PASADENA, Calif. – Police have released shocking body cam footage from a fatal officer involved shooting in Pasadena that left an armed gang member dead, Fox 11 Los Angeles reported.

On May 17, Pasadena police responded to reports of an armed gang member threatening people.

Police had received a 911 call where a man stated that a suspicious person was “gang banging on kids” and was posing a threat to innocent civilians.

“Yes, there’s a guy in a black Lexus gang banging on kids and UPS drivers on the corner of Glen and Howard,” the caller said to a Pasadena dispatcher. 

Officers responded to the area but did not see anyone matching the caller’s description. Shortly after, police received a call from another concerned citizen claiming that he was back and had been shouting gang slurs at cars that were driving past.


Responding officers with their long guns drawn in response to an armed gang member. (Pasadena Police Department)


Once the officers arrived at the scene, Pasadena authorities say that they spotted suspect Daniel Warren standing in the front yard of a home, holding a firearm and wearing “a ballistic bullet proof vest”.

The responding officers had been advised that the suspect had a prior gun history and may have been armed. When they got on scene, that fact was confirmed.


Daniel Warren was wearing a bulletproof vest and armed with multiple firearms when police showed up to a residence in May. (Pasadena Police Department)


The video shows Warren very clearly pointing his weapon at the officers, which was later said to be a rifle with a large-capacity drum magazine. Police also recovered a handgun from Warren’s body as well.


The video appears to show Warren firing off at least one shot before officers returned fire, striking Warren. The suspect then bolts in between two homes. Police tracked him to the area where he was seeking shelter and attempted to use non-lethal means to get him to surrender. 

After he was hit with a flash bang grenade and then a foam impact round, he still had not moved.

The rifle that Daniel Warren had been carrying had a drum-style magazine. (Pasadena Police Department)


The officers approached him with caution and managed to get him into custody. The officers on scene attempted to perform life-saving measures, but Warren died from his injuries, police said.

None of the officers that were involved with the shooting were injured.

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On Thursday, the Pasadena Police Department released the footage captured by body worn cameras.

The uncut video is below. Warning: the video contains imagery that some viewers may find graphic. Viewer discretion is advised. 


Fox 11 said that the case remains under investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office Officer Involved Shooting Team, and the Pasadena Police Department Professional Standards Detectives. 

Officials said that once the investigation into the fatal shooting is complete, the Pasadena police chief will have the final say over whether the responding officers acted accordingly with department policies.


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