Law Enforcement Today is launching a variety of support forums this week, and we’d like to invite you to participate and create your own category for new areas of interest.

One of the primary features and focus points will be the “Peer Support” forum, an area where cops, active and retired, can find support from other law enforcement officers regarding PTS, isolation, and other related issues.

The forum is anonymous. Individual users will create their own screen names and can interact with one another. It will be accessed from our app, which means participants can find support no matter where they are; and it’s at your fingertips on your cell phone. Moreover, it will be available via the website and social media posts as well.

Law Enforcement Today is offering the forums as a way for cops to engage and help their like-minded peers. Our goal is to launch Wednesday, March 6, on our website and with the app.

While the Law Enforcement Today website will host the forums, we can add an unlimited number of categories. If you have an interest, we can create the category.

Would you like to moderate a specific topic? I.e. traffic enforcement, narcotics, community policing, LEOWs, etc. Furthermore, beyond police related disciplines, forums can also include religious groups, support groups, non-profit groups and the like.

If you desire to create and moderate a specific forum in your area of interest, please contact Jay Wiley via email: [email protected]. He will assist you with the process.

As previously mentioned, “Peer Support” will be an emphasis. We know this topic will resonate with many readers based upon LET submissions from hurting cops; police officers who’ve been physically and emotionally wounded by their agencies; police wives who’ve been left holding the bag when their spouse died in the line of duty, among others.

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So does this sound appealing to you? Then be sure to contact Jay and he can help fill in the details: [email protected] You can download the app here.