Watch: In police-defunded NYC, another brazen robbery happens in broad daylight as thieves steal $17K from man


NEW YORK CITY, NY – In crime-ridden, police-defunded New York City, a 66-year-old man was dragged by his arms down a sidewalk in Queens and robbed of $17,000 in broad daylight.

According to reports, video footage shows a pair of muggers beat and drag an older man kicking and screaming across a concrete sidewalk.

Police released the shocking video as well as images of the two criminals in the hope that the public can help with an arrest before they harm anyone else.

Police stated that the victim was walking along 71st Street towards Juniper Valley Road in Middle Village around 1:20 p.m. on Thursday, October 13th, when one of the two thieves crept up to him from behind and knocked him onto the pavement.

Video shows the robber rolling the victim onto his back, trying to take a bag from him, but lost his grip and stepped backwards as the older man tried to fight him off. Within seconds, the suspect lunged again punching and slapping the victim as he still tried to get the bag.

The victim continued to hold the bag close to his chest and can be heard yelling, “Help! Help!” The mugger dragged him down the sidewalk on his back and repeatedly tried to rip the bag from the victim.

Video shows that at one point, the mugger stomped on the victim’s head. After dragging the victim nearly 10 feet, the criminal punched the older man over and over in the face and chest until the man gave up the bag.

Police said that the thief then ran off down the street to a waiting maroon-colored Ford Fusion, which they state was being driven by an accomplice. The car sped off towards Eliot Avenue.

The victim suffered several bruises and scratches. He was treated at the scene and when questioned, he told police that the bag held $17,000 in cash. As of this writing, investigators are unsure if the thieves knew that the victim had that much money on him.

Using surveillance footage recovered at the scene and on surrounding blocks, police were able to backtrack the criminals’ movements to the Artis Drug and Surgical Supplies store on Eliot Avenue, which is about one mile from the scene of the incident.

Investigators were able to recover surveillance images of the two thieves, who have been described as white or Hispanic with medium builds with dark short hair. According to the New York Post, neighbors in the area said that there has been a decline in the safety of the neighborhood the last two to three years.

Barbara and Rafal Farion, both 42-years-old, have lived across the street from the victim for the last 18 years and said that thefts have become commonplace. They said that the residents need to get involved, noting that the robbery happened during the early afternoon and no one helped.

Rafal said that new legislators and empowering the police might solve some of the issues that seem to continue to plague the Big Apple.

At the time of the violent attack, the mugger reportedly wore a dark-colored hooded jacket, red, white and blue Tommy Hilfiger sweatpants, white sneakers, a blue and white North Face baseball cap and glasses.

His accomplice was wearing a dark-colored hooded jacket, dark-colored sweatpants, gray sneakers and a blue Houston Astros baseball cap.

Anyone with any information regarding the whereabouts of the muggers is encouraged to call New York Police Department (NYPD) Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS. All calls will be kept confidential.

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Homeless man viciously attacks innocent woman in subway station in police-defunded New York City

September 28th, 2022

QUEENS, NY – In the seemingly never-ending spat of violence in New York, we have yet another incident of rage caused by someone who probably should have been in jail rather than walking the streets.

In this incident, a homeless man, who has a history of violence, is seen viciously attacking a straphanger in a Queens subway station.

New York Police Department responded to reports of a man beating a woman just after 5 a.m. on September 20th.

The attack came as the woman was getting off of the northbound A train at the Howard Beach subway stop. The woman can be seen intentionally trying to not interact with a homeless man that was in the area.

That is when the police reported the suspect, later identified as Waheed Foster, became enraged for some unknown reason and began chasing the woman off of the subway train. Before the woman could get away, Foster is allegedly seen attacking the woman near the entrance to the subway.

The vicious attack was captured on video surveillance which showed Foster allegedly throwing the woman into a nearby wall before punching and kicking her once she was on the ground.

As the beating continued, another straphanger who was in the area tried to get in to help the woman but was ultimately chased away allegedly by Foster.

Thankfully, the woman was able to get away and police later were able to locate and arrest Foster. The victim in the case was transported to a nearby hospital where she was treated for apparent non-life-threatening injuries and later released.

