LOS ANGELES – A booze boost in California nets thieves 18,000 gallons of Vodka. The commercial burglary is noteworthy due to the nature of the property loss.

LAPD investigators are searching for three potential suspects seen on surveillance video who may have made off with more than 1,800 gallons of vodka from a distillery on Sunday, reported Fox News.

The Los Angeles Police Department is reviewing surveillance footage showing three people creeping around the property of Fog Shots distillery weeks before the business was burglarized.

Art Gukasyan, the company’s CEO, told Fox News that nothing was taken the night of the video. But he said he “definitely believes” those people seen on it are involved in the theft that occurred three weeks later.

“I feel like these guys kinda scoped the place out,” he said.

The heist was likely also a bigger operation than just the three guys, Gukasyan said. He indicated, “They came with a bigger posse”‘ and “created an assembly line to get stuff out of there.”

In the surveillance tape obtained by KTLA, a man with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth can be seen climbing over a fence covered with barbed wire and kicking the camera. Below him were two other people. The shot then cuts to him crawling on all fours on the building’s rooftop, where the CEO said they ripped off the air vents.

Gukasyan said an employee was in the building at the time and heard the suspects on the roof. After going outside and getting into a yelling exchange with them, the employee called the police. But the suspects were gone before police arrived, he said.

During the commercial burglary nearly a month later, the thieves made off with more than 9,000 boxes worth of merchandise that was packaged and ready to be shipped. Adding insult to injury (so to speak), Gukasyan said they used the company’s pallet jacks to get the alcohol out of the building.

The booze-thieves also tried to steal a 55-gallon barrel of unfinished product, he said, but were unsuccessful because of its weight. When trying to get the barrel on the machine, Gukasyan said they dropped it and spilled 14 gallons of vodka.

In total, the stolen product was worth $278,000. But that doesn’t account for the time and money involved in creating the alcohol, the CEO said.

Gukasyan told Fox News that the thieves gained access to the building after sawing through the dead bolt on the steel front door, as well as the store front door. Next to the entrance is the phrase, “Please do the right thing,” which obviously had no effect on the burglars.

booze boost

Fog Shots distillery where thieves boosted 18,000 gallons of Vodka. (Google Street View)

During the commission of the crime, the crooks ripped a motion sensor off the wall. As a result, it tripped an alarm, alerting police and Gukasyan to their presence.

Yet in a city like Los Angeles, it is not unusual for business owners to arrive at alarms before the police.

Gukasyan said he was the first to arrive on the scene, with the thieves long gone.

The second time around, the roof remained untouched during the burglary, he said.

Gukasyan said the company has insurance so their losses are expected to be covered but the incident affects them through the year, as the stolen alcohol was expected to get them through much of 2018.

He also said the company was “left kind of in the air” for the holiday season.

Moreover, another issue he noted was the possibility that the booze boost could be distributed to underage kids. All of the bottles can be tracked and therefore can’t be sold across state lines or across the border, he said.

“At the end of the day . . . the guys who took this product have no idea what they’re doing because you can’t do anything with it,” Gukasyan said. … except drink it or sell it on the black market.

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