Child molester who claims to be transgender and was protected by leftist DA is now charged with first-degree murder


LOS ANGELES, CA – The case of Hannah “James Edwards” Tubbs should be counted as one of LA District Attorney George Gascón’s most egregious failures in a career that makes him the poster child for what you don’t want in a top cop.

Gascón has made life easy for criminals and a nightmare for the law-abiding residents of Los Angeles County, prompting a recall effort aimed for the November elections.

In one of the high-profile cases that is driving his second recall effort since taking office in December 2020, the ultrahard-left district attorney refused to prosecute as an adult the 26-year-old Tubbs because the 2014 molestation of a 10-year-old girl for which he was accused occurred weeks before Tubbs turned 18 years old.

Tubbs, who claims to now identify as a woman, pleaded guilty last month to the attack in a Denny’s restaurant bathroom when Tubbs was a male named James Edward Tubbs. Prosecutors said Tubbs grabbed the girl by the throat, locked her in a stall and put a hand down the girl’s pants.


Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Jon Hatami spoke to Fox News Digital. Hatami, who supports the recall campaign, said:

“Tubbs had a very lengthy criminal record before George Gascón allowed Tubbs to be sentenced to minimal time in a juvenile facility, which included arrests and convictions for murder, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence and even a prior sexual assault of a 4-yr-old girl.’

Tubbs was sentenced to two years at a juvenile facility because the prosecutor’s office refused to transfer the case to adult court, even though Tubbs was 26 at the time of the trial, in order to adhere to Gascón’s day-one directive to bar “children” from being tried as adults, Fox News reported.


Tubbs has now been charged with first-degree murder in Kern County, California, and is being held on $1 million bond under the name James Tubbs, according to Kern County court records.

The suspect appeared in court Tuesday afternoon for arraignment and pled not guilty to charges of first-degree murder and robbery stemming from a 2019 incident. No further information about the charges was available.

Tubbs did not identify as female until after being taken into custody roughly eight years after the 2014 molestation, prosecutors said. Shea Sanna, the prosecutor originally assigned to the Tubbs case, said he thinks Tubbs is “gaming the system.”

Under the plea agreement, the convicted child molester could serve as little as six months in prison and possibly not be required to register as a sex offender under California law.

Following Tubbs’ sentencing, Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger called the outcome “unsatisfactory.” Barger said:

“Judge Barrera’s hands were tied today – due to the fact that the DA’s office failed to file a motion to transfer Tubbs to adult criminal court, which is where she rightly belongs. Instead, we’re left with a 26-year-old individual sentenced to two years in a juvenile facility in isolation, separated by sight and sound from the other juveniles.”

Tubbs was later caught on a jailhouse phone call gloating about the case and bragging about not having to register as a sex offender.

Tubbs boasted that nothing would happen after pleading guilty because of Democrat Gascón’s policies and laughed about not having to go back to prison or register as a sex offender. Tubbs also made explicit remarks about the victim that are unfit to print, according to Fox News. Tubbs’ father was instructed on the recorded phone call to begin referring to Tubbs using female pronouns. The child molester was recorded saying:

“So now they’re going to put me with other trannies that have seen their cases like mine or with one tranny like me that has a case like mine. So when you come to court, make sure you address me as her.”

Child molester who claims to be transgender and was protected by leftist DA is now charged with first-degree murder
Los Angeles DA George Gascón claims his office hadn’t heard Tubbs’ phone call boasting about his soft sentence. YouTube screenshot courtesy Fox 11.

Gascón appeared to do damage control after Fox released audio recordings containing Tubbs’ comments. In the recordings, Tubbs made crude comments about the victim, including joking about being sexually attracted to the 10-year-old girl.

The DA subsequently admitted that the pedophile may have been handed a sentence that was too lenient. According to Gascón’s critics, he knew about the recordings but didn’t take them seriously until they were aired on national television. Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Sanna noted that Gascón’s aides had had access to the recordings since late January. Sanna told the newspaper:

“They demanded the recordings from me like three weeks ago.”

In a statement, Gascón said he wasn’t previously aware of the remarks, Fox News reported. He said:

“After her sentencing in our case, I became aware of extremely troubling statements she made about her case, the resolution of it and the young girl that she harmed. If we knew about her disregard for the harm she caused we would have handled this case differently.”

Hatami countered that it was Gascón’s job to know about Tubbs’ reaction to his light sentence. He said:

“George shouldn’t have needed jail calls to convince him Tubbs was dangerous to our children. George has completely failed us all. He doesn’t deserve to be the LADA.”

Child molester who claims to be transgender and was protected by leftist DA is now charged with first-degree murder
Los Angeles DA George Gascón’s office explains Tubbs’ easy sentence. YouTube screenshot courtesy Fox 11.

