California is trying to change police authorization of deadly force


Another day, another attempt for California lawmakers to put members of law enforcement at risk.

This week, the debate surrounding the authorization for police to utilize deadly force was again challenged, reported KCRA News.

Currently, officers who fear for their lives are able to make and carry out the decision to neutralize a hostile subject. With the proposed legislation, deadly force would only be able to be used if other de-escalation tactics were either unfeasible or attempted without success.

“This means they may use force only if there is no reasonable alternative, including warnings, verbal persuasion or other non-lethal methods of resolution or de-escalation,” Democratic Assemblywoman Shirley Weber said.

Weber claimed that she would try to set a countrywide standard to only allow police to use deadly force to prevent serious injury or death.

If you haven’t heard, New Hampshire is putting officer’s lives at risk as well.

There is no debate here. This change WILL result in more officers being killed on duty.

If this passes, more officers in real and significant danger will not pull the trigger on their service weapons in fear for the public fallback and potential for going to prison simply for protecting their own lives. We are letting narratives control how our officers live and work.

In 2018 we lost around 150 officers while they were serving our communities. We refuse to let 2019 lead to another increase in this metric.

As it stands right now, officers are trained to use multiple techniques to remedy dangerous situations that put their lives and the lives of innocent civilians at risk. When these situations escalate, tough decisions must be made.

defensive handgun uses
California officers face new challenges with the proposed bill. (Photo courtesy LovableNinja)

Democratic Senate President Toni Atkins stated that, “We must acknowledge that we have a problem with disproportionate police use of force here in California.”

If you didn’t already see this racial narrative debunked by 2017’s deadly force stats, check out this article right here.

In fact, the number of California law enforcement-related deaths dropped by one-third last year, from 172 in 2017 to 114 in 2018…. with no major changes in legislation.

We are officers, supporters, family members, friends, neighbors, and patriotic Americans that are tired of seeing blue blood being spilled in the streets. We see the negativity in the media. We see the skewed narratives and bogus accusations that label every law enforcement officer as a racist murderer seeking bloodlust. And we are tired of it.

Let’s be honest folks. 99.99% of officers don’t want to wake up and go shoot someone during their shift. Officers don’t patrol the streets hoping they’ll get to pull the trigger. They want to serve, protect, make their community a better place and then go home to their families, just like every other American does at the end of the day.

When will we end the hate against our brothers and sisters in blue? When will we stop allowing criminals to run the show? When will we stop letting violent gang members and murderers back on the street just so they can turn around and commit another heinous act?

It’s time to stop. It’s time to think. And it’s time to move our nation in the direction it needs.

I’ll leave you with a quote from a very wise man, Edmund Burke.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to donothing.” 

If you don’t stand up and voice your opinion about these very real issues, who will be there to protect you when you need it most?

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