LAS VEGAS – Ten-year-old Jacob Rieger has his eye on being a super-hero one day. But his ideals are much different than most 10-year-olds. This is one boy that is making a difference through encouraging words.

The cult figures found in comic books are not his aspiration. But real life, flesh and blood peacekeepers are.

To this 10-year-old, the heroes that protect Las Vegas are his icons. “They keep people safe—like if they do something bad they still help them, and they go out every day and protect us.”

Last July, Jacob said he saw something on the news: five police officers killed in Dallas, nine others injured, reported Fox News.

Encouraging notes and letters

encourgaing“When I heard police were dying and stuff, that made me start wanting to give them little notes,” he said.

And write notes he did. “If they’re having a bad day that might make them feel better.”

The card comes with a handwritten note and a sticker of a superhero, for Jacob’s superheroes. One note reads, “Thank you and stay safe. From Jake.”

Jacob has passed out about 50 of these notes. “Right after we run out we make more.”

Jacob also sends thank-you letters to law enforcement agencies around the country. He says they usually respond with a letter, and a badge.

“I got a big American flag to go around, in the middle of it all, because police; they help America,” he said.

Rebecca Maguire, Jacob’s mother, helps him send his letters. “When it was mentioned maybe Jacob can make a difference and get other kids involved and maybe do nicer things for the police, then we said okay.”

Jacob hopes his story will make the naysayers think twice about their criticism toward law enforcement.

Can you guess what Jacob would like to be when he grows up? Yeah, a police officer.