Border patrol agents again assaulted, nearly killed. There was almost no media coverage.


LAREDO, TX- More violence has sparked at the border this week, although we are all hardly surprised at this.  No, it the incidents aren’t being caused by innocent women and children trying to make better lives for themselves.  Contrary to what the media would have you believe, those aren’t the only people illegally crossing into America.

This week, 8 men were attempting to cross into the United States illegally near Laredo, Texas.  The aliens assaulted a group of border patrol agents, resulting in several injuries to the agents, including broken bones.  The agents were taken to and treated at local hospitals.

The FBI has taken over the investigation of the assault, and all 8 suspects were apprehended.

Interestingly, little information is available on the incident, which isn’t found anywhere in the news aside from a station local to Laredo (KGNS).

The next day, violence continued.  And it got louder. 

Many residents called 911 to report hearing gunshots.  Well, that’s because a local drug cartel and the Tamaulipas State Police (TSP) were having a shootout, which lasted several hours.  It was reported that cartel members were using high-powered rifles and explosives, and were carjacking passersby to stay mobile. 

Full extent of injuries or casualties to police or to cartel members are unknown, but it was reported that at least 3 gunmen died.  Reports said the members were in full tactical gear.

Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar posted on social media:

“Attention: Please do not cross to Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas right now. We have information that there have been intensive shootings between cartel members and Tamaulipas State Police.

These shootings have been going on for hours now. Specifically, they have been taking place near and around Cesar Lopez De Lara Avenue, Paseo Colon, Venezuela and Guatemala Streets and around the Villarreal Hotel.

Please avoid these areas and do not cross over to Nuevo Laredo. It’s been said that high-caliber machine guns and explosives are being utilized. They are highjacking vehicles and disturbing the peace. Our prayers go out to the citizens of Nuevo Laredo.”

Authorities in Laredo advise citizens to exercise extreme caution when crossing into Nuevo Laredo, but also recommend not going into Mexico at all at this time without first checking information put out by the Consulate. 

A statement released on the local news said:

“The Laredo Police Department is keeping a close eye on the developments happening in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Information is still developing and details are being confirmed with regards to the confrontations happening in our sister city.

As always the City of Laredo is safe and all US Law Enforcement agencies are focused on the developments that escalated this afternoon in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

We recommend that anyone needing to travel into Nuevo Laredo keep their attention on The US Consulate’s travel advisories which are posted on Facebook, Twitter and the consulate’s website.”

Later, it was discovered that the gunmen were with the Cartel Del Noreste.  Tamaulipas Governor Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca told reporters that they would not stand down and would continue acting in full force against the criminals. 

Governor de Vaca said criminal activity would not be tolerated in Tamaulipas, and said they “will use all elements in their power to continue fighting the criminals.”

Earlier this month, the Cartel Del Noreste stirred up more violence in a state that borders Tamaulipas and the US, called Coahuila.  A small town, Villa Union, in Coahuila saw a gun battle between police and cartel members, where 23 total people were killed.  Of those, 4 were police officers and 2 were unarmed civilian bystanders.

Citizens of Villa Union fear a return to the beginning of the decade, where the Zetas cartel killed, burned and abducted citizens of the state.  In 2011, the cartel instilled a massacre where 70 people were murdered.  The Cartel Del Noreste is associated with the Zetas, and local residents say the cartel must be fought.

A local police officer relocated his family during the reign of the Zetas in 2011.  He has since returned and is again working in the area as an officer.  He fears he will have to leave again.  Speaking on the condition of anonymity, he told a reporter:

“You can’t give a drug trafficker a hug and not expect to receive a bullet in return.  That is the only way to fight them off, to prevent them from returning to our towns and ruling them, is with bullets.”

He’s speaking, of course, in reference to Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador’s approach to keeping cartels under control, which he calls “abrazos, no balazos,” which translates to “hugs not bullets.”

President Trump has repeatedly stated that they should be a priority.  He’s been advocating for the designation of these cartels as foreign terrorist organizations.  He’s all but begged Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador to let the United States “clean out” Mexico’s cartel problem, whose violence leaks onto our great nation’s soil far too often.

A recent tweet from President Trump said:

“This is the time for Mexico, with the help of the United States, to wage WAR on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth. We merely await a call from your great new president!”