Because Gascón wanted Tubbs tried in juvenile court, Judge Mario Barrera said he was limited on the sentence he could impose.

Tubbs continues to serve the Los Angeles County sentence while being prosecuted on the murder and robbery charges in Kern County. Tubbs’ transfer was based on a 2019 warrant and approved by a court, said Ricardo Santiago, a public information officer for the DAs office.

Tubbs has a lengthy criminal record, including being accused of sexually molesting a four-year-old girl in August 2013 in a Bakersfield, California, library as the child’s mother was browsing for books a few aisles over. The disposition of that charge is unclear.

Child molester who claims to be transgender and was protected by leftist DA is now charged with first-degree murder
Prosecutor Shea Sanna was taken off the Tubbs case. YouTube screenshot courtesy KTLA 5.

Gascón has come under frequent criticism from victims, elected officials and his own prosecutors for policies that favor criminals’ rights over those of their victims.

Crime victims often are outraged when they find out about Gascon’s “progressive,” pro-criminal directives, said prosecutor Sanna, who said he was removed from the molestation case in an attempt to silence him. Sanna added:

“They are so outraged and hurt. It’s embarrassing that I have to tell them that this is the position of the office. And now we have an extremely violent, dangerous, unremorseful child predator on the verge of being released and my boss does not care.”

Sanna told Fox News that Tubbs could be freed as early as mid-June, even though Tubbs is failing to behave while locked up. He said a progress report in April showed that Tubbs had been involved in about 60 negative incidents and was not cooperating with a required rehabilitation program. Sanna said:

“Very rarely is Tubbs in compliance with anything. The Gascon administration is like a second defense attorney. There’s two defense attorneys in the room right now and there’s nobody representing the victim and public safety.”

LA Sheriff asks feds to prosecute gang members who killed cop because DA is far too lenient

January 16, 2022

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Los Angeles County Sheriff is formally requesting federal authorities take over prosecution for the murder of an off-duty Los Angeles Police officer.

The Sheriff has made the request because he fears that the Los Angeles District Attorney is too lenient.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff, Alex Villanueva, announced the four people who have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the murder of off-duty LAPD Officer Fernando Arroyos have been referred to federal prosecutors.

Sheriff Villanueva said the move was because he felt the response from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office was “not satisfactory.” He added to the Los Angeles Times that the response from the DA “really did not cover the depravity of this crime.”

Sheriff Villanueva noted the four people who have been taken into custody, Luis Alfredo De La Rosa Rios, Ernesto Cisneros, Jesse Contreras, and Haylee Marie Grisham are all suspected gang members and as such should have some type of criminal enhancements.

However, it appears the District Attorney has no intention of filing any type of criminal enhancements in the murder case.

The Sheriff said:

“I believe their plan was to just prosecute a simple murder with no gun enhancements, no gang enhancements, nothing.

And that really did not cover the depravity of this crime…It should be noted that the California penal code does cover all these things.

The tools are there but we need to have someone who’s willing to use them.”

Sheriff Villanueva spoke to Fox News in December of 2021 regarding the lack of prosecution coming from LA District Attorney George Gascon’s office.

He told them that he felt the DA’s office was “careless and irresponsible” in terms of prosecuting criminal cases.

Based on Sheriff Villanueva’s comments, it appears that he has little faith that Gascon’s office would prosecute the case properly. He said:

“What we need now is, we need responsible district attorneys who are going to file their cases.

And if they want to play the role of public defender, they should just quit their job and go over to the public defenders…everything they say makes perfect sense for a public defender, not a district attorney.”

Fox News spoke to Alex Bastian who is a Special Advisor to District Attorney George Gascon about the Sheriff’s comments in relation to the murder case.

According to him, the District Attorney’s Office is claiming they never reviewed the case.

He said:

“We support the federal authorities taking the case and will be in communication with all the parties involved…It was indicated to us that the case was referred to the federal authorities, who filed charges. As such, we did not have an opportunity to review the case.”

LAPD Police Chief Michel Moore expressed that he was notified the case had been referred to federal authorities and is grateful. He said:

“It is appropriate [for federal prosecution]. I am thankful for the U.S. attorney stepping in and bringing the full weight of the government against this gang, against these individuals.”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California did accept the case for federal prosecution.

They announced that the criminal complaint was filed against the four people for the alleged involvement in the murder of Officer Arroyos. Their statement said, in part:

“The complaint charges the four defendants with violent crime in aid of racketeering (VICAR), whereby the defendants, as consideration for the receipt of anything of value of the Florencia 13 (F13) gang, and to increase and maintain position within F13, murdered Arroyos.

F13 is a large, multi-generational street gang that previously has been the subject of federal prosecutions, including two large racketeering cases…The VICAR charge carries a potential death penalty – and minimum sentence of life in federal prison without the possibility of parole.”

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