BOSTON, MA- Keep the kids out of it.

That’s the message from the president of the Boston Police Patrolman’s Association in a letter of concern sent to the head of the Boston Teachers Union, Jessica Tang.

This letter outlined the BPPA’s concern about incorporating a Black Lives Matter observance and series of events into a weeklong curriculum at the public schools. While the penning of the letter, which was later released online to Twitter and various other places, triggered the “woke” culture – the concerns cited were not unreasonable.

The letter opened with stating the BPPA’s opposition against the endorsement of Black Lives Matter in the classroom. Then, it rationalized that opposition with the following:

“Policing has always been a dangerous profession, but groups like Black Lives Matter, by inaccurately demonizing police as racists who kill innocent people, have made policing more dangerous than ever before.”

Of course, you cannot criticize BLM without a little rebuke from people that scream “civil rights” like there’s a modern lack of them. Lawyers for Civil Rights Executive Director Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal said the following about the letter in a statement:

“To be clear, Black Lives Matter is not against police. It is against police racism and violence toward Black people. Calling Black Lives Matter an “anti-police organization” is at best misinformed, if not deliberately misleading and incendiary.”

 Clearly Espinoza-Madrigal hasn’t been to one of those BLM events where they say things like Blue Lives Don’t Matter.

But hey, they’re not anti-police right? Then again, we’re talking about the same Jessica Tang from the BTU that thinks school don’t need resource officers.



Tang stated the following toward School Committee members earlier in the week regarding police being present within schools:

“We believe counselors need to be a higher funding priority over theoretically increasing the number of police in schools.

With limited budgets and cuts we believe adequate access to social-emotional well-being, restorative practices and other efforts are more effective than increasing police presence in our schools.” 

Well, make sure to call a counselor when there’s an incident involving combative students – because I’m certain counselors are equipped to handle those situations.

The BPPA’s letter continued, citing what is far from controversial, but legitimate worry over the BLM message that is often spread:

“Instead of citing facts of specific shooting incidents, the Black Lives Matter movement oversimplifies and generalizes, leading its followers to distrust police and, in more and more cases, to do them harm.”

Does anyone remember that catchy little number by BLM called “Hands up, Don’t Shoot”?

Because the Michael Brown case is the perfect example of what the BPPA is citing – oversimplifying information.

Furthermore, despite all the erroneous protests over Brown’s shooting, it was deemed a justified use of force. BLM has demonstrated the ability to seemingly dupe entire news networks, so brainwashing kids into anti-police ideologies wouldn’t be that difficult in comparison.

Then the letter noted that while using conduits like BLM to spread anti-police rhetoric creates issues of police safety, it also makes it more difficult to gain new recruits:

“The same irrational hatred that leads to more violence against police makes it more difficult to recruit new officers into the field and affects public support for improving wages.” 

In the BPPA’s letter, there was certainly mention of Tang’s jab toward taking funds from resource officers and allocating them toward counselors:

“[Your post] on the BTU website includes the goal ‘Fund Counselors Not Cops’. While more counselors may be a good idea, the idea of spending less on public safety will make our communities better or safer is ridiculous. Imagine of the BPPA encouraged the public to ‘Fund Police Not Teachers’”.

While some outlets will make feeble attempts to slander the BPPA as “racist” or something of that nature, they’re just not wanting the anti-police message that often accompanies the BLM’s clamoring. Quite frankly, there’s no shortage of examples of the group’s irrational and vulgar demonstrations.  

Let’s not forget the role that members of the BLM movement played in the Manhattan anarchy last week.

CBS New York reported multiple arrests at Grand Central Station after anarchists gathered there last Friday night. Media outlets are identifying them as protesters but trust us, they are anything but protesting.

After they left Grand Central, they headed out 42nd Street and marched toward nearby Bryant Park, then headed down into the subway during a time when there is heavy commuter traffic.

The mass chaos was started by a group that had posted online calling for mass sabotage and chaos at MTA facilities in the city.