Just before New Year’s Eve, there was another attack on a Border Patrol agent.

According to Breitbart, an alleged drug smuggler connected to the Gulf Cartel rammed a U.S. Border Patrol agent’s marked patrol vehicle with his pickup truck as he attempted to avoid arrest. The incident occurred near the Texas border with Mexico.

“Criminals have zero regard for human life and our dedicated agents are the first line of defense,” Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Patrol Agent Austin Skero tweeted. “In the past three days agents seized over 800 pounds of marijuana in separate attempts worth an estimated $660K.”

This intentional accident occurred as agents patrolled the Texas-Mexico border during the Christmas holiday week.

Rio Grande City agents were conducting line watch operations when they received information about a red pickup truck loading drugs near the river on December 23rd.

When agents responded to the area, the truck attempted to flee and the driver crashed into one of the agent’s marked patrol vehicle, according to information obtained from Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol officials.

The crash caused the vehicle’s airbags to deploy. The agent escaped with no serious injuries.

The suspect ran into the bushes. Agents were unable to apprehend him.

A search of the vehicle revealed 39 bundles of marijuana. Officials said the load weighed in excess of 450 pounds and is worth an estimated $360,000.

The following day, Christmas Eve, Border Patrol intelligence agents saw a white Chevrolet Tahoe they believed to be loaded with marijuana. A Texas DPS Trooper attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the suspected smuggler.

Again, the driver eventually bailed out of the vehicle and tried to hide in cane field, according to officials. Agents were able to arrest the driver, a U.S. citizen, and two Mexican nationals.

A search of this second vehicle resulted in the seizure of 141 pounds of marijuana, worth roughly $112,000. DPS troopers seized the vehicle and the drugs and placed the driver under arrest. The agents took custody of the Mexican nationals.

According to information provided to Breitbart, the day after Christmas, agents observed six people with five bundles of marijuana cross the river into the U.S., officials reported.

The agents apprehended four of the smugglers — all Mexican nationals. They seized five bundles of marijuana weighing more than 230 pounds, with a street value of $184,000. Agents turned the smugglers and the drugs over to the Drug Enforcement Administration for investigation.

Contrary to what the liberal leaning media would have you believe, this is not a rare occurrence. These instances were all marijuana. Some days it is cocaine, other days heroine. But the facts remain.

Our southern border with Mexico is a trafficker’s dream. Open borders. Little to no barriers. Desert to disappear in, as far as the eyes can see. People are smuggling drugs, weapons and people, often times undetected.

With the increased level of incidents cropping up that involve factions within the Gulf Cartel, Border Patrol agents working in the Rio Grande Valley Sector are starting to get more worried about their overall safety.

Since August of this year, there’s been a substantial increase in cartel-related activity and violence encroaching upon the area, which gives just cause to the concerns expressed by agents.

Agents in the Rio Grande Valley were again alarmed during the final week of November when gunmen from the Gulf Cartel were involved in shootouts with Los Zetas’ Cartel del Noreste branch in Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas.

From the view of Roma, Texas, the city lies right across the border. Consecutive drug seizures had also concluded in a desperate attempt to avoid apprehension.

In a recent incident, the members of the cartel initiated what is generally called a “splashdown,” where drug smugglers drive their vehicles into shallow border river sections to approach U.S. territory.

A confrontation with the Mobile Response Team’s Border Patrol agents took place immediately afterwards. The agents on the ground had to request backup, as the cartel members refused to leave the United States.

The cartel members then began to make threats to harm the agents who were taking possession of the drug load, all the while doing so on U.S. soil. While the stalemate was in effect, cartel members who were on the Mexico portion of the border managed to gather a hefty portion of their drugs back from some of the vehicles in the river.

Local residents within the Roma, Texas area have been taking notice of the increased audacity from traffickers and cartel members.

On December 3 in the early morning, a local had stated they could hear explosions and gunfire coming from Miguel Aleman, Mexico, which directly borders Roma. When speaking to reporters at Breitbart, they specifically noted that the audible firefight that morning was louder than any they’d heard before.  

Such creeping sporadic clashes began in early July, as a matter of fact. That was around the time that CDN took over from the Gulf Cartel from Los Guerra, Tamaulipas.

