Border state police chief in Mexico killed just hours after taking office by gang of cartel gunmen


NUEVO LEÓN, MEXICO – In the border state of Nuevo Leon, a gang of cartel gunmen reportedly shot and killed a Mexican municipal police chief who had just assumed office hours before in late September.

The fatal shooting occurred during the evening of September 30th within the municipality of Cadereyta Jiménez.

Police Chief Roberto Julián Saenz Garza was walking outside of his home when a group of gunmen reportedly hiding in a vacant lot opened fire on the police chief. Family of the police chief tended to him inside of the house while awaiting paramedics.

Sadly, Chief Saenz Garza passed away while at a local hospital. He’d only been officially endowed with his police chief duties for mere hours before he was killed.

Cadereyta is a known drug corridor used by the Gulf Cartel to move drugs and migrants from Monterrey to the border city of Reynosa, according to law enforcement sources consulted by Breitbart Texas.

Earlier in September, the Gulf Cartel’s Metros branch posted numerous banners throughout Nuevo León announcing that they would be intensifying their assaults on the Cartel Del Noreste division of Los Zetas – with theories floating that the Metros faction was behind Chief Saenz Garza’s murder.

Law enforcement sources said they were also investigating into the possibility that the murder was carried out by the Cartel Del Noreste branch of Los Zetas, since the two criminal gangs have a long-running territorial battle for control of Nuevo León’s northern region.

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Law enforcement sources: Family of incoming border-state governor in Mexico profited from Gulf Cartel

(Originally reported September 8th, 2021)

NUEVO LEÓN, MEXICO – The family of the in-coming border state governor of Nuevo Leon has reportedly been deeply intertwined with the Gulf Cartel, according to documents obtained exclusively by Breitbart News.

Samuel Alejandro Garcia Sepulveda, a former Mexican Senator with the Citizens Movement (Movimiento Ciudadano), won the gubernatorial election in Nuevo Leon in June and is expected to take office in October.

Garcia is the nephew of former Gulf Cartel boss Gilberto “El June” Garcia Mena, who was imprisoned by Mexican authorities in 2001. During his campaign, Garcia claimed he was only a child when his father was arrested, and that he had no interaction with him.

However, documents show that Garcia’s parents allegedly embezzled property and money from his uncle, and are currently being investigated for using shell companies to hide funds.

The documents, some provided directly by U.S. law enforcement sources operating in Mexico according to Breitbart News, reportedly show that Garcia’s father operated as a frontman for El June’s businesses before his arrest. 

After El June’s arrest, the documents indicate that his father, Samuel Orlando Garcia Mascorro, kept accounts, properties, and businesses that in fact belonged to El June and his family.

According to the documents, Mascorro and Garcia’s mother, Bertha Silvia Sepúlveda Andrade, used a series of legal maneuvers to embezzle properties in the Campestre Huinala neighborhood in Nuevo Leon.

One specific example uncovered is file 51,783 from the 18th Public Notary in Nuevo Leon, which allegedly shows Garcia’s parents embezzling a property. Garcia’s mother is listed as the purchaser of the property in the document and Garcia’s father is listed as the attorney representing the seller.

In another document, Garcia is listed as the purchaser of the property despite only being 16 years old at the time.

El June’s brother Juan Antonio Garcia Mena and his wife have filed suit against Garcia’s parents demanding $1,500,000 pesos ($75, 000 USD) relating to the alleged embezzled properties.

Garcia is presently under investigation by Mexico’s Financial Crimes Unit on suspicion of money laundering, tax evasion, and the use of fake tax documents. Documents obtained by Breitbart News relating to this investigation indicates Garcia’s father is still operating as a frontman for El June.

The article said:

“The document names the law firm Mascorro Garcia Firma Juridica S.A. De C.V., which belongs to Garcia’s father as one of the business entities under investigation. That investigation is tied to the alleged use of illicit funds during his run for governor.”