The demonstration was led by an anti-police group that apparently thinks subway systems run for free and thus they have the right to not pay for the privilege of using it. They also want police officers banned from patrolling the trains.

The protest began in part after the MTA held a vote to hire an additional 500 police officers to patrol MTA facilities, trains and buses. This was in response to a spike in crime that has plagued the MTA.

According to the NYPD, incidents of harassment, groping and assaults on the subway often, and are on the rise. While serious felonies are down, misdemeanor assaults are up. In fact last month, a repeat subway menace, 23-year-old Isaiah Thompson was arrested for pushing an innocent bystander headfirst into a subway car in Brooklyn.

The NYPD had set up barricades outside Grand Central, while inside there was a large police presence, including K-9’s, detectives and dozens of uniformed officers trying to ensure that the riot (let’s call it what it is) wouldn’t get out of hand.

NYPD officers swarmed throughout the terminal, guarding turnstiles and making arrests.

Video of the protest showed hundreds of masked (of course) protesters forming a human wall, then marching forward to shut down the terminal, as tens of thousands of New Yorkers were heading home for the weekend.

Three brave masked members of the anarchist group were seen in a Twitter video encouraging people to skip fares, damage turnstiles and engage in mass sabotage of MTA property. A woman named Brandy (go figure) said she held a turnstile open for a half-hour on Friday, helping people evade the fares.

Brandy says:

“We pay for the metro with our taxes. Why are we being charged then hounded if we don’t pay to use it? And of course, it’s disproportionately brown and black people being hounded and arrested.”

We rather doubt that Brandy pays taxes since she could afford to stand and hold a turnstile open for a half hour, then participate in inconveniencing thousands of people trying to get out of the city using the MTA.

As far as the people getting “hounded and arrested”, it is likely that they were arrested because they were committing crimes. The color of their skin likely had little to do with it.  

One woman from Connecticut was concerned about the police officers.

“I saw all the police officers and I get concerned,” said Tina Mihocko. “Both of my sons are police officers in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and I’m definitely concerned for all them. I’m concerned for people on both sides.”

“Most of the people getting arrested are houseless (is that even a word?) people and people who are jumping the fare cause they can’t afford it,” said another woman. “These issues are affecting actual lives and I think it deserves more compassion and understanding why police presence can be really dangerous for a lot of people.”

The only people that police presence can be dangerous for are criminals who do not obey the law. We are pretty sure that the rank and file person utilizing the MTA is happy to see police on the trains and in the stations.

The group, who by all appearances are at least affiliated with Antifa, were seen squirting paint on the OMNY readers, hanging banners inside the Oculus station and pouring quick-setting glue inside turnstiles at 72nd Street and Central Park west. They also painted anti-police graffiti on the wall.

One Midtown resident didn’t have much of a problem with gluing the machines shut, however drew the line at striking out at police.

“No violence towards officers. That’s pushing the line. Gluing the machines shut, maybe,” said Midtown resident Chris Miseo.

In anticipation of the civil unrest, the NYPD had increased patrols at all subway stations across the five boroughs.

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Boston police fight to keep "Black Lives Matter" out of schools: "Makes policing more dangerous."

Chief Terence Monahan of the NYPD made it clear that the department was taking a zero tolerance policy toward the anarchists.

“This morning a group of individuals vandalized subway stations. We believe the same individuals will attempt to disrupt the evening commute in the subway by causing disorder, endangering commuter—and even attempting to physically assault our officers. IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.”

He said in an accompanying video message:

“While the NYPD will always protect people’s right to protest, we will not accept illegal behavior that threatens the safety of others. Those who break the law will be arrested.”

Some people however support the efforts of the police.

“The police are here to help us. You can’t have criminals roaming around with weapons, so we actually need people like police to prevent worse things from happening,” said a resident of the Lower East Side, Irwin Meza.


Stay tuned folks. With anti-police rhetoric emanating from Democrat presidential candidates like Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg and Biden to brain-dead Congressmen like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley, these nuts are going to become even more empowered. We shudder to think what will happen when Donald Trump gets reelected.

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