The left and their liberal media cohorts are demonizing law enforcement.

Having risen through the ranks and having been promoted nine times, I worked in the trenches, protecting our borders from the rank of trainee all the way to Director. This is the largest law enforcement agency in America; the sheer breadth of its authorities and its cadre of personnel is enormous. Its operating budget far exceeds $14 Billion… and all of that is for a reason.

Those attributes are commensurate with the threats we face. The obligations we have to ensure the safety of what enters and exits our country and the significant repercussions of a failure to do so successfully.

border security

(U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, San Ysidro)


They have organized their attack on the men and women who protect our borders and enforce the laws that ensure the peace, sanctity and safety of our homeland. They have U.S. Congressional representatives sounding an alarm predicated on complete lies. They tout the unfair detention of undocumented individuals while systematically refusing to provide funding which would swiftly mitigate the issues (they voted 17 times not to provide funding for proper detentions facilities — 17).

Retired border official: stop demonizing law enforcement and let them work

(Louis “Uncle Louie” Gregory – Newsmax)


Their targeted attacks of libel are focused on the officers and agents of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), CBP Officers, Air and Marine Agent, Border Patrol Agents, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agents, HSI Agents, ERO/DRO employees and those tasked with protecting our nation from unlawful immigration, drug smuggling, terrorism and more cannot go unanswered. The agencies themselves are being muzzled by the very bureaucracy that they protect. Moreover, the agencies are silencing their employees; issuing strict guidelines that employees must not post anything “negative” to social media, effectively censoring their rank’s free speech. That in itself is problematic.

Retired border official: stop demonizing law enforcement and let them work

This group of elected leaders have all made a point to obstruct federal immigration efforts. (Flickr/Wikipedia/Adobe Stock)


The government’s response must weigh in free speech protections granted to everybody, including federal employees. The government is obliged to protect federal employees’ right to address matters of public concern, and may only punish them if their speech interferes with the performance of their jobs. If employees are expressing political views, that is considered to be protected speech. However, law enforcement officers who use racist or derogatory language may give the impression they won’t be able to perform their job. That is what should be said. I am but one person; albeit retired but still serving by ensuring I reach as many people as possible with the truth. That’s why I am on Newsmax every week, discussing the truths about border security. Not from a partisan perspective; not left and not right. I am in the middle, from a law enforcement perspective.

Retired border official: stop demonizing law enforcement and let them work

(Louis Gregory – Newsmax)


I will not sit back and watch the protectors of our nation be demoralized and destroyed by the vicious lies of elected leaders. I will speak up and I hope every man, woman, and child will condemn these lies and support all members of law enforcement. The rhetoric starts with border security and will soon move to all law enforcement if left unaddressed. We must unite our voices, organize our responses and speak up in support of the thin blue line, the thin green line and the thin gray lines that separate us from chaos and anarchy.


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Retired border official: stop demonizing law enforcement and let them work