, “ Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same.” Prophetic words indeed.

When historians say that an empire fell, it means that the central state no longer exercised its broad power.  That happens either because the state itself ceased to exist or because the state’s power was reduced as parts of the empire became independent of its control.

It typically doesn’t happen because of a single cause, but rather a long process.  The main factors that historically lead to imperial collapse are:

  • Economic issues
  • Social and cultural issues
  • Environmental issues
  • Political issues

Now none of these factors are causes in and of themselves, but rather are ways to categorize causes.

What that means is you wouldn’t decide that Rome fell because of politics, but rather you’d explore political factors to understand the collapse.  And in those issues are warning signs for us as Americans.

That brings me to the threat we face today.

Have you ever heard of something called the Cloward-Piven strategy? It’s not exactly something the mainstream media talks about… but it’s something you need to be aware of, because it’s what we’re facing in America today.

American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven created the political strategy in 1966.  The idea behind it is to overload the U.S. public welfare system to create a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a socialist system of “a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty”.

If that doesn’t describe what we’re seeing from Democrats who are running Congress and the White House right now, I don’t know what does.  But it’s a much bigger threat than you might realize.  That’s because it’s so incredibly pervasive.  It’s poisoning the very roots of America.

And it calls to mind the words of Jefferson:

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”

We are seeing groups here in America demanding open borders.  Demanding the decriminalization of crossing into our country illegally. Since Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20, we have seen our southern border over-run, not only from Mexican citizens but by people from all around the world, including some on terrorist watch lists.

Joe Biden assigned his vice president, Kamala Harris to oversee the border crisis, but in nearly three months since being given that assignment, Harris has not visited the border first-hand to see exactly what is going on—not once.

At the same time, across our great country, we are seeing the CRIMINALIZATION of law enforcement. All across the country, from Minneapolis to Portland, Los Angeles through Chicago to New York, there is a literal war on police. Major cities such as Seattle, Portland, Chicago and New York are seeing officers either retire early or outright leave. Morale in police departments across the country is in the toilet.

We’re seeing agencies desperate for officers, because as more and more retire (or count down the minutes to retirement), we see a deficit in the number of incoming recruits.  After all, why would you want to live a life of service when you’re just going to be attacked for that service?

In the aftermath of the George Floyd death in Minneapolis a year ago, we have seen primarily Democrats across the country demanding defunding of police, taking away protections such as qualified immunity from officers, and emasculating police to the point where even when they are completely justified in using deadly physical force, neo-Marxist groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa take to the streets to cause death and destruction.

One of the demands from activists was that police officers be required to be issued body cameras, which many jurisdictions have done. Yet, when police are put in the position of having to use deadly physical force, what is shown on the body cameras is not believed, called edited footage. It’s a classic heads I win, tails you lose for law enforcement officers.

We see political activists masquerading as police chiefs.  We see them working hand in hand with liberal politicians to not only attack the rights of law-abiding citizens, but also to destroy the morale of their own departments. We watch as they flat out disrespect the oath of office they took and put officers in no-win situations. Last year in the wake of the George Floyd death, we saw police chiefs kneeling on the ground with the very people who want them dead.

If I were to design a road map for how to collapse America, starting with law enforcement, here’s what it would look like.

Step one: Divide the protectors.

The refusal to allow rank and file patrol officers to cooperate with federal law enforcement to uphold the law.  It’s a slap in the face to Americans and it’s a dereliction of duty. It’s also a clear and intentional move to create a divide between local, state and federal law enforcement.  Divide the protectors… conquer a society.

Step two: Divide the supporters.

Force officers to choose between enforcing unconstitutional legislation like Red Flag laws, which deny citizens of their right to due process… and providing for their own family.

Since the beginning of  the coronavirus pandemic last year, we’ve seen draconian emergency orders put in place by power-hungry governors, with police officers being put in the position of having to be COVID cops or face discipline. We’ve seen videos of police officers arresting people at high school football games for not wearing a mask, breaking up groups of Hasidic Jews at a funeral in New York City and shutting down a gym in New Jersey for breaking COVID rules.

Make cops the bad guys.  Take the people who have historically supported law enforcement and convince them that cops are now the enemy.  Divide the supporters… conquer a society.

Step three: Remove their protection

Make cops afraid to be cops.  Encourage disrespect on them like water bucket attacks.  Don’t go after the criminals who attack them.  When officers arrest criminals, let them back out on the street within hours because a liberal judge determined that the violent suspect with a lengthy criminal history isn’t actually a threat.

In city after city across the country, we have seen George Soros-funded district attorneys such as George Gascon in Los Angeles, Kim Foxx in Chicago, Larry Krasner in Philadelphia and scores of others go light on criminals while going hard after police officers.

Then threaten law enforcement officers that if they do their job, they’ll be investigated.  That if they have to fight for their lives, they’ll end up being charged.  Remove both their desire and their ability to police.

Step four: Flood America  

By some estimates, one million people will make illegal entry into America this year.

There are fewer than 850,000 law enforcement officers in America.  Do the math.

Now let criminals create havoc in society but instead of deporting them or actually cracking down on crime, let Americans know that the real problem is guns owned by law abiding citizens and pass legislation to take away their rights.

Step five: Destroy our homes

Own the media.  Own Hollywood.  Force feed Anti-American, socialist and communist policies into our homes and our education system.  Convince our children that right is wrong and wrong is right.  Take God out of society, destroy the family structure and teach everyone that the solution to your problems is in the form of pills, porn and the government.

Step six: Destroy our schools

Keep children out of school for over a year for in-person learning. Feed kids anti-American propaganda such as the 1619 Project which teaches America was founded on racist principles by a bunch of white racist men. Erase history and replace it with critical race theory, which teaches white children to hate themselves and believe they have special privilege because of their race. Go completely against Dr. Martin Luther King’s edict that skin color is more important than the content of one’s character.

