Urgent warning: Border Patrol sector chief says arrests of sex offenders ‘up significantly over 2000%’


DEL RIO, TX – During a recent broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” U.S. Border Patrol Del Rio Chief Patrol Agent Austin Skero dove into some of the concerning statistical upticks regarding the crisis along the southern border.

The Del Rio Sector chief patrol agent proclaimed that high speed pursuits or up 117%, and apprehensions of illegal immigrants that are also convicted sex offenders have reportedly increased by over 2,000%.

Chief Patrol Agent Skero stated the following during the April 22nd broadcast of Fox News’ “Your World,” when highlighting active issues impacting the southern border:

“I can tell you that, in March, we — the Border Patrol, southwest border-wide, apprehended over 172,000 people. So, we do have a significant influx into the country here in the Del Rio Sector. Our apprehensions are up over 340% so far this fiscal year.

“The number of single adults we’re seeing are up over 400%, family units are up over 170%, and our unaccompanied children are up over 240%. We’ve caught folks from 67 different countries this year.”

The show host had then mentioned the Biden administration’s allegation that issues impacting the southern border, with respect to illegal immigration issues, are slowly starting to decline in numbers.

When faced with the question on whether the Biden administration’s allegation on these issues along the southern border are generally on the decline, Chief Patrol Agent Skero said that it is certainly not the case for his sector.

The Del Rio Sector chief patrol agent went on to explain some the numbers related to the more controversial matters and apprehensions that the U.S. Border Patrol has been seeing at the southern border recently:

“Our numbers are actually increasing. In the past 30 days alone, we’ve intercepted over 340 alien smuggling cases…We’ve seen an increase in high-speed pursuits through our neighboring counties, through our local county here, Val Verde County.

“Those pursuits are up 117% so far this year. The number of sex offenders that we have arrested within these groups of individuals is up significantly, over 2,000%. So, we have actually seen an increase.”

Taking to Twitter on April 23rd, Chief Patrol Agent Skero detailed what Border Patrol agents within the sector had encountered in a mere 24-hour period: 

“Del Rio Sector 24-Hour Recap: Yesterday, our agents arrested over 800 to include a group of 108, responded to six calls for distress and, in coordination with our law enforcement partners, stopped 16 smuggling cases. We are focused on national security!”

Just days prior to the April 23rd posting, Chief Patrol Agent Skero also noted some of the high-profile apprehensions accomplished during the weekend of April 17th/18th: 

“This weekend saw 31 smuggling attempts stopped on our roadways for over 150 arrests. Our agents are still encountering 100s of undocumented people every day attempting to evade arrest. These 7, wearing black and trying to walk around our checkpoint, were found by our K9 teams.”

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Law Enforcement Today recently reported on the rescue of a young unaccompanied minor that was left to fend for herself in the Rio Grande river earlier in April. 

Here’s that previous report. 


LAREDO, TX – According to a press release from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents working in concert with military soldiers deployed to assist CBP’s border efforts recently rescued an unaccompanied minor that was abandoned by smugglers along the Rio Grande River earlier in April.

The CBP press release noted that the rescue of the young unaccompanied child occurred during the evening of April 19th, when numerous undocumented migrants we’re attempting to cross the Rio Grande River illegally into the country.

Reportedly, a U.S. Army soldier that was assigned to support CBP in the area had witnessed three of the four individuals amid a group retreat back to the Mexican side of the river after having been detected by authorities.

The soldier noticed that the fourth individual that was left behind on the U.S. side of the river was a young child that was struggling to get out of the water.

Officials say that the soldier acted swiftly in rushing to tend to the child in order to get them out of the River an over onto the US side of the riverbank. Authorities later identified the unaccompanied minor as an El Salvadorian national.

Luckily, the child did not require any medical assistance after being rescued and has since been transferred over to Health and Human Services.

The press release further explained the mission support of the soldiers deployed in the Laredo area, highlighting that this is the second instance in recent times where soldiers supporting CBP have rescued someone from the Rio Grande:

“The soldiers, who are under the operational command of U.S. Army North, U.S. Northern Command’s lead for this support mission, are supporting CBP in the Laredo area.

“This is the second time this year that soldiers in support of CBP along the Southern border have helped save a life in the river.  The river has areas with swift moving waters that are dangerous to those who attempt to cross.”

Chief Patrol Agent Matthew J. Hudak expressed his aggravations regarding the activities of these sorts of smugglers that carelessly leave young children to fend for themselves in the frankly dangerous waters of the Rio Grande River:

“It is frustrating to me as a parent to see a young child left by smugglers to fend for herself in the swift currents of the Rio Grande River.  With the aid of technology, the smuggling attempt was detected and a U.S. Army soldier supporting our agents was able to quickly get to the lone child and pull her out of the water to safety.”

Chief Patrol Agent Hudak added further commentary to the troubling matter on Twitter, writing:

“This dangerous situation could have had a deadly outcome. Smugglers abandoned [a] noncitizen unaccompanied child in the Rio Grande River as they fled back to Mexico.”


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