According to a police source for the New York Post, Foster is no stranger to the criminal justice system as he had two pending criminal cases that had yet to make their way through the courts. The criminal charges in those two cases were for minor theft and criminal mischief, but although those charges are seemingly non-violent, he also has a violent criminal history streak.

According to the New York Post, police reported Foster has a history of stabbing a 50-year-old woman in the face and shoulder in 2010.

Foster also has at least seven different previous arrests for robbery, theft, and criminal mischief. He also has another arrest for attacking a woman with a screwdriver.

Thankfully, with this arrest, Foster was ordered by Judge Denise Johnson to be held without bail when he was arraigned. Whether Foster remains in custody until any of his pending court appearances remains to be seen.

According to the New York Police Department, reported transit crime has increased by over 43 percent compared to the same time frame in 2021. In 2021, there were 1,165 reported crimes in the transit system for New York compared to 1,670 already this year.

Regardless of the increase in numbers in comparison to 2021, the New York Police Department and the MTA say that crime is actually dropping. According to the NYPD Chief of Department, Ken Corey, crime is down 8.6 percent compared to 2019, pre-pandemic. He said:

“Crime in transit was 8.6 percent lower this year than it was in 2019. A difference of 339 crimes.”

NYPD Chief Corey said the drop in crime is an adjustment in policing strategy and the addition of 350 police officers. Additionally, officers who are on patrol duties have also been directed to patrol the subway stations to deter crime.

NYPD officers have also been told to start enforcing quality of life infractions, like getting on a subway train with piles of trash or panhandling. NYPD Chief Corey also notes that the city has started partnering with different resources to assist the homeless population in the area. He said:

We now have service providers there, we now have clinicians, and we’re getting people the help they need.”

Defund the police, it’ll keep people safe, they said: 14-year-old murdered on NYC subway in broad daylight

NEW YORK, NY – A 15-year-old boy was arrested and charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon, after a Saturday afternoon altercation that led to 14-year-old Ethan Reyes being stabbed to death.

It all happened around 3 pm on the northbound #1 train platform in the Hamilton Heights 137th Street City College Station.

Witnesses told police that the two teens were fighting on the street and the scuffle moved into the station and onto the platform. Investigators say that they believe that Reyes knew his alleged killer.

Using station surveillance footage, police were able to piece together what happened, as well as identify the suspect.

“This senseless and tragic incident is awful,” MTA NYC Transit President Richard Davey said in a statement. “We are cooperating with the NYPD investigation that remains in its early stages. We thank NYPD detectives for the rapid arrest of a suspect.”

According to the New York Post, sources revealed that the two boys had an ongoing feud but were unable to say what it was about.

Police say that Reyes pushed his adversary onto the tracks prior to being stabbed in the stomach. He tried to run before collapsing.

Responding officers found the youth bleeding from the stomach and rushed him to the hospital, where he later died.

“His lips were purple, and his eyes were rolled back, and he was bleeding a lot of blood,” a witness told NBC New York.  

Social media posts indicated that Reyes was an aspiring rapper who went by the stage name ‘Notti Osama’. It is believed that the suspect in his death was also in the rap music scene.


“It’s always very scary,” Hamilton Heights resident Michael Naranjo said. “You always have to keep keenly aware of what’s going on, especially now during this climate, especially now with the youth around here. They’re angry. They’re mad.”

New York City Mayor made a brief statement.

“Hearing about the stabbing really highlights why we need the lights on in schools like this, we need to find out what happened, we’re going to find out the person responsible,” Adams said.

But to many others, it also highlights another glaring issue.

Crime is running rampant, thanks in part to a soft on crime DA in Alvin Bragg, who is linked to George Soros funding.

The other issue. The NYPD has been plagued by early retirement, resignations and poor recruitment, all thanks to the department being defunded by a 10-digit dollar amount.

One might assume that the situation might be improving after Adams was sworn in, given that he was a former NYPD Captain.

Former Mayor Giuliani weighed in on that thought process, saying:

“He’s actually a worse mayor than de Blasio. Crime is up 40% under Adams. This is the ex-cop. He’s doing everything wrong.”


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