Boston city councilor attacks police for wearing “riot gear” while being attacked in a riot


BOSTON, MA- As riots (because let’s call them what they really are) continued to break out across the country, they also found their way to Boston.

As we have seen in city after city, what should have been the opportunity to hold peaceful protests to speak out against what many people feel is a culture of racism in various sectors of our society, has now turned into what can only be described as anarchy.

With police officers being on the front line, they have a right to protect themselves. And that includes being properly outfitted to do so. In Boston, one city councilor does not believe they have that right.

City Councilor Andrea Campbell, who represents the Dorchester section of Boston and who chairs the council’s Public Safety and Criminal Justice committee tweeted:

“If Boston is going to strengthen community policing & trust w/residents, police should not show up in riot gear to a demonstration where folks are legally exercising their right to voice justifiable anger about excessive/lethal force by police against unarmed, nonviolent people.”

Non-violent? Unarmed?

Has Ms. Campbell been watching her television?

Has she seen what has been going on in city after city across the country, where officers are being physically attacked, having bricks thrown at them, and in at least one case having a Molotov cocktail thrown at their vehicle with four officers inside?

Has she looked in her own city to see what has been going on?

Police Commissioner William Gross responded to Campbell on twitter:

“Councilor Campbell. The officers are being attacked by objects thrown at them by violent protesters, were ordered to put on protective helmets, not riot gear. The Officers were in uniform, not riot gear. Four officers, your constituents were injured. One hospitalized. Ty for caring.”

To which Campbell replied, likely from the safety of her own home:

“Commissioner I continue to make myself available to collaborate in making our community safer for everybody, and that includes law enforcement!”

There seems to be a common thread in these nationwide riots. They start out as peaceful protests, which is obviously something that is guaranteed under our constitution, and which people absolutely have the right to do.

Most people in the United States initially strongly supported the protests when they started because anyone who saw what happened in Minneapolis, including, we might add, an overwhelming number of police officers, were mortified by what they saw.

However, the protests have devolved into what is clearly anarchy. What they have done is destroyed what could have been a seminal moment in the United States where they had a majority of the American people “on their side,” and instead turned a majority of the American people against their message.

If you want proof that there isn’t something nefarious behind these riots, just look at those arrested in Boston on Friday night: Out of the ten people who were arrested, two were from the city. Others were from Lowell, Everett, Fitchburg and Somerville.

In other words, they came from outside of the city for purposes of creating anarchy. It will be interesting to see if the Suffolk County District Attorney, Rachael Rollins, will actually prosecute these individuals.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

WCVB in Boston reported that hundreds of people had initially gathered in a peaceful protest over the death of George Floyd. While there were what was described as “impassioned moments,” with demonstrators yelling at Boston Police officers, the scene was overall fairly peaceful.

It wasn’t until outside agitators showed up that things got out of hand, which has been a common theme throughout the country.


Meanwhile, the four Boston officers who were injured were taken to local hospitals for treatment of what were described as non-life-threatening injuries, Boston police spokesman Stephen McNulty told the Boston Globe on Saturday.  


In the meantime, the group that organized the protests in Boston, Mass Action Against Police Brutality, told WCVB that they tried to hold a peaceful protest, and were trying to hold a responsible rally, while acknowledging that Mr. Floyd’s death was too important to ignore.


As hundreds of people gathered on Boston’s streets, most were acting peacefully, with only a few getting into clashes with Boston police.

A gathering at Peters Park actually had most of the protesters complying with COVID-19 social distancing requirements, while holding signs demanding justice for Mr. Floyd.

Tanisha Sullivan, president of NAACP’s Boston branch said:

“We have to be ready to put a mirror up to ourselves and be prepared to take the action that we say they should have taken. We need to take that action now because we are just really one incident away from being Minneapolis.”

NBC Boston is reporting that there will be a “peaceful protest” Sunday afternoon in the city, scheduled for 3 p.m. at Boston City Hall.

According to the event’s Facebook page, people attending the protest are encouraged to wear face masks and practice social distancing because even though it has been booted off the front page, we are still in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

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