‘Bullets flying everyone’: Officer fighting for his life, shot during early morning traffic stop


GREENFIELD, WI – A suspect is dead, and a Greenfield Police officer is in critical condition following an early morning traffic stop earlier in August that escalated into exchanged gunfire between the suspect and the officer.

Officials say that the shooting incident transpired on August 22nd at approximately 1:30 a.m. at the intersection of Becher and 27th.

What led to the shooting incident started out as an attempted traffic stop that be officer was trying to initiate near 35th and Oklahoma. Authorities say that the suspect fled from the stop after briefly pausing.

A pursuit was initiated until the suspect crashed roughly 3 miles away at 27th and Becher.

Police reportedly ordered the suspect to surrender after the crash, but officials say the suspect opened fire on officers.

A 36-years-old officer, who is yet to be identified by name, was shot multiple times during the incident.

Officials say that two other officers on the scene of the shootout are being hailed as heroes, getting the injured officer to safety, and returning fire on the suspect.

Authorities say that the suspect, later identified as 31-year-old Tyran Lamb, was fatally shot during the incident.

The unnamed officer was last cited as being in critical but stable condition.

One witness to the shootout, who captured some of the incident on cellphone video from his home, described the chaotic scene:

“Me and the kids had to duck for cover, there was bullets flying everywhere.”

Greenfield Mayor Michael Neitzke noted that the injured officer is both a husband and a father:

“You know the wife and the children right? And dad’s in the hospital, I mean those are real things and I think sometimes you know we get lost in all of this.”

Mayor Neitzke also extended accolades to the officers who were able to help the injured officer and neutralize the threat:

“I’m extremely proud of the heroic actions of our officers under fire, pulling an injured officer out of the line of fire, returning fire.”

Local community activist Tracey Dent lamented the incident, saying how these instances can be easily “avoided” if drivers would just comply with a traffic stop and not try shooting at police:

“This could’ve been avoided. I mean if you, if they just stop trying to confront and have a shootout with the police, he would be here today.”

It’s unclear as of this writing what the purpose of the original traffic stop was that eventually led to the shootout.

Milwaukee Police have now taken control of the investigation, according to reports, and are actively reviewing all bodycam and dashcam video related to the incident.

This is an ongoing investigation.

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further insight into this developing case.

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Police: Known gang member identified as shooter of deputy and two other officers in San Bernardino

(Originally published August 21st, 2021)

SAN BERNARDINO, CA – The now-deceased suspect who reportedly non-fatally shot a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputy on August 17th and shot and injured two SWAT officers during a standoff the following day has been identified as a 34-year-old known gang member, according to reports.

Officials have confirmed that the suspect was killed during the shootout that occurred on August 18th.

Authorities say the chain of events leading to the shootout on August 18th happened the day prior at approximately 4:15 p.m., when a sheriff’s deputy tried pulling over 34-year-old Ervin Olikong in the area of Bobbett Drive and Olive Street.

Olikong, who was reportedly wanted on a $200,000 arrest warrant issued in 2019 in connection with an assault with a deadly weapon, fled the stop and later made a turn and exited his vehicle while pulling out a rifle.

The deputy’s vehicle reportedly caught fire after the shooting, but the deputy was able to radio for help and was transported to an area hospital for injuries sustained during the shooting.

As the deputy made the same turn Olikong did, the suspect reportedly opened fire on the deputy’s vehicle.

Officials say the suspect then began walking around the patrol vehicle with the rifle pointed at the deputy while peering through the windows. The suspect then re-entered his vehicle and drove off.

Officials never clarified how Olikong was identified as the suspect, but a manhunt was launched and led to a standoff between San Bernardino Police and Olikong in the area of 9th Street and Victoria. During the standoff, two SWAT officers were shot and injured and the suspect was fatally shot.

One of the officers injured during the final altercation was hospitalized and later released, while the other had to undergo surgery and reportedly remains hospitalized.

Reports indicate that the now-deceased Olikong has a rather violent criminal history dating back to 2007. 

According to California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation records, Olikong began serving a 2-year sentence for second-degree robbery in December 2007.

In October 2008, he was released after less than a year in prison. Although he didn’t remain out of prison for too long, as he was back in prison in June 2010 for receiving a stolen vehicle, according to records.

Come December of 2010, and Olikong was paroled once again, and remained on parole until July of 2012. By October of 2014, Olikong was in prison again, getting doled out a 4-year sentence for inflicting corporal injury on a cohabitant.

He was finally released from prison in July of 2017, before the 2019 warrant would be issued related to assault with a deadly weapon. 

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Four officers injured – one critically – after suspect opens fire on cops responding to a robbery call

(Originally published August 20th, 2021)

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – According to reports, four police officers in Albuquerque were injured, one of them critically, after they responded to a robbery on August 19th and were fired upon. Officials have confirmed that a suspect is in custody and that additional individuals were detained during the onset of the investigation.

Very few details have been released regarding the incident, but here are the details known thus far.

Officials say that three Albuquerque Police officers were shot and one other officer was injured by shrapnel while responding to a robbery call near the Dutch Bros coffee shop on Juan Tabo.

One of the officers that responded was reportedly shot in the base of their neck, right above their bulletproof vest, and was rushed over to an area hospital and was last cited as being in critical condition.

Authorities say that a second officer was shot in the forearm and is currently in stable condition whereas a third officer was shot in the chest but was struck in their bulletproof vest. The officer reportedly injured by shrapnel sustained said injury to their eye.

A witness, Estaban Ortiz, who spoke with KOB4 said that he’d seen two individuals with backpacks running by his vehicle while he was in line at the Dutch Bros, saying that police were reportedly yelling at one of these individuals to ‘drop the gun’:

“He fell down, he had extended magazines, with what appeared to be a 9mm pistol. He unloaded the first one completely. After he fell on the floor, he took out that unloaded one, pulled another one out, another extended magazine, popped it back in, and as he was being shot on the floor – he kept returning fire.”

Authorities have confirmed that they have the suspected shooter in custody and other individuals are being detained as the investigation moves forward. Officials have not identified the suspected shooter, nor the officers injured during the incident.

The suspected shooter was reportedly injured during the critical incident, according to reports.

Albuquerque Police Chief Harold Medina afforded the following statement on August 19th regarding the incident:

“Officers who were injured, their families have been notified and they have family members with them. We want to assure all of the other families of officers who are on scene and haven’t been able to reach out to their families, assure them that the officer who was injured, their families have been contacted.”

Bernalillo County District Attorney Raul Torrez noted that the investigation is still ongoing, and that they’re looking to witnesses who may’ve been nearby to contact police to assist with the investigation:

“A lot of times there is information that passersby may have had, other people in local businesses may have video, and so I know there are going to officers canvassing this area, but if you saw anything, if you were in the area of the crime, please report that to 242-COPS.”

“It’s incredibly important that we get that information to these investigators as quickly as possible, that’s what’s going to enable these individuals to be apprehended and brought to justice.”

This is an ongoing investigation.

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further insight into this developing case.


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