An off-duty officer, Sergeant Christopher Cummings is being called a hero by Atlantic City officials for wrestling with a gunman and taking the gun away from him even before he could further hurt himself or anybody else.

From Bellmawr Police Department’s Press Release posted on their facebook page, the police sergeant prevented the shooting suspect from gaining access to a firearm during a murder-suicide attempt.

The gunman, Luis Maisonet, 55, of Somers Point shot the manager of a clothing store, Zumiez. The manager was identified as Christopher Romero, 26, as per MailOnline report.

Police Sgt. Christopher Cummings of Bellmawr and his wife were shopping around noon Thursday in the White House-Black Market clothing store when Maisonet walked into the store.

Maisonet,  just involved in a shooting came into the store the sergeant happened to be in. The suspect then turned the gun on himself and fired a round. Sgt. Cummings was within very close proximity to the shooter and advanced on him to take control of the suspect’s firearm. The sergeant at some point ended up having to physically restrain the suspect and wrestled for control of the firearm. He gained control and effectively prevented the suspect from inflicting any further harm on himself or others.

Maisonet survived the self-inflicted gunshot wound at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, City Campus while Romero was pronounced dead in hospital.

“The suspect shot himself but did not kill himself. He was getting ready to stand up again and go for the weapon. That was when Cummings subdued him and recovered the handgun,” resort Mayor Don Guardian said.

Guardian said Cummings had the foresight to secure the scene by locking the door of the store before he left to summon help.

Cummings was commended by Guardian saying, “This is a real hero in our midst”.

Bellmawr police also commended the officer’s actions in a public statement: “Sgt. Cummings has the uncanny ability to be in the immediate area of calls dispatched while he is working, and thankfully for everyone’s sake, that same ability put him at the right place at the right time.”

Our salute to you Sergeant Christopher Cummings!

Photo Courtesy of the Bellmawr Police Department Facebook Page