BoyznblueOk, so I know, the title of the post sounds like some kind of strange musical group that is a cross between the YMCA ‘Village People’ and the cast of Hill Street Blues groupies… it was just designed to get your attention.

Not long ago I posted a question (survey type) on the website asking about how many take advantage of the LEOSA statute to carry a firearm all the time (off-duty if your on the job still or just daily if you’re retired). I was shocked how many guys didn’t know enough about LEOSA to put it to work for them. Others say their states and local municipalities are trying to make it difficult for them. I’m told that NYC and Chicago are two of the worst. That is ridiculous! The more of our guys who are out there not carrying just shifts the advantage to the dirtbags who carry regardless of law. If your department is not standing in the way of you carrying under LEOSA, and you decide it’s too much of a bother, then what will you say to the widow or child of a cop who dies that you could have helped, (maybe as you pass by a traffic stop where he is getting his butt handed to him)?

I put mine on as a part getting dressed every day. The GALCO holster I use hides it completely, no need for a jacket as long as I have a shirt on of some kind. Lightweight, I don’t even notice it is there. A few years before LEOSA, I was to meet a fellow ministry person at a credit union to sign some ministry related paperwork. I got there a couple of minutes early, to see police cars around the bank across the street. One guy (a would-be bank robber) was flat out in the parking lot catching the River Styx ferry.

I soon learned that just a couple of minutes sooner another of the bank robbers had fled on foot across the street to where I was standing and car-jacked a woman. He took her a few blocks before ditching her and keeping the car. No joke – five minutes sooner and I would have been the person he would have tried to car-jack, unless I was armed in which case he would not need a car, he would be catching the ferry with his buddy.

I don’t carry though out of some sort of bravado or  Roster Cogburn fetish; I carry because if something goes down around me, and its getting more likely all the time; I don’t waant to  spend the rest of my days “If only-ing” and I sure don’t want to have to face some little guy or gal and tell them their Mommy or Daddy was brave and I’m sorry I could not have helped them. No way.  I want to believe as long as I have four pounds of strength in my trigger finger, enough eyesight to see the front sight on my handgun and enough mental awareness to know which way to point the gun, I’ll be joining the guys at the range to qualify annually. We have a good natured group, everyone of us is terrified of the day we won’t be able to do this anymore so we are all helping each other. It’s not like we a bunch of feeble old fools; we still hold our own, some even taking on the tactical rifle and shotgun courses of fire!

I understand there are some issues with LEOSA like what standard do you have to shoot if you move to a new state and who is responsible from a liability standpoint. We need to work together to get those issues handled and get LEOSA recognized to eliminate any waiting periods states might have in place for purchasing firearms; but all in all LEOSA is a great idea that deserves our support. Let you congressman know what needs addressed and lets get it done.

The qualification card I carry outlines the basics of LEOSA and I keep a copy of the actual legislation folded up in the glove compartment in case I meet a cop who doesn’t know the law. If you need to read a copy of the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act, wikipedia actually has the actual bill at:

I’m sure its here too on LET, an amazing place for cops to get together!

Young or old, vet or new… we all stand strong… the line of blue.    

Stay safe and may God bless you for your service for Him.

Doc Ross

Dr. Ross L. Riggs, Chief of Police, Retired