Garcia faced questions about his family ties during a bitter campaign. His opponent, Adrián de la Garza, posted a video of 9-year-old Garcia talking with El June in 1996. Garcia responded by saying:

“(Translated) What a shame that instead of talking about the (government) plan we have to talk about this, but we will gladly show our faces.”

At the time, Garcia said he would not play De la Garza’s game, who he called “desperate.” Garcia tried to explain the financial transactions of his family related to El June, saying the properties were received in lieu of payments from a local businessman, Javier Garza, a client of his father, to settle unpaid invoices.

When the media directly asked if his family had ties to El June, Garcia refused to answer, saying:

“(Translated)We are not going to fall into this war of Adrian’s, of asking the media to ask Samuel, because there is absolutely nothing… We are not going to fall into the dynamics of the PRI (De la Garza political party) dictating the agenda, nor dictating what the media can or cannot ask a senator.”

The possible connections between Garcia and a major drug cartel are concerning to United States interests at a time when President Biden is facing a crisis at the southern border. Cooperation with Mexican officials is vital to any effort to control the flow of drugs into the U.S. from Mexico, as Biden’s lax immigration policies allow hundreds of thousands of undocumented and unprocessed immigrants to cross into the U.S. 

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Horror: 18 trash bags of human remains discovered near soccer stadium – massive cartel hit?

(Originally published February 17th, 2021)

JALISCO, MX – Law enforcement within Zapopan, Jalisco made a startling discovery on February 11th, with police allegedly finding 18 trash bags filled with various human remains.

recent announcement from the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office detailed the current investigation.

Officials are currently uncertain as to how many victims were inside of the garbage bags discovered on February 11th, noting that it would take the efforts of the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences to ascertain the number of victims.

The discovery occurred while Zapopan Municipal Police were patrolling the Del Bajío area nearby the JVC Circuit and Bosques de la Primavera Avenue. At first, police had spotted a limb and then contacted higher-ups to conduct a more detailed search of the surrounding area.

Once a broader search was put into motion, the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office stated in their release that a total of 18 trash bags were discovered within a shallow pit near an overpass:

“[A]mong the undergrowth of a small ravine, on one side of the Periférico Poniente overpass and Avenida Bosques de La Primavera, approximately 18 black plastic bags were found so far, fastened with silver tape which held what appeared to be human remains.”

Outside of authorities being unsure of how many victims are hosted within the garbage bags, there also hasn’t been a listed cause of death suspected in the case.

There’s been no reporting as of yet whether there’s suspicion of cartel involvement – but the manner in which the bodies were disposed isn’t out of the typical cartel repertoire.

We at Law Enforcement Today also reported on the discovery of numerous human remains found charred inside of barrels in a Mexican town not far from the border of Texas. 

Here’s that previous report. 


TAMAULIPAS, MX – According to a report from Breitbart News, Mexican activists that were combing through a rural area not far from Rio Bravo had allegedly stumbled upon what was described as a “killing field” mere miles away from the border of Texas.

Said discovery took place in late January of 2021, while locals were in the process of trying to search for missing loved ones that may have been the victims of cartel kidnappings.

What they found instead was an abandoned warehouse hosting 55-gallon drums and human remains. There are suspicions that these large drums may have been used to incinerate these located victims.

Locals and activists that were searching through the area also found shell casings outside of the discovered drums – suggesting that the victims were likely shot before being incinerated. The practice of burning bodies is often attributed to cartels within the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

The state of Tamaulipas happens to be an area where there’s a lot of conflict between a faction of the Los Zetas and also the Gulf Cartel, with regard to controlling the territory.

Currently, no officials within Mexico have publicly released any of the details related to the discovered warehouse.

Sources allegedly told Breitbart News that a, “special office within the federal attorney general’s office,” along with the Mexican National Guard have responded to the scene and are actively working it and collecting samples.

According to a report from Diario Del Narco (Narco Diary), the “special office” referenced in the Breitbart report was the Fiscalía Especializada en la Investigación de Personas no Localizadas (Specialized Prosecutor’s Office in the Investigation of Unlocated Persons).

It is currently unclear how many deceased victims this alleged abandoned warehouse hosts.

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