Breitbart’s John Nolte rips St. Louis Mayor over police defunding plan as city hits highest murder rate in 50 years


ST LOUIS, MO – In a recent report from Breitbart News, contributor John Nolte said he has “zero sympathy for the people of St. Louis,” after they elected a Democratic mayor intent on defunding the police while experiencing “the highest murder rate in 50 years.”

Back in April, Law Enforcement Today reported on the runoff mayoral race that was won by former St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones.

During her campaigning for mayor, Jones was fairly outspoken on efforts to defund the police, despite her not necessarily using that exact phraseology.

Instead, Jones advocated for reallocating funds from police budgets to fund the likes of mental health services, substance abuse centers and jobs training programs.

But no matter how one phrases it, taking funds away allocated for a police budget and putting them somewhere else is tantamount to defunding the police.

As we also reported earlier in May, Mayor Jones had already put into motion, alongside the support of city Comptroller Darlene Greene, to defund the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department by $4 million.

Breitbart News contributor John Nolte acknowledged Mayor Jones’ agenda items, while noting the troubling murder rate afflicting the city, and said that he has “zero sympathy” for the residents of St. Louis since they elected this person who campaigned on defunding the police:

“I feel zero sympathy for the people of St. Louis. None. Just last month, amid a soaring murder rate, the highest murder rate in 50 years, as well as the highest in the country, the idiots of St. Louis still voted to elect a Democrat as mayor, a lunatic named Tishaura Jones who made no secret of her desire to make things worse, much worse.”

Nolte delivered said commentary in response to a recent report from Fox News that noted the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department hosts nearly 100 unfilled positions and that Mayor Jones wants to shut down the city jail as well as extract funds from the police department.

This happens to coincide with the city having a homicide rate of 87 per 100,000 residents in 2020, which is the worst homicide rate in the entire country.

Some pundits and city officials alleged that the spike in violent crime is due to the coronavirus pandemic, which there was a national trend that saw increases in homicides during the height of COVID-19.

However, the city of St. Louis was leading the country in the homicide rate prior to COVID-19, as there was a homicide rate of 65 per 100,000 residents in 2019.

Mayor Jones steadfastly believes that an increased police presence in the city will not “prevent crime,” with her rationale behind this notion being that half the calls that the police department answers are something that can be handled “by someone other than police”:

“More police doesn’t prevent crime. Research done in the police department shows that 50 percent of calls can be answered by someone other than police. So, why not deploy someone other than police, and free up police to do the work that they were trained to do in our academy.”

Nolte was clearly unapologetic in his take on St. Louis, saying that he doesn’t “really care what the people of St. Louis or any Democrat-run city do to destroy themselves.”

The Breitbart contributor pointed out that he lives in a mostly conservative, rural area where the sort of violent crime that afflicts St. Louis isn’t even an issue:

“Out here, people of all races and creeds live together in relative harmony and safety. There are no racial tensions or riots or looting or any violent crime crises. Life is good.”

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Earlier in May, Law Enforcement Today reported on Mayor Jones’ efforts to shut down the city jail while enduring such a concerning murder rate. 

Here’s that previous report. 


ST.LOUIS, MO- According to a recent report from Fox News, right now St. Louis has the worst-in-country murder rate, which is at a 50-year high, the police department has nearly 100 unfilled jobs, and the mayor wants to defund the police department and shut down a city jail.

In April, Tishaura Jones became the city’s first black female mayor and had campaigned on a promise to enact “progressive” criminal justice reforms. Within one month of her being mayor, the head of the city’s department of correction, Dan Glass, announced his resignation.

When Jones announced his resignation, she stated that she had not requested to step down, but made it extremely clear that she was not satisfied with how he ran things. The announcement from Jones, said in part:

“Failed leadership overseeing the City’s Corrections division has left the City with a huge mess to clean up. Between failing locks, lackluster maintenance, and subhuman conditions for the detainees under our care, it only further justifies my promise to shut down the Workhouse within my first 100 days.”

Jones added:

“We look forward to bringing in effective leadership into the Corrections division that can account for these issues and raise the bar on effective management and oversight of the City Justice Center.”

According to the data, St. Louis had 87 homicides per 100,000 residents in 2020, which is the worse rate in the entire country. It is not at it’s highest rate in 50 years, even as the population of the city dwindled in the same time period.

Some city officials are blaming the spike in violence on the COVID-19 pandemic, which would follow the national trend. However, St. Louis also led the country before COVID-19 in homicides with 65 homicides per 100,000 in 2019.

For comparison, Baltimore saw the second-worst rate and also its highest on record in 2019 with 57 per 100,000. Interim City of St. Louis Director of Public Safety Daniel Isom explained the mayor’s “plan” in the following way:

“Funding a comprehensive approach to violent crime is the best approach to reducing murders. This requires both police and partnering agencies adequately funded to support victims and hold offenders accountable. It also requires target arrest and prosecutions to get murderers and shooters off the streets and not filling jails with nonviolence offenders.”

Jones reportedly told the UK newspaper, The Telegraph that “more police doesn’t prevent crime.” She told the media outlet:

“We still have two separate police unions, one for black police officers and one for white officers. If they can’t trust each other, then how can they expect the public to trust them?”

The mayor’s current proposal to slash funds from the St. Louis police would redirect that money to social programs, an idea that she repeatedly embraced on the campaign trail. She claims that as many as half of city police calls can be “handled” by someone other than a law enforcement officer.

A proposed city budget for next year, which Jones announced in April, would cut $4 million from the police department and reallocate those funds to an affordable housing fund, victim support services, the city’s Department of Health and Human Services, and the Civil Rights Enforcement Agency.

The proposal also calls for the city to eliminate nearly 100 vacant police positions. No current officers would be laid off. The budget also contains zero funding for the city’s medium-security jail, known as “The Workhouse.” Jones said in a statement:

“We don’t need two jails. We need to move people through the system. We need to find alternatives to jails for some of the offenses.”


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