Booker leads deported immigrants back across US border, blames Trump


New Jersey Senator Cory Booker travelled into Mexico this week and escorted five asylum seekers across the United States border in an act of defiance against the Trump administration’s orders.

Courthouse News’ David Lee reports that the five women had already been detained after illegally crossing into the United States. They had been returned to Mexico under President Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols while they waited for an asylum hearing to occur.

They have legitimate fears,” Booker argues. “This policy that we have is pushing people who are already vulnerable, who are already targeted, back into a dangerous situation. The stories of the violence they have endured are heartbreaking and unacceptable.”

However Senator Booker feels that his opinions supersede the executive order set by the President. He, along with a team of immigration lawyers, met with immigrants at Centro de Atencion, a Mexican-run aid center, according to Lee.

Booker spoke of the women’s tragedies saying:

“these women have really horrific stories … they are survivors of sexual violence, of attack” and “they are survivors of sexual violence, of attacks”.

Numerous press were on hