Border crisis: sex offenders, drug smugglers and murderers caught sneaking into America


Sex offenders.  Drug dealers. Gang members.  Rapists.  Murderers.

These are some of the wonderful types of people crossing into our borders coming up from Mexico.  The media and the soft-hearted will swear up and down that the immigrants coming into the US illegally are just seeking refuge.  They’re just wanting a better life for themselves and their families. There are no bad people coming into our country, that’s just something hard-ass right-wingers want you to believe.

Let’s ask Customs and Border Patrol.

Last week, a man identified as 56-year-old Carlos Anaya (no relation to me) was caught by CBP officers at the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge in Laredo, Texas.  With the use of a fingerprint scanner, CBP discovered that Anaya had an active warrant out of Omaha, Nebraska, where he reportedly resides.  The warrant was for first and second degree sexual abuse of a child. 

Border crisis: sex offenders, drug smugglers and murderers caught sneaking into America
Carlos Anaya arrested at the border.


On the same day, CBP arrested 25-year-old Edgar Fernandez Santana, who reportedly resides in New Albany, Mississippi, for a warrant. This time, the warrant was issued for the charge of incest with a minor.

Both men were turned over to Webb County Sheriff’s Office to await deportation.  Again.

Laredo Port of Entry Director Alberto Flores responded to the arrests in a statement, saying, “Our frontline officers continue to steadfastly uphold our border security mission.  The processing and identity verification of these men with outstanding felony warrants for sex offenses against children helps keep our community safe and illustrates our dedication to our mission.”

Multiple US citizens were also arrested at the same location in the days prior while returning to the US from Mexico. 

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Border crisis: sex offenders, drug smugglers and murderers caught sneaking into America


A 27-year-old female was stopped and inspected, including a K-9 search of her vehicle.  The search revealed 11 packages of cocaine, which amounted to approximately 25 pounds. A 46-year-old male was also stopped and searched, revealing 15 packages of cocaine weighing approximately 40 pounds.

Between the two drug confiscations, authorities estimated the value to be $505,240.

The drugs and vehicles were seized and the two US citizens were arrested.  They were turned over to ICE Homeland Security Investigations agents for further investigation.  They are looking at possible prosecution for drug smuggling.

And now back to non-citizens.  Near the Cotulla Station, also near Laredo, 37-year-old Sotero Salas-Ruiz of Mexico was arrested for attempted reentry.  His previous charges include Indecent Liberties with a Child and Driving Under the Influence out of Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Federal officials recently found 32 people stuffed into a refrigerated truck by the southern border. (DHS)


And now on to the Del Rio Sector in Texas.  In a 24-hour period, CBP reported, agents arrested 107 illegal aliens.  Of those, five were Chinese, three were Bangladeshi and five were Haitian.  In addition, officers seized five bundles containing a total of 93.9 pounds of marijuana, worth an estimated $75,120. 

Agents in the Del Rio Sector also came in contact with a cartel member with multiple gunshot wounds. They discovered that the man was avoiding arrest from the Government of Mexico. 

The CBP reported, “On Jan. 9, the Del Rio Sector Foreign Operations Branch received notification from the Government of Mexico that Mexican law enforcement had exchanged gunfire with several individuals near Guerrero, Coahuila, Mexico. The Government of Mexico stated that at least one subject may have fled by crossing the Rio Grande River into the United States.”

“Agents from BORTAC, the Carrizo Springs and Eagle Pass South stations, and Laredo Sector responded. Additional air assets from CBP’s Air and Marine Operations Laredo Branch, and U.S. Army National Guard joined in the search. Agents located foot sign and what appeared to be a blood trail that led to an injured male with multiple gunshot wounds. The man was treated on the scene by Border Patrol agents, and airlifted to a hospital for medical treatment.” 

Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Raul Ortize commented on the incident, saying, “Cartel violence in Mexico has been on the rise.  The Border Patrol works with the Government of Mexico, neighboring sectors, and law enforcement partners to respond to these incidents and keep the people in our areas safe.”

In Eagle Pass last week, officers arrested 43-year-old Jose Guadalupe Cantarero Reyes, Honduran native, near a populated area of Eagle Pass after making illegal entry. Cantarero is a confirmed member of the MS-13 gang.  He is a violent transnational criminal organization, operating in many parts of the United States. 

Further west down the border line into Arizona, 3 more dangerous criminals were attempting to make reentry into the US near Nogales and Sasabe.

War: 96 gang members indicted, MS-13 suffers massive takedown in New York
MS-13 members are coming across the border. (Screenshot: YouTube)


A Mexican national, 34-year-old Francisco Javier Cruz-Ramirez, was deported from the US in October of 2015.  He had been charged with kidnapping and misconduct involving weapons in Maricopa County, Arizona and received a sentence of 13 years in prison prior to his deportation.  Last week, CBP captured him as he attempted to sneak back into the US.

Sureno gang member Alberto Vazquez-Valdez was also captured on the same day after CBP watched him cross the border illegally.

A second confirmed gang member was also apprehended a couple of days later, this time a member of Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13.  Honduran native Alonso Aleman, 39-years-old, illegally entered the United States near Sasabe.  Aleman has an extensive criminal background and, as an MS-13 member, is considered a security threat.

Readers, I am not even halfway down the first page of CBP’s website listing press releases on incidents that have recently occurred on the border. This is only the worst incidents reported, and only for the last week.

These are people who are assaulting our children.  Corrupting our population with their drugs.  Bringing their gang and cartel violence to our streets.

These are not sweet, innocent family members trying to look for low-paying jobs that “Americans don’t want anyway.”

These are hardened, violent criminals.

Can anyone tell me again why we don’t need a wall at the Mexican border?


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