Busted: Beau Biden Foundation takes in millions in donations, spends only fraction on kid’s programs


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WILMINGTON, DE- For anyone who has been paying attention, Joe Biden cannot stop talking about his son Beau.

Whether its at a lunch in Poland with the 82nd Airborne whom he implied would be “going to” Ukraine or at the State of the Union when he was talking about a “moonshot” to beat cancer, Biden just has to bring up his dead son on what seems like an unhealthy continuing basis.

As to the foundation that bears Beau Biden’s name, they rake in a lot of money, but don’t give much out, according to the New York Post.

The Post reports that the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children brought in some $3.9 million in 2020, however only spent a small fraction of that on it’s stated mission to help kids.

The charity, based in Delaware was started in honor of Biden’s late son and received $1.8 million from the Biden Foundation, which was shut down in 2020 as Joe Biden ran for president.

The Biden Foundation was started by Biden and his wife, “Doctor” Jill Biden in order to champion “progress and prosperity for American families.”

According to the Post, the Beau Biden charity raked in some $225,000 from entities tied into a top political donor and bunder to Joe Biden.

However despite the $2 million-plus windfall, the organization only directed $544,961 in 2020 toward the stated purpose of protecting children from abuse, tax filings showed.

To the surprise of nobody, the charity spent nearly one-million dollars–$932,865—that year with most of it going to six-figure salaries of Biden “cronies” who held high-level jobs at the nonprofit, the Post said.

For example, Patricia Dailey-Lewis, who served under the late Beau Biden, then Delaware attorney general, as deputy attorney general runs the nonprofit and was paid a cool $150,660 in 2020, including a $3,500 bonus.

Another Biden crony who worked for the charity, Joshua Alcorn, a longtime Democratic operative and who served as a consultant on both Beau Biden and Joe Biden’s political campaigns, served as Chief Operations Officer (COO) and was paid $131,437 in 2020. Alcorn has since stepped down.

According to CharityWatch, a watchdog group that monitors charitable organizations, a typical top-rated nonprofit generally spends at least 75 percent of their budgets on programs, while in the case of the Beau Biden Foundation, only 58 percent of its spending went toward its stated purpose.

“A 58 percent program ratio does not reflect a high level of financial efficiency,” said Laurie Styron, the executive director of CharityWatch.

Biden’s crackhead son, Hunter, also served on the board of the charity in 2020, which was at the same time the New York Post revealed the discovery of Hunter’s laptop, which had a sticker from the foundation stuck to it. In addition, Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley, as well as Beau’s widow and Hunter Biden plaything Hallie Biden were also on the board.

Hallie Biden is the only Biden family member still serving on the board, which also includes former FBI director Louis Freeh.

The charity said after Biden’s 2021 inauguration it wouldn’t accept money from lobbyists or foreign donors, and promised to release names of its major contributors on its website in order to increase transparency.

In early March, the Post reached out to the foundation seeking a copy of its 2020 tax filing, however the request was refused. The foundation later noted the document was available on the Guidestar website.

Early last week, the document was posted to the site and included a list of top donors, however by Friday the list was mysteriously missing from the filing.

Among donors noted included the Masimo Corporation, a medical device manufacturer, and the Masimo Foundation. Both are headed by Joe Kiani, who donated $750,000 to the pro-Biden Unite the Country PAC in 2020, and who was also named last year to a presidential advisory committee on science and technology.

Ironically, Kiani’s company also has received millions in government contract, a report says.

The Post reached out to the Masimo Foundation, which told the outlet it had been a longtime contributor to the Beau Biden Foundation “because of the work it does for kids,” and claimed the value of the company’s federal contracts had gone down since Biden was inaugurated.

The Beau Biden Foundation didn’t return the Post’s requests for comment.

The foundation was incorporated in the Bidens’ home state of Delaware in June 2015, about a month before Beau Biden died of brain cancer.

According to its website, the foundation conducts virtual and in-person workshops for adults starting at $500, according to its website. It also holds sessions for kids regarding issues including bullying and internet safety.

The Beau Biden Foundation is one of three nonprofits tied to the Bidens. In addition to The Biden Foundation, the family started the Biden Cancer Initiative in 2017, which seemed to suffer from the same financial conditions as the Beau Biden Foundation.

That group suspended operations in 2019 when Biden was running for president. According to each group’s 2020 tax filing, they notified appropriate state authorities of its dissolution.

Law Enforcement Today has previously reported on the financial questions surrounding the cancer charity. That report is included below.

The Post said it reached out to the Delaware Attorney General’s office which did not immediately return requests for comment.


For more on the Biden cancer charity, which spent little if any on cancer research, we invite you to:


WASHINGTON, DC- The New York Post is reporting that a cancer charity which was founded by Joe Biden spent ZERO money on research while directing most of its contributions to staff salaries, according to federal filings.

Biden founded the Biden Cancer Initiative in 2017 along with his wife, Jill Biden, to “develop and drive implementation of solutions to accelerate progress in cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, research and care to reduce disparities in cancer outcomes,” according to its IRS mission statement.

