Dear Officers – Backup Has Arrived

“Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.”

We have reached a tipping point in society. Let’s call it what it is – there is a full-blown war on law enforcement.

There are rising calls to defund the police…abolish the police… kill the police. And we’ve all been sitting here silently, trying to figure out what happened… and how it happened so quickly.

Officers signed up to serve and protect. They didn’t sign up to be attacked day after day. And it’s not just the criminals who are attacking them – it’s mayors who are handcuffing them and targeting them for doing their jobs.

There are approximately 850,000 sworn law enforcement officers in America who right now feel alone and under full-scale assault.

Ted Bell is an officer who was wounded in the line of duty. In a recent interview with Law Enforcement Today, he said that the sweetest sound he ever heard was sirens, because he knew “all of my brothers and sisters were coming for me”.

It’s time for law enforcement officers who are under attack to get some backup – and that backup is all of us.

Let’s do some math.

There are approximately 331 million Americans.

According to a Gallup poll, 85% of Americans support law enforcement.

That’s 285 million of us.

Let’s say Gallup is wrong. Let’s say it’s not the overwhelming majority of Americans that support law enforcement. Let’s say it’s just five percent of Americans that support the police.

That’s 16 and a half MILLION people.

At the height of World War 2, the size of the United States military was approximately 12 million Americans. Our nation became back to back World War Champions… with an army that was 12 million strong. It’s time for us to get back to our roots and build that army of support.

How We’re Fighting Back

We’ve hired dozens of new writers at Law Enforcement Today. Most of them are active, retired or wounded police officers or family members. Their sole job is to bring you the stories of what’s really happening in America.

And we’re putting a team of cinematographers on the road to capture the stories of police officers and patriotic Americans. The stories that the mainstream media often refuses to show you.

Pick your gifts below. Sign up for a membership. Perhaps even just get a lawn sign for your house to show your support.

The proceeds will go into expanding our staff of police officers, their families and cinematographers to bring you those untold stories.

We’re also going to start listing all of the Back the Blue Rallies across America for you to attend.

Stop being the silent majority – and be a part of the army that will help save America. You are not alone… but right now, our officers are.

Backup has arrived – and this time, it’s all of us.

~Law Enforcement Today

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Dear Officers – Backup Has Arrived