Step seven: Destroy our military and intelligence agencies

Turn our military and intelligence agencies into indoctrination mills where sexual preference or sexual identity is considered to be of primary importance while the more important mission of looking at what those who seek to destroy us are doing and making sure that the primary focus of the military is on killing people and breaking things, now the sexual identity of a soldier’s parents.

Step eight: Bypass Congress for gun control 

Have “private businesses” like Dicks and Walmart determine what you can and can’t buy. Let the White House determine by executive order what is and what is not an “assault rifle.”

Step nine: Lose control of the truth to tech tyrants and mainstream media

Allow Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Snapchat determine what you can see and what you can say… because it’s not a violation of the Constitution if it’s done by private enterprise. Allow social media to have unfettered ability to censor content that they do not politically agree with or people who have an opinion that goes against the politically desirable narrative.

Step ten: Use “social justice” to vilify love of country 

Take every patriotic American who wants to see a better country for their children and call them a racist, etc. if you don’t agree with them.  Then mass report them on social media to make sure their accounts are cancelled, and their voices are shut down.

Then say you think they’re a threat and have a judge determine that combat veterans and our nation’s greatest warriors need to be disarmed because of post-traumatic stress.  Then force officers to go to war with their own brothers and sisters.

Take people who had legitimate concerns about last November’s election and who raised serious questions about events which made no sense and put them in the category of conspiracy theorists or worse yet, insurrectionists hell-bent on the destruction of the American way of life, which is absurd.

The Collapse

It’s happening right in front of our eyes.  And it’s starting with a full onslaught against our law enforcement officers in every way, shape and form.

Want to save America?  We need to start by understanding the enemy.  And sometimes the biggest threat that an empire faces is the enemy within.

We hope you’ll consider getting in the fight with us.  Here’s what Law Enforcement Today – the largest police-owned media outlet in America – is doing.

We at Law Enforcement Today want to make our stance very clear.

We strongly and firmly stand behind the Second Amendment, companies that keep civilians and law enforcement officers safe through products and innovation, and the men and women who serve and protect our communities and our country.

We are launching a new series of options to help our partners and other patriotic businesses to be able to connect with consumers. While we can’t replace Google, Bing or Facebook – we sure can provide options to ensure that these companies and our brothers and sisters have a voice.

We welcome with open arms companies that openly support law enforcement, and we are proud to offer them options to get their products to market.

We started noticing the problems a couple of years ago.  Social media was scaling back the reach of content that it didn’t believe people should see. Those problems continue today, with both myself as well as the founder of Law Enforcement Today, Robert Greenberg being kicked off of LinkedIn.

Not that there was anything offensive about it.  We’re talking about pro-police videos, stories about patriotic Americans and more.

And from our perspective, that created a huge problem.  We have some of the greatest warriors in the world.  Yet their voices and their stories were being buried.

The mainstream media, on the rare occasion that it would tell some of these stories, would give you only a piece of them.  They’d cram as much as they could into a 90 second segment, slap their bias on it and that was it.

We needed to fix it. And so we are.

Law Enforcement Today (LET) is proud to announce the launch of LET Unity – a new home focused on bridging the gap between civilians and civil servants.  We’ve merged with The Whiskey Patriots to massively expand content, rolling out hundreds of videos to members.

Many of those in our focus groups dubbed it the “Netflix of the law enforcement community”.  But the truth is, it’s so much more.

The first officer in the door at the Pulse nightclub shooting.

Emergency responders from the Parkland shooting.

The bomb squad that responded to the Aurora movie theater massacre.

Survivors of the Dallas five killings.

The first Marine Guard hostage in the Iran crisis.

The CIA agent who started a counter human trafficking company.

SWAT teams.

Sniper schools.

World War II veterans.

And so, so much more.

The membership is less than the cost of two coffees a month, and those who sign up for an annual membership will get some surprise bonuses in the mail.  We decided to charge a nominal fee so we could take all of the proceeds and reinvest them into capturing more of these stories.  The majority of our content producers for Law Enforcement Today are active, retired or wounded law enforcement officers.  The revenue we make helps provide for their families and helps bring a TRUE voice about what’s happening in America.

On top of that, we’re opening up the platform to some well-known podcasters who are going to be joining the team with some incredible content soon.

We have a problem in society.  Censorship has created an existential threat to democracy.  But even worse is the risk we run that some of these incredible stories of patriotism, hope, faith and our Sheepdogs would be lost.

We’ve launched a series of content with Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) to share the stories of survivors.  We will also be dropping a weekly law enforcement focused newscast that addresses some of the most important topics in the country… and helps bridge the gap between those who serve and those whom they serve.

On top of that, we’ll soon be rolling out a series of private discounts and special promotions to members only as a “thank you” for being a part of the family.

You can also download the app to watch the content right from your iPhone.

We hope you’ll join us in this journey, knowing that your membership is going to give a voice to those who have been silenced for so long.

Our country is currently at a crossroads, and with that, so are our brothers and sisters in law enforcement. Today more than ever, that thin blue line that protects the sheep from the wolves is more tenuous that at almost any time in our country’s history. We need to protect and endorse the sheepdogs—our police—who hold the wolves at bay. There has never been a more important time in our nation’s still young history when we need patriots to stand up and support our men and women on the front lines of this fight.

Click here to sign up. 

If you are one of the many companies out there that’s being censored – or you’re worried about what’s to come – don’t hesitate to reach out today. We are all in this fight together. I can be reached at [email protected]

We will not be silenced.  You shouldn’t be either.

God bless you all, and God Bless America.

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