Terror attack coming? Border Patrol encounters with individuals on the terrorist watchlist up 400% this year alone


Southern Border, USA: The number of Customs and Border Patrol encounters with individuals on the terrorist watchlist has jumped up over five times since last year. Five times!

Did we forget that terrorism is still a real threat?

According to the Biden administration, it appears so. Their policy of maintaining an open border has not only attracted more illegal immigrants to cross the border- it also attracted extremely dangerous individuals.

And these are the encounters that are recorded. Who knows how many squeaked in unnoticed who are just roaming the American streets.

The terrorist watchlist is a very serious matter. It’s also yet another indicator that the borders need to be secured properly (really secured, not the way VP Harris considers secured).

After over 2 million illegal border crossings last year, Biden team halts most prosecutions

With the alarming increase in these encounters, it is only a matter of time before something major, even devastating happens. Under the Biden administration, it will only be then that something changes.

The numbers are not only shocking, but they should also be taken seriously.

According to a CNS News column, it stated:

“In fiscal 2021, according to data released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the Border Patrol had 15 encounters between the Southwest border ports of entry with individuals on the terrorist watchlist.”

It continued:

“In the first eleven months of fiscal 2022 (October through August), the Border Patrol had 78 encounters between the Southwest border ports of entry with individuals on the terrorist watchlist.”

Being on the Terrorist watchlist is an effective method to identify dangerous individuals and groups.  But it also comes with a set of preventive measures against those on the list.

Terror attack coming? Border Patrol encounters with individuals on the terrorist watchlist up 400% this year alone
Image screenshot from CBP.gov website

The terrorism screening center sets guidelines to manage and control those on the watchlist.

But all that is eliminated when the border is wide open. There are no preventive measures.

But over the last several years, these encounters were minimal, until now.

According to the CNS News column:

“The 78 Border Patrol encounters with people on the terrorist watchlist reported in the first eleven months of this fiscal year is 5.2 times the 15 encounters that occurred through all of fiscal 2021.”

It continued:

“In fiscal 2017, according to the CBP data, the Border Patrol only had 2 encounters with individuals on the terrorist watchlist between the ports of entry on the Southwest border. In fiscal 2018, it was 6. In fiscal 2019, it was zero. In fiscal 2020, it was 3. In fiscal 2021, it was 15. Then, in October through August of this fiscal year, it was 78.”

As the news of the wide-open border continues to spread across the world, these numbers are surely going to continue to rise steadily.

In fact, the open borders are likely to attract international terrorists that aren’t even on the watchlist.

The Horrors or Terrorism

Over time, memories fade. But hatred lasts a much, much longer. And that is exactly what some people across the world have for Americans- hatred.

The events of 9-11 is should always be a reminder that many terrorists who target the west, particularly America, only care about one thing- body counts.

9/11 terror attack
9/11 terror attack

Extreme terrorists’ goal is to eliminate as many ‘American infidels’ as possible. For any Muslim extremist terrorists, a suicide attack is among the most righteous ways to get into heaven and be greeted by 72 virgins.

Since 9-11, terrorist attacks against the U.S have gone down dramatically as America sent its military forces out to hunt terrorism.

The brave men and women who have fought for our continued freedom, especially those who have paid the ultimate price, are having their work and their legacy undone with the borders remaining open.

That is being proven with the sharp increase in terrorist watchlist encounters at the southern border.

Another strange and troubling coincidence is the timing of the dramatic increase of these terrorist encounters since last year. That time frame also happens to align with the disastrous and embarrassing Afghanistan withdrawal, led by Biden himself.

U.S. struggling to get Americans out of Afghanistan as country falls to Taliban - Screenshot courtesy of CNBC on YouTube
U.S. struggling to get Americans out of Afghanistan as country falls to Taliban – Screenshot courtesy of CNBC on YouTube

Since the fight is no longer being taken to the enemy, now the enemy will be motivated to bring the fight back to America.

What great timing it is to be a terrorist.

Secondly, the terrorist community may well have been emboldened by the shear incompetence shown by the Biden administration after the withdrawal.

All of these red flags are going to continue being ignored as long as the border continues its ‘come right on in, everyone’ policy.

Is it going to take another 9-11 before common sense is applied? Let’s pray that it doesn’t.

Terror attack coming? Border Patrol encounters with individuals on the terrorist watchlist up 400% this year alone

Apparently, some Americans are redefining a terrorist.

Veteran, NY police officer: 21 years ago, we were fighting extremists. Now we’re being labeled terrorists.

Posted September 11, 2022

On September 11, 2001, America was attacked by Al Qaeda, an international Islamic extremist organization whose leaders prepared their evil plot within the safe refuge of the Taliban’s Afghanistan.

2,977 Americans were murdered that day and more than 6,000 injured at New York’s World Trade Center, the Pentagon in Washington D.C, and in Flight 93 that crashed into Shanksville, PA.

Thousands more Americans have died since then of illnesses developed from responding to or living around the toxic aftermath at Ground Zero.

In response to this unprecedented attack upon American civilians in the continental US, we launched a Global War on Terror starting with OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM on October 7, 2001.

In making the case for taking the fight to the enemy in Afghanistan, President Bush told the nation the Islamic extremists there “hate our freedoms: our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other” and they “follow in the path of fascism, Nazism and totalitarianism.”

