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Police Simulation Training


Training That Advances Performance

Our mission is to save and improve officer and civilian lives worldwide, which is why these intense, immersive training solutions are designed to keep law enforcement officers safe, prepared and armed with excellent skills. Since each agency and department’s training needs differ, VirTra offers multiple simulation sizes and types to ensure the best solution.

In regards to the simulator’s scenarios, VirTra is meticulous in assuring every aspect is the highest quality for maximum realism for skill transfer. High-resolution video, real actors and events based on actual case studies ensure powerful learning that benefits officers in the field. This attention to detail spans to the V-VICTA™—Virtual Interactive Coursework Training Academy—program, whose IADLEST-certified curriculum ensures the best training for both trainees and seasoned officers.

This quality is found in each true-to-life scenario, V-VICTA curriculum, drop-in laser recoil kit and CO2 magazines. Together, these products train your team to the highest level of preparedness.

Now, your department is ready for the unexpected.

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