Currently, the pair still are struggling for the ownership of Miguel Aleman. Three events in August continue to help to shed light on the Border Patrol’s new risks and dangers.

On August 9, over 50 shots from several attack locations on the riverbank’s Mexican side were shot toward a Border Patrol marine patrol. Despite the marine unit of the Border Patrol being struck a myriad of time, no agents were injured during the fray.

Only days later, on August 12, agents reported about 20 gunmen landing on a Rio Grande international river island called Fronton Island. The cartel members held their ground for quite a few hours before vanishing, leading to a specialized unit response.

Merely one day after the gunmen were spotted at Fronton Island, in a military-style convoy to Miguel Aleman, dozens of CDN armored and non-armored vehicles traveled openly.

Cartel members used social media apps to declare that they were in town only to target the Gulf Cartel, so local residents could feel inclined to do their normal activities. The ensuing firefight between the two groups culminated with thousands of rounds being exchanged and resulted in multiple deaths.

The rivalry here between the two drug cartels will likely not come to an end soon.

A Roma native who travels to Miguel Aleman on a fairly regular basis clarified when speaking with Breitbart Texas that most of the shootings are currently taking place in the southern area of town.

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Border patrol agents again assaulted, nearly killed.  There was almost no media coverage.

Attacks usually take place on the back roads heading to Miguel Aleman, which would be relatively consistent with the recent coverage documenting rural dirt roads in the area from various publications.

Agents on the ground detailed that there’s an urgent need to address the general public’s lack of understanding with how dangerous things have gotten for agents working near on the border. While speaking with Breitbart Texas, they also stated that access to more advanced gear to aid in real-time situational awareness and surveillance would be a tremendous help combating the cartel spill-over of violence.

But if all goes according to plan in the United States, CBP officials could soon see some relief.

A few weeks back, Trump announced that he wanted to consider Mexican drug cartels Foreign Terror Organizations. 

In a drafted statement issued by Mexico’s Foreign Relations Ministry, officials reached out to their U.S. counterparts to explore the consequences that terrorist designations would entail.

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Ministry recent statement said the following:

“In lieu of the good relations that exist between both countries, the Government of Mexico will seek to have a high-level meeting as soon as possible to present Mexico’s position and to learn the viewpoints of the authorities from the U.S.”

The call for a meeting didn’t take long after an interview that happened between Bill O’Reilly and the President where Trump had dug into how he plans on labeling certain organizations within Mexico that have had a demonstrated history of terror, mentioning that he had been working for the last 90 days on designations.

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Ministry said they seek to discuss about methods to reduce the southern flow of weapons and money, while cutting the northbound traffic of drugs and chemicals that have been affecting the United States.

The latest statement stands at ends with the recent remarks given by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, where he preempted the matter Monday by saying Mexico would reject terrorist designations given by foreign nations.

“We will never accept that, we are not ‘vendepatrias’ (nation sellers),” Lopez Obrador said.

The question that could be reasonably posed toward President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is why he would feel like someone selling out a nation or his people by acknowledging the truth, that the cartels are in fact terrorists within the country of Mexico.

Believe it or not, it’s more that just certain Mexico political figures that are offended that their worst of the worst are possibly going to be called terrorists: we literally have people here in the United States that are offended by the notion as well.

Take for instance article titles like “A terrible idea”: Experts blast Trump’s plan to label Mexican drug cartels “terrorists”.

People are actually upset about it because that label would make it illegal for anyone in the US to knowingly provide support to the drug cartels. It would also allow the U.S. government to prosecute anyone who funds them, deport their members from America, and not any affiliate from entering the US. Call me crazy, but those all sound like some really good things.

Some others are offended about the idea of the cartels being called terrorists because it could prompt military intervention from the United States. However, Mexico has already shown that they can’t get the problem under control themselves and the cartel violence inevitably spills over into U.S. soil along with their community-wrecking narcotics.

Perhaps military intervention would make for a rather quick resolution and could possibly restore Mexico to a highly sought-after vacation destination throughout the country, rather than one state here and there.

Whatever one may feel about the possible designation of cartels being called terrorists is honestly irrelevant, because they manner in which they operate today is synonymous with most any other terrorist organization.

The cartels display corpses of enemies in public, they’ve made execution videos of police officers and their families, and they seek to gain more power through fear. They are simply terrorists.

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