A couple years later when we were again asked to answer the call and invade Iraq in March 2003, the commander-in-chief informed us that “free nations have a duty to defend our people by uniting against the violent.”

After coming into office, President Obama ended combat operations in Iraq in 2009 while increasing our troop presence in Afghanistan.

Justifying his decision to surge more soldiers to Afghanistan in 2010, President Obama detailed how Afghanistan “has deteriorated”, with the Taliban regaining territory and the government “hampered by corruption, the drug trade, an under-developed economy, and insufficient security forces.”

We soldiers continued trying to build up the Afghan government until 2021 when because of a political timeline initiated by President Trump and clumsily carried out by President Biden, we hastily withdrew our last forces: getting 13 of us needlessly killed, abandoning American citizens, and leaving our Afghan allies to the mercy of the Taliban.

All told, from 2001-2021, approximately three million uniformed service members deployed to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Along with targeting terrorists, our soldiers conducted joint border patrols, helped build schools, improved water and sanitation services, provided guidance on good governance, and implemented free and fair elections – always while under constant threat of ambushes, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), suicide attacks, rockets, and mortars.

As hundreds of first responders paid with their lives for answering the call on 9/11, their service deserves recognition as well.

It was the local law enforcement officers that shot it out with Islamic extremists in domestic terror attacks at Ft. Hood in 2009, the 2013 Boston Marathon, San Bernardino in 2015, the 2016 Pulse nightclub in Orlando and the Pensacola Naval Air Station in 2019 to name just a few.

To the credit of our military and local law enforcement agencies, as of 2022 there has not been another mass casualty 9/11 type terrorist attack upon American soil.

Despite our honorable years of service sacrificing our lives to keep America safe from radical Islamic extremists, we have since been labeled as “domestic terrorists”, “semi-fascists” and “extremists” by President Biden.

In his September 1, 2022 speech in Philadelphia, with two US Marines in the background, President Biden said, “Trump and the MAGA republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic” and “are a threat to this country.”

”MAGA republicans do not respect the constitution, they do not believe in the rule of law.”

President Biden tries to label MAGA as a republican entity but MAGA is not a political party. MAGA represents those Americans, regardless of political party, that want America’s leaders and America’s laws to reflect what is best for American citizens.

We value limited government, capitalism not socialism, secured borders, law and order, energy independence, God-given freedoms, and our constitutionally protected rights. MAGA are those two Marines he used as props in his speech.

We are the very same service members that swore an oath to the US constitution and fought in foreign lands to keep our homeland secure.

MAGA are the hundreds of thousands of sworn law enforcement officers from small towns to big cities that strap on bullet proof vests to go to work each day and actually uphold the rule of law which politicians like Biden can only read from teleprompters about.

Now the very same soldiers and cops that were once lauded as heroes are portrayed as extremists and fascists because we speak out at our children’s school board meetings, because we expect our government to protect our borders with at least the same priority it placed upon the borders of Iraq and Afghanistan, and because we expect criminals to pay for their crimes so law abiding citizens can be protected from the violent.

What we observed during two decades fighting to defend our citizens from terrorists and dictators overseas is our country build up other nations while ours deteriorated.

While we secured their borders we watched millions of illegals invade ours.

While we helped to get Iraq’s oil industry running again we watched our politicians attack American oil and gas industries, putting us at the mercy of enemies like Russia, Iran and Venezuela.

While we built new schools for their children to get educated in, we watched ours become indoctrination centers pushing Critical Race Theory and gender affirming our teenagers into hormone blockers and sex change surgeries.

While we spent years combating the opium trade in Afghanistan, in just one year we’ve seen over 100,000 of our own young Americans fatally poisoned by fentanyl produced by China and smuggled through Mexico.

While we built up their rule of law institutions we watched our police get defunded and their precincts get fire-bombed.

While we worked on anti-corruption task forces with federal law enforcement agencies and foreign governments, we’ve seen the FBI be used by our government to target political opponents and work in tandem with social media companies to manipulate elections and silence our free speech.

During his post 9/11 speech commencing military operations in Afghanistan, President Bush said, “Since September 11, an entire generation of young Americans has gained new understanding of the value of freedom, and its cost in duty and in sacrifice.”

He was only partially correct, it was true for a generation of our military and their families, but the cost was not borne by all Americans.

For too many who did not serve, our freedoms in America remain taken for granted, but if they don’t start putting in the duty and sacrifice they will soon gain a new understanding as well.

Fortunately for all those who consider themselves patriots and have always wished there was more they could do to support those fighting to keep America safe – now is their chance. There is a culture war being fought right here in America and we are all on the frontlines.

Those that want to destroy our country through open borders, socialist spending, and weaponizing the rule of law are already fully entrenched in the battle.  Their ground soldiers have been indoctrinating our children with CRT in the schools and sexualizing them with drag queen story time in the libraries.

We know their lawless and socialist policies cannot possibly represent the majority, but their fringe groups show up to elections while the majority stays home.

Now is the time for the patriots to answer the call and show as much passion at the ballot boxes as they did for our soldiers fighting thousands of miles away. This 9/11 do more than say ‘we will never forget’, get out there and fight for our country before it’s greatness becomes forgotten!

Mike Simonelli is a retired US Army officer with 30 years of military service who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan; an active police officer in New York for 22 years; the Suffolk County PBA Sgt-at-Arms and holds a master’s degree in National Security Studies from American Military University.  His book in policing can be found at www.jdfinformation.com


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