Burger King employees in Clovis, NM decided it would hilarious to play a joke on a cop. It cost them their jobs.

A police officer in New Mexico town posted a picture of a Burger King wrapper he claims to have received from the restaurant. Crudely drawn on it: a cartoon pig. Accompanying the drawing were the words:

“When you order food in uniform.”

The officer claims that the food appeared to have also been burned.

The photo was uploaded to Facebook by Timo Rosenthal. He captioned it:

“Well, while on lunch break (and in uniform) I ordered food at Burger King and received this. The patties were burned and the burger was of very poor quality. Guess that was the last time I ate at Burger King in Clovis, NM.”

In a statement to Fox News, a spokesperson for Burger King said: 

“What occurred is unacceptable and not in line with our brand values.  When made aware of the incident, the restaurant owner immediately reached out to the officer involved to apologize and terminated the team members involved. The restaurant is offering free meals to uniformed officers and will provide a catered lunch to the police department as a gesture of goodwill.”

The chief of the Clovis Police Department said that he is “disappointed” that a law enforcement officer was treated in “a disrespectful and derogatory way.”

This is obviously not the first time that fast-food servers have taken their dislike of law enforcement out on members of that community.

In March of 2016, two Shelby, NC officers were heckled at a Zaxby’s and were served food so spicy it was inedible and burned to the touch.

In October of 2016, A Pineville, LA police officer was welcomed to a Taco Bell by people in the kitchen pointing a toy pig at him and making squealing noises.

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We could list examples all day long of situations where law enforcement officers were refused service, made fun of or served food that had been tampered with in some way.

Just last month, fast food worker who reportedly wanted to take a jab at a cop inside an Indianapolis restaurant apparently took the liberty of messing with the officer’s food.

WTHR reported that the officer, referred to as “DJ” in order to keep his identity anonymous, is apparently a regular at the McDonald’s on West Morris Street and Holt Road in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This week DJ traveled to the restaurant during his shift to grab some dinner, no different from any regular day on the job. He reportedly ordered a McChicken, fries and some cookies. He completed the transaction, received the food.

But it wasn’t until DJ had left the restaurant and returned to work that he realized that someone had already helped themselves to a part of his meal.

“I started to warm up my McChicken and I noticed several small bites. I know I didn’t eat it. No one else was around. I said, ‘You know what? I am going to the McDonald’s to see if they can get that taken care of,” said the local law enforcement officer. 

But when he returned to the restaurant, the manager prevented him from getting to the bottom of the food tampering situation.

“I went to the McDonald’s and talked to the supervisor. She offered me some free food I didn’t care anything about. I just wanted to find out who the person was, and that they deal with that person in an appropriate way.”

But the manager only continued with her offer of some complimentary items off the menu and refused to identify the staff member who may have made the officer’s sandwich and may have been the one to take a nibble before handing it over.

McDonald’s confirmed that they are aware of the incident and are investigating the events that transpired. They say that it is an isolated incident.

Our take?

Aren’t we past this by now? Should police officers really be forced to check their food every single time they order something? How many times does a cop need to find spit in their burger or dirt on a sandwich? 

If anything, the brave men and women who protect the public from harm deserve a free sandwich.

One without any bites already taken out of it.

Grow up, America. 

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