Former police chief: Sorry, this isn’t a ‘crisis’. Because for the Biden administration, it was all part of the plan.


The following contains editorial content written by a retired police chief and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today

US-MEXICO BORDER- For Americans who voted for Donald Trump last November, what is currently occurring at the border, the abject chaos, is not a surprise.

Nor should it be a surprise to the media, which appears to suddenly have woken up to what is occurring. However the current border “crisis” is not a crisis at all to the Biden administration, mainly because this is exactly what they were looking for.

Biden telegraphed as much during the runup to the election. 

The Cloward-Piven strategy, originally proposed by sociologist and liberal activist Richard Cloward and his wife, Frances Fox Piven, a professor of political science and sociology at the City University of New York is a strategy whereby the system is overloaded with the hopes of crashing it.

The goal is to overwhelm the welfare system to a level where it causes a financial crisis. We’re not there yet, but headed there at warp speed. And that seems to be precisely what the far-left idealogues who are pulling Joe Biden’s puppet strings are looking for.

An op-ed on Breitbart News notes that the Biden administration, which on January 20 touted that they would be “the most transparent administration in history” has refused to attribute the word “crisis” to what is currently occurring at our southern border. However you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that is exactly what it is.

As the op-ed notes, Republicans think the Biden administration’s reluctance to admit their policies are a failure is driving them to eliminate the word “crisis” from their vocabulary. However it’s more likely that this is exactly what the administration is looking for…overload and then crash the system.

Let’s look back and see what caused this “sudden” surge at the border. On January 20, Biden announced a 100-day “pause” in deportations.

He may as well have sent a written invitation to anyone in Mexico or Central America who wanted to come to the United States. Instead, it signaled to those people that the clock was ticking, and they had 100 days to get here. If they made it, they could stay.

Also, Biden’s acting Homeland Security secretary said that by allowing “certain noncitizens ordered deported” to remain in the country would permit the agency to “ensure that its resources are dedicated to responding to the most pressing challenges that the United States faces…”

What did that mean? That was made clear a few weeks later when it was revealed to be nothing more than a ruse. The administration soon announced new guidelines which severely hampered ICE’s ability to deport illegal aliens.

Those new guidelines effectively hamstrung ICE’s ability to remove anyone who was not a convicted aggravated felon, as Law Enforcement Today has reported. That also includes gang members or even terrorists who have not yet been convicted.

According to ICE officers, they describe the border situation as desperate, being unable to remove over 80 percent of the aliens who would have been removed under protocols previously in place under the Trump Administration policies.

In order to remove illegal aliens now, ICE must obtain special permission from anti-enforcement bureaucrats who previously served under Obama and who now run the agency. Officers note that permission is rarely, if ever granted.

They describe morale at the agency as being at an all-time low. As the op-ed notes, ICE agents see the stream of illegals coming across the border, but they are not allowed to do their jobs.

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To make matters worse (or to make it work as intended), Biden also put the kibosh to Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy which had forced anyone seeking asylum to wait in that country until their asylum hearings in American immigration courts would be heard.

This was important, Breitbart noted because over 90% of such claims are ultimately rejected. Under the new Biden policy, those people are released onto American streets never to be seen or heard from again…sometimes until they commit a heinous crime.

Under the end of the “Remain in Mexico” policy, over 25,000 asylum applicants who had been waiting in Mexico were admitted to the United States to await their “hearings.” That is in addition to the tremendous wave of migrants flooding the border.

In January some 78,000 such migrants showed up in January, which set a ten-year record for the month of January. Last month, the number surged even higher, with Customs and Border Patrol reporting 100,441 such encounters.

The current number stands at an average of over 3,000 illegals crossing the border daily. That number is triple the number of 1,100 a day during the last year of the Trump administration.

There is also a rule of thumb that for every one migrant apprehended, three successfully enter the country illegally. By those estimates, over half a million illegal aliens have entered the US in under two months of the Biden administration.

Despite that, Border Patrol officers no longer are performing their enforcement duties. Rather they are spending much of their time processing migrants into the country, instead of patrolling border areas to keep illegals out, which was a high priority for the Trump administration in the midst of a global pandemic.

Apparently the Biden administration which continues to support tying the hands of Americans with coronavirus restrictions, has no such problem with illegals.

So who benefits from all of this? Breitbart says the Mexican drug cartels certainly benefit. Their trafficking numbers have tripled, according to estimates. And that is not just human trafficking, but drug trafficking as well.

Who else? Well as we’ve seen since January 20, Democrats are more concerned about their political lives than about anything else. Why else would they be talking about ending the Senate filibuster, statehood for Puerto Rico and Washington, DC, HR-1 and open borders? It’s about maintaining their power.

How do open borders help Democrats? Combined with HR-1 (likely unconstitutional, but with a rogue Supreme Court who knows?), Democrats are counting on the fact that these illegals will vote primarily for Democrats.

But wait a minute, illegals can’t vote, right? Under HR-1, that would be a moot point, since all forms of identification to vote are no longer allowed.

That formula was successful in California, which actually used to elect Republican governors, but which is now solidly blue. It has been successful in flipping New Mexico from red to blue, as well as turning formerly solid-red Arizona purple. The ultimate goal is electoral vote rich Texas, make no mistake about it.

If Democrats are somehow able to flip Texas from red to even a purple state, that would virtually eliminate any possibility in the future for Republicans to win the White House. For Democrats, it’s always about politics, make no mistake about it.

What is going on at the border is not a crisis to Democrats or the Biden administration despite their mild statements to the contrary. It is all part of the ultimate plan.

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