BREAKING: Teenage murder suspects on the run after jailbreak


Four teenage murder suspects who are considered armed and dangerous are on the loose after allegedly breaking out of a Nashville prison on Sunday, officials confirmed.

Breaking 911 reported that accused murderers Decorrius Wright, 16, and Morris Marsh, 17, have escaped from jail in downtown Nashville.


And they’re not the only ones on the run. Escaping with them was also Brandon Caruthers, 17, and Calvin Howse, 15, according to a number of reports.

Police say the other two suspects both have a history of armed robbery and gun charges.

Nashville authorities say that the manhunt for the four teens began on Saturday night just before 10 p.m. when the juveniles reportedly broke out of the detention center they were being held in. 

According to officials, the teens were serving on their routine work detail when an alleged fight broke out in a different area of the facility. The scrap took the attention away from the suspects and led officials in the detention center to another part of the building. 

While their attention was diverted, Nashville police say that the juveniles began running throughout the jail searching for a way out. By the time they noticed the boys were gone, officials say it had been more than a half-hour.

“They managed to get onto an elevator and used staff protocols to ride to the ground floor where they went through a series of doors and exited to the outside,” the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said in a statement.

According to records, two of the teens, Decorrius Wright and Morris Marsh, were currently being held on murder charges. 

NBC reported that Wright allegedly killed 24-year-old Kyle Yorlets back in February and had been held in the Nashville facility since August after a judge set his bail at $400,000, citing the potential threat he posed to society.


Marsh was reportedly charged in April for the killing of 19-year-old Charlie Easley. 

Reports said that the other two suspects have been locked up in connection with weapons and robbery charges. All four are considered to be armed and dangerous. 

Nashville authorities have launched an all out manhunt to try and return the four juveniles back to the Tennessee facility. 

The teens were spotted around 2:42 a.m. in Clarksville on Sunday morning, roughly an hour north of Nashville and just south of the Kentucky border, according to NBC.

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BREAKING: Teenage murder suspects on the run after jailbreak


Anyone with information that could potentially lead to the capture of these teen suspects is being urged to remain cautious and contact authorities.

Another teen broke out of his detention center and went on the loose just a few weeks ago. 

A 13-year-old teenager from North Carolina identified as “Jericho W.” escaped from custody in early November.

He is facing two first-degree murder charges and managed to escape from the custody of authorities after a juvenile court appearance on Tuesday November 7.  

The teen escaped from the custody of Department of Social Services NC Department of Public Safety Transport Team. He was being held in a DSS facility in Fayetteville, NC, where he was waiting to be seen at a juvenile hearing for his charges.  Sources say that, “Jericho” was being held inside the facility with other juveniles, wearing leg restraints and no shoes. After a facility worker opened the door to the room, the teen reportedly took off running.

Teenage murder suspect on the run after escaping from police while wearing restraints
Teenage murder suspect on the run for two days escaping from police while wearing restraints.


The daring escape led to a massive manhunt for the teen that involved multiple agencies including the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, U.S. Marshal Services, Robeson County Sheriff’s Office, Lumberton Police Department, Lumberton Rescue Dive Team and Deep Branch Fire Department Dive Team.  In an unprecedented move by authorities, which is rarely done in cases with juveniles, his photo was released to news outlets in hopes that he would be located quickly.  

A little over 24 hours after his escape, the teen was turned in by family members who handed him over to federal marshals, and is now back in custody in a different “secure facility”.   The teen’s mother, Nikki Jacobs, spoke with reporters after turning her son over to authorities.

She stated that her son “went to his grandmother’s old home which is now abandoned, spent Tuesday night and all-day Wednesday there before finding a bicycle and riding it to his uncle’s home.”


The teen’s uncle, Wayne Lambert, also speaking with reporters explained that his nephew, “followed the railroad tracks after he escaped before showing up at [my] house on Wednesday and asking for food and a shower.”

At some point after the teen’s escape from custody, he was able to remove one or both sides of his leg restraints, although reports are still unclear as to how he was able to do so.

Lambert went on to tell reporters, “”I just thank God that he came home to me and I was the one that could put my hands on him before the officials did or anybody else would hurt this child, because he’s not a very bad kid.”  

Although Jericho, and another man 19-year-old Derrick Deshawn Hunt are being held on charges of murdering two men, Frank Thomas, 34, and Adam Thomas, 33, Jericho’s uncle explained, “He’s a respectful child.”

Lambert than told reporters what he told the teenager, who as it appears refers to his uncle as ‘Daddy’, when he arrived at his home, “When I seen him, I said, ‘Baby, you know what we got to do.’ He said, ‘Daddy, I don’t want to go back.’ I said, ‘I know you don’t, baby, and daddy doesn’t want to take you back, but you’re going to have to go.’ I said, ‘Do you understand me?’ He said, ‘yes, sir.’”

Lambert apparently let his nephew shower, sleep and then fed him before turning him over, with the teen’s mother, to the authorities.


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