Updated with details of 8:35 p.m. Sunday – details below.

I’m not writing this as a journalist. 

I’m writing this as a heartbroken, pissed off citizen. 

I’m writing this through tears. 

I’m writing this struggling knowing that thousands of people are already sharing a Facebook live of an officer’s death thanks to a mob mentality and irresponsible journalists.

I’m writing this knowing the family and friends of this officer just watched his final moments and found out about his death thanks to social media.

Let me start by saying this.  Law Enforcement Today will absolutely not be sharing the video with you.  We refused to share the officer’s identity until the department let us know his family has been notified… by THEM.

Police now say Officer Michael Langsdorf responded to a call at at the Wellston Food Market in St. Louis County, Missouri at 4:30 p.m. Sunday.  The department was called because someone tried cashing a bad check.

The store is located near the intersection of Page and Stephen Jones Avenues in Wellson. 

Five minutes later, police received a call that the responding officer was down.

Apparently the officer got into a struggle with someone at the store.  We don’t know why or any of the details.  What we do know is he was then shot in the chest.  

While police rushed to the scene, someone at the store streamed his final moments.  Her name is Kashina Harper and her Facebook profile shows that she’s a cashier supervisor at the store.

In the heartbreaking and disturbing video, you can see the officer moving.  The person holding the camera is swearing about what happened.

They are telling him to hang on.

Minutes later, other officers arrive. The Facebook live stream continues, and you see the other officers performing CPR on him and begging him to stay alive.

Officer Michael Langsdorf, who had only been with the department for about three months, did not survive.

Police say they’ve caught arrested the person accused of murdering him and that they’ve recovered the gun used to shoot him.  A press conference is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Sources tell Law Enforcement Today that the owner of the market has had a contentious relationship over the years with law enforcement, who our source says have run a number of buys / busts in the parking lot over the years.

Now forgive me while I lose my cool.

What the hell is wrong with people?  An officer was just shot in front of you.  You’re not trying to help.  You’re not doing everything in your power to help.  You’re not sitting there holding his hand and praying for him.  You’re not on the phone with dispatch giving them every detail you can.

You’re livestreaming it on FACEBOOK.  

And in the rush to have the greatest story on the internet, a local media outlet shares the link to that video with zero consideration for the officer or his family.

Breaking News: Officer down – newspaper shares Facebook live of officer’s death

Breaking News: Officer down – newspaper shares Facebook live of officer’s death

We’ve had dozens of videos removed by Facebook over the past couple of years because Facebook determined they were “too graphic”.  They were officers sharing stories about how they’d been shot or stabbed in the line of duty.

Yet the death of an officer is streamed on Facebook live… and this isn’t a problem.

This isn’t just irresponsible journalism.  This isn’t just a thoughtless person.  This isn’t just a Facebook problem.

This is the shredding of the moral fiber of America.  This is the destruction of our soul as a country.  This is the loss of our identity as a nation.  What the hell has become of us when views on Facebook matter more than the life of a man and the hearts of his family?

Shame on you, St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  Shame on the woman who streamed this on Facebook.

May God be with the family of this officer… and may God help us all.