However, no grants were given out in its first two years. The organization did disperse millions of dollars towards salaries of those employed by them.

Federal tax filings show the charity received $4,809,619 in contributions for FY 2017 and 2018, while spending $3,070,301 on payroll over those two years.

The president of the charity, Gregory Simon, made $429,850 in FY 2018, according to the recent tax filings from the charity.

Simon is a former executive for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and a longtime health care lobbyist who also headed up the Obama administration’s cancer task force. In 2017, Simon earned $224,539, according to tax filings.

Another employee, Danielle Carnival, former chief of staff for the Cancer Moonshot Task Force, Obama’s cancer initiative, took home $258,207 in 2018. These are concerning revelations.

The Daily Mail reported that in addition to Simon and Carnival, the Director of Communications the Director of Science Policy and the Director of engagement also received six figure salaries.

The Post said that the Biden charity spent $56,738 on conferences and $59,356 on travel in 2018, while the travel expenditure in 2019 exploded to nearly three-quarters of a million dollars, $742,953 on conferences and $97,149 on travel expenditures.

So, how much did the charity spend on grants? Zero.

Simon attempted to explain it by claiming that the intent of the charity was not to give out grants, but rather to find ways to accelerate treatment for all regardless of their economic or cultural background. This sounds similar to St. Jude’s, an outstanding cancer facility for children, except St. Jude’s spends its money on research and treatment.

It also sounds a bit confusing.

When Biden was vice president under Obama, he headed up the Cancer Moonshot Task Force after his son Beau had died of brain cancer in 2015. When Biden left office, the “charity” was said to be continuing efforts to provide “urgent” solutions to treating cancer, which was outlined in the 2017 press release announcing the charity’s launch.

The board of directors consists of leading oncologists and celebrities who have survived cancer.

In 2019, when Biden decided to run for president, the charity “paused” its operations.

While the organization is still officially active, the IRS reported, Simon said in a 2019 interview that with the Bidens absent from the “charity,” it had lost some of its “edge.”

“Today, we are suspending activities given our unique circumstances. We remain personally committed to the cause, but at this time will have to pause efforts,” Simon said.

“We tried to power through, but it became increasingly difficult to get the traction we needed to complete our mission,” Simon told the AP in July 2019.

The Post said they attempted to reach out to both Simon and Biden for comment last week, however were unable to make contact.

The Daily Mail said that while the “charity” took in several millions of dollars in direct funding, much of its money came from indirect pledges.

The money didn’t go directly to the nonprofit but was “managed by the participating companies and organizations to fund their research and work.”

Biden’s nonprofit used his position as former vice president to promote the partnerships, the Mail said.

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LET Unity

It has of course been suggested with fairly compelling evidence that Joe Biden has a bit of an issue where questionable money transactions are concerned. Below is an article from last month about Biden’s China connections.

Honest journalism? Wall Street Journal reporter eviscerates claim that Biden is clear in China scheme

All we can say is if you swapped the name Joe Biden for Donald Trump and Hunter Biden for Donald Trump Jr., the mainstream media would be all over this China story like ugly on ape. While some in the media (those who will even remotely address it) claim that Joe Biden is “free and clear” from China corruption allegations, Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal disagrees.

Strassel has done stellar work in trying to piece the information put together dates, emails and communications regarding the China deal together and none of it looks good for the Biden’s.

Biden appears to think he has cover because his name isn’t on anything. Likewise, his side has claimed that there is “nothing on his tax returns” showing income from China. That’s hilarious because clearly any money was being laundered through Hunter.

Strassel went through key questions in a Twitter thread that Biden needs to answer for.

First, she noted that while Biden’s name isn’t on documents, the same documents also indicate that special steps had been addressed in order to ensure that his name wasn’t seen.

Secondly, one of the documents addressed so-called equity stakes, in which the “big guy” was to have 10% held for him. Hunter’s business partner, Tony Bobulinski identified the “big guy” as Joe Biden, which he reportedly told the FBI on Friday. Strassel correctly notes that it would be odd for Bobolinski to risk a false statement charge if that were not the case.

The Wall Street Journal’s news page reached out to two other partners of Hunter Biden (Gilliar and Walker) and they refused to identify the so-called “big guy.” However, as Strassel notes, a 2017 from Gilliar warned Bobolinski, “don’t mention Joe being involved.”

Bobolinski also reportedly told the FBI that he had met with Joe Biden, and that he was aware of the deal, at least at some level. She also noted Biden’s campaign wouldn’t answer the Wall Street Journal’s question about that specific meeting.

Finally, she notes the following questions should be asked of Joe Biden:

  1. “Are you ‘big guy?’”
  2. “While Chinese $$ never materialized, were u at one point—via Hunter—in line to have an equity share?”
  3. “Did u meet with Hunter’s partner”
  4. “How does this comport w/ your claims to not talk biz w/Hunter?”

This whole Biden laptop incident has shown the medial to be corrupt and complicit in allowing an enemy of the United States to have what amounts to bribery material to hold over the head of Joe Biden. Were he elected president, China would likely possess information that could be used over Biden’s head. The malfeasance of our mainstream media is nauseating.

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