Border Patrol agent tells US citizens to utilize Second Amendment as law enforcement purged


WASHINGTON, DC – A Border Patrol Agent is coming out and telling every citizen that can do so to utilize the Second Amendment if the Biden Administration follows through on their threat to terminate those who refuse the vaccine.

The dire warning comes from Border Patrol Agent Roy Cantu over Democratic President Joe Biden’s promise to terminate hundreds or more agents who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine.

The veteran agent warns if this happens, the border crisis will envelop the nation as the federal agency is already short-staffed.

Cantu pointed to a recent incident in his personal life which is what led him to issue the warning for citizens to arm themselves.

He alleged that illegal aliens broke into his house in the middle of the night while he was working so they could steal his Border Patrol uniforms.

The illegal aliens were allegedly confronted by his wife who armed herself with a samurai sword for protection. Thankfully, the suspects, in this case, did not harm anyone inside the home but the incident led to his entire family purchasing firearms for protection. Cantu said:

“It’s your responsibility to protect yourself and your family. Utilize your Second Amendment.”

Cantu, in a video statement released by the NRA, spoke about the Biden Administration requiring all federal employees to receive the vaccine. He said:

“The federal government is demanding that I either undergo a force vaccination or lose their livelihood that puts food on my table. That’s my so-called choice. But this isn’t just about me.

The border crisis is worse than you can imagine. And if hundreds, even thousands of Border Patrol agents are terminated, it will impact every single American, including my own family here in the Rio Grande Valley.”

Cantu points out that the border is already in a crisis with several hundred thousand illegal aliens entering the country monthly.

He said that the border would become more dangerous if every agent who refuses the vaccine is terminated because the country will become:

“[A] border state with illegal immigrants committing violent crimes.”

Biden has pledged that every federal employee must be vaccinated from the virus by November 22nd or they could be terminated.

Biden has given this warning in many speeches and the Border Patrol specifically has sent “counseling letters” to those employees that have refused the vaccine.

These letters serve as their warning that their continued refusal can lead to their termination.

One of the federal agents who received one of these counseling letters allegedly responded to it through email according to The Intercept. The unnamed agent alleged wrote:

“I have just been served for refusing to comply with the Vaccine Mandate Executive Order 14043. You said, ‘STOP THE SPREAD!!’ but that should have been our battle cry, ‘STOP THE SPREAD OF ILLEGAL ALIENS INTO THE COUNTRY.’”

The unnamed agent concedes that they will receive the vaccine so that they will not be terminated from employment. The agent continued:

“It is not your business to mandate me to inject myself with anything. A lot of people depend on me and so this is not a refusal to comply. This is simply expressing my disgust at where we are as an agency.”

Cantu asked for a meeting with the President over the border to explain what is really happening. He said:

“Mr. President, with all due respect, you’ve never been to the border. If you truly respect the work the Border Patrol does for this country, I humbly request that you agree to sit down and meet with me.

So I can show you just how bad the situation is and explain why terminating agents will be a disaster for national security.”

Two men arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a Chicago cop after shooting him during a traffic stop

Border Patrol agent assaulted by armed illegal immigrant carrying loaded handgun, machete, other weapons

CBP El Centro Sector – According to information obtained in a tweet from the El Centro Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gregory Bovino, an armed migrant assaulted a border patrol agent.

The agent was able to subdue the man, even though he attempted to reach for his machete during the altercation. 

Turns out, he had a loaded handgun and several other weapons.



“#ARMED subject assaults #USBP agent. Our agent was assaulted by a man carrying several weapons in his backpack. During the encounter, the man tried to reach for a machete. The agent was able to subdue the subject w/o incident. We also found a loaded handgun in his pant pocket.”

The other items included wire cutters, a rope, a hatchet, a two radio and what appears to be a monocular range finder.

Luckily for the agents that patrol the El Centro sector, their jobs have not been as hectic as their counterparts in places like the Rio Grande Valley sector of Texas, which has seen more than 45,000 migrant encounters.

El Centro has made 5,000 apprehensions during that same time period. This sector is largely guarded by a border wall. Their lighter load, however, does not diminish the danger that is inherent in their roles as protectors.

And this assault is just one example of the threats that some immigrants pose on law enforcement. Yet, the current administration seems to believe there are no problems at our southern border. 

According to Breitbart, more than 200 border patrol officials were assaulted during Fiscal Year 2021. That equates to exactly more than 200 too many.

Just a few days after the El Centro sector assault, roughly 730 miles to the east in the Big Bend Sector of Texas, another CBP agent was assaulted during an apprehension near Van Horn. 

According to a press release from the CBP: 

“While apprehending a group of five subjects early in the morning of Nov. 27th, one subject forcefully resisted arrest and punched the agent in the face in an attempt to get away. He subsequently tried to disarm the agent as they struggled, but was unsuccessful. The subject was subdued and taken in to custody without further incident.

The aggressor and agent were evaluated by medical professionals and found to have minor injuries that did not require further attention.

‘Border Patrol Agents are highly trained federal law enforcement officers,’ said Big Bend Sector Acting Chief Patrol Agent Chris T. Clem.

‘Encounters like this highlight the potential dangers faced in the course of their duties, even with the COVID-19 Pandemic, smugglers keep bringing people and contraband into the United States illegally, adding to the risk and I commend the agent for his actions in the face of adversity.’”

Andre Mainor-Velasquez, a Guatemalan citizen presumed to be in the country illegally, will be charged with multiple immigrations violations, as will the other members of the group he was traveling with. Mainor-Velasquez is also charged under 18 USC 111, assault of a federal officer. 

In September, a San Diego sector agent attempted to apprehend individuals associated with a smuggling ring crossing the border by using a ladder to scale the wall. She was struck by one of those individuals with what investigators believed to be a 2×4. She was treated for contusions on her arms and facial lacerations.  

The assault resulted in a coordinated response between US and Mexican authorities. Two search warrants were executed. They resulted in the arrest of an American citizen and four Mexican nationals. 

It also led to the seizure of five vehicles, a residential property, an undisclosed amount of fentanyl pills, a half kilogram of methamphetamine, numerous rounds of various ammunition, and a cache of ready-to-use ladders.

“I commend our agents and Mexico law enforcement partners on these arrests and seizures,” said Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Heitke. 

“Assaults against our agents will never be tolerated and as witnessed by this operation, we will always leverage our resources and strong binational partnerships to bring the perpetrators and their criminal associates to justice regardless of where they hide.”

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