It’s all by design? California District Attorney claims ‘rogue prosecutors’ are emboldening criminals


SACRAMENTO, CA – Sacramento County district attorney Anne Marie Schubert claimed that “rogue prosecutors” in California have been incentivizing offenders to perpetrate crimes with their relaxed penalty policies.

During an interview with Fox News on Friday, DA Schubert said:

“This is just yet another example of the chaos that we’re seeing here in California and the violence.

“And it’s not just that, it’s the fact that we’ve got a tsunami of poor public policies, and you’ve got rogue prosecutors that are not holding people accountable to the fullest extent of the law that we can.”

Prosecutors in major cities across the country have been passing policies that may encourage criminals to commit more crimes, even as violence and crime rates surge. She specifically mentioned ultra-liberal prosecutor George Gascon and San Francisco prosecutor Chesa Boudin,

She said the two prosecutors talk tough on crime, but their actions show another side:

“When they try to talk tough, it’s really just a show because when you actually follow them through with those cases, what we’re seeing is that they’re really not being tough on crime, they’re not holding people accountable.”

She said that the policies of prosecutors like the two above are incentivizing criminals to commit more crimes by not holding them responsible for their actions:

“So, for instance, in Los Angeles, you’ve got a district attorney who acts like he wants to hold people accountable, yet he won’t file things like special circumstances. He thinks people should get out of prison after 15 years, no matter what they’ve done.

“You’ve got murderers in prison that are toasting Gascon, celebrating that they’re going to get out of prison early. So, these are the types of things that these policies, these prosecutors are doing. We are emboldening criminals to really commit even more crime.”

It's all by design? California District Attorney claims ‘rogue prosecutors’ are emboldening criminals

The Sacramento DA said that Californians have suffered enough from the raging crime enveloping liberal cities. Crimes such as smash-and-grab attacks, home invasion robberies, and a spike in homicides are placing residents in fear.

Homicides have increased in LA by about 94% last year compared to 2019 data.

Gascon is facing a second recall attempt fueled by an increase in violent crime, with areas such as the Beverly Hills City Council unanimously voting earlier this month to support the effort.

Her criticism of the other progressive prosecutors comes in  response to the stabbing death of UCLA graduate student Brianna Kupfer.

Kupfer was killed last week in a random attack allegedly carried out by a career criminal who was out on a $50,000 bond in South Carolina for shooting a flare gun into the window of a stranger’s car in 2019.

The man, Shawn Smith, walked into a Croft House furniture store where the victim was working and stabbed her to death on January 13. Just before her murder, she had texted a friend stating that someone inside the store was “giving her a bad vide.”

She said people in her state want strong leaders who will enforce the laws and support safe community policies. She commented:

“Clearly, we know in Los Angeles, San Francisco, people are fed up with what’s going on there. And the answer really is replacing them and putting in real prosecutors, same as with our attorney general.

So, we’ve got to elect folks that are willing to — that have the experience — and are willing to stand up and hold people accountable.

“You’ve got 30-something cities now that are voting no confidence [in Gascon’s leadership]. They’ve got the financial resources.

And ultimately, I think it’s going to get on the ballot. And I hope that the citizens of Los Angeles do what they’re all screaming about, which is to stand up and remove this individual from a very, very important position.”

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Almost one year after taking office, far-left DA Gascon defends progressive criminal justice reform as violent crime spikes

December 20, 2021

LOS ANGELES, CA- On Wednesday, December 8th, Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon marked the end of his first year in office by defending his progressive criminal justice reform efforts, claiming that he is not responsible for rising homicides and the recent smash-and-go robberies.

In an unprecedented move, district attorneys from other states such as Virginia and Massachusetts attended the press conference instead of local law enforcement and victims’ rights advocates.

Prosecutor Eric Siddall, vice president of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys, said in a statement:

“That tells us no other local leaders support the DA and his policies. Instead, he flew in other-like minded politicians from around the country who are also ushering in a new crime wave to their own cities.”

During the press conference, Gascon addressed the district attorneys from other states and the media, saying that the so-called “tough-on-crime approach failed.” He said:

“We are trying to dramatically change a system that has served no one, not the victims of crime, not those who are accused and not the public.”

When he took office in 2020, Gascon issued a special directive that prevents prosecutors in his office from seeking the death penalty, sentencing enhancements, or cash bail in non-violent cases.

That decision quickly drew widespread criticism as a policy that coddled criminals and ignored the victims.

As 2021 comes to an end, homicides, violent crimes and auto theft are rising and Gascon is facing a second recall. The most vocal critic is Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who told KTLA that “his approach has been god-awful. He authored Proposition 47 to reduce felonies to misdemeanors and now he doesn’t want to prosecute misdemeanors.” Villanueva added:

“It’s been an absolute disaster for the community. It’s been a disaster for public safety. It’s been a disaster for law enforcement.”

It's all by design? California District Attorney claims ‘rogue prosecutors’ are emboldening criminals

One of his own deputy district attorneys, John Hatami, has also been an outspoken critic of the new policies. He said:

“George Gascon’s policies have not worked. Releasing criminals not charging crime does not work in Los Angeles and it’s not making anybody any safer.”

On the same day that an 81-year-old woman was shot to death in a home invasion robbery, Gascon sent out a fundraising email decrying the use of sentencing enhancements, which are measures used to add prison time for violent crimes for a number of reasons, from gang affiliation to the use of guns. 

In response, Gascon did not add a sentence enhancement to the charges against the woman’s killer, who had an extensive criminal history and was released on parole in September.

Had an enhancement been utilized, the killer would have had 25 years added to his sentence.

Gascon states that sentence enhancements are disproportionately used against minorities.

But when looking at the horrific incident that happened to the 81-year-old woman, the question really becomes should that individual, a chronic offender, who tried to rob another house after shooting a woman to death, deserve a sentencing enhancement to keep him incarcerated and not out on the streets where he can harm others?

Yet, Gascon claims that his office is working to make the criminal justice system more efficient and more equitable. He said in a statement:

“We’re trying really hard to use the science that is currently available, the data that is currently available, to do our work. And I’m not going to be intimidated by political rhetoric.”  



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