Bothell Police Officer was killed during crossfire with other officer and suspect


BOTHELL, WA– On July 17th, detectives from the Snohomish County Multiple Agency Response Team (SMART), released a report detailing how they believe the bullet that killed Bothell Police Officer, Jonathan Shoop, came from his partner’s firearm during a crossfire with an armed suspect.

According to Komo News, Officer Shoop, 32, died on scene Monday during a routine traffic stop gone terribly wrong. Officer Mustafa Kumcur, who was also involved in the incident was hurt following a gun battle and brief pursuit with the suspect. The suspect has since been identified as Henry Eugene Washington.

That same day, the King County Prosecutor’s Office filled three felony charges against Washington. He has been charged with aggravated murder in the first degree, attempted murder in the first degree, and vehicular assault. The charging documents state:

“The fact that Mr. Washington did not fire the fatal shot is immaterial to his culpability in this crime. But for Mr. Washington’s directed attack on the officers, Officer Shoop would be alive today.”

According to the report from SMART, the original incident happened as follows:

Two Bothell Police Officers initiated a traffic stop on a black Pontiac G6 on SR522 just before 10 p.m. on July 13th. The driver initially stopped when approached by the responding officers, but then sped away, striking a pedestrian riding a scooter on a crosswalk. After he hit the pedestrian on the scooter, he crashed.

Detectives said that the suspect got out of the vehicle and approached the driver’s side of the officer’s car. They believe the suspect then fired two rounds of bullets into the patrol car. Detectives believe this because one bullet broke the driver’s side window and the other hit Officer Kumcur’s firearm, ricocheted, and struck him in the head.

Detectives say they believe what happened next was that the officer fired multiple shots, one of which struck and killed Officer Shoop in the crossfire. After the shooting ended, detectives say the patrol car drove forward, striking the suspect’s vehicle, which caused it to roll several hundred yards before coming to a stop against a tree.

The suspect was found hours later on a nearby roof. He turned himself in by calling police in Junction City, Kansas, where he had lived in the past, identifying himself by name, and admitting to killing a police officers in Washington.

Police arrested him after 3 a.m. on July 14th, when he fell between two walls and got trapped. Officers reported recovering a handgun from his pants along with a Crown Royal bag holding 9 mm bullets.

On July 17th, Bothell City Manager, Jennifer Phillips released a statement saying:

“Based on the investigation updates, it appears there was a tragic crossfire situation that resulted in the death of one of our officers. Let us be clear, we believe the actions of the suspect led to this tragic event.”

In a statement to KOMO News, Washington’s mother, Carol Washington, said her son, who was on a brief visit to the Seattle area:

“was not in his right mind.”

She said:

“For them to lose their family, their brother, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. They have my deepest sympathies. “

According to Washington’s mother, he lives with her in Central Texas and works in the construction industry.

She said:

“We know my son didn’t intentionally do that. We know if he had been in his right mind, he never would have done nothing like that.”

According to the Bellevue Reporter, a witness reported Washington shouted at least twice, “Come on, pig,” before firing two shots. For decades, aggravated murder carried only two possible sentences in the state of Washington: life in prison or the death penalty. The state Supreme Court struck down the death penalty in 2018, which means if Washington is convicted, life in prison is the only sentencing option.

Officer Shoop, served in the U.S. Coast Guard and joined the Bothell police department in June 2019. In a statement, Captain Mike Johnson said:

“He was someone who treated people the way you would want to be treated by the police.”

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This is just the latest of many incidents where criminals open fire on police. 

CHICAGO, IL – A two-hour standoff between police and armed suspects was said to have taken place in Chicago’s Washington Park during the evening of June 15th, according to reports. During said standoff, one officer was reportedly shot in the knee.

Police were in pursuit of a suspect whom they alleged to have been the perpetrator to an aggravated assault with a handgun that took place on June 10th at the 5000 block of South Washington Park Court.

Officers were said to have located the suspect at approximately 6:29 p.m. around the 5000 block of South Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive on June 15th and attempted to make a stop on him.

When police approached the suspect, officers were met with gunfire, according to Chicago Police Chief of Operations Fred Waller:

“As the officers approached the suspect, he produced a firearm and fired several shots at officers, striking one of the officers in knee with a non-life-threatening injury.”

Sources indicate that the officer who was struck by the bullet may have been hit by a bullet that had ricocheted, based upon the wound being described as a grazing. Police say that the officer was later transported to the University of Chicago Medical Center in relatively good condition.

After the shooting, the suspect made an attempt to flee the area, and police responded by establishing a perimeter so that the alleged shooter couldn’t escape. After about two hours, the search for the suspect apparently ceased and the suspect was taken into custody.

Reportedly, two other individuals were taken in for questioning following the shooting, but it is unclear as to their role – if any – in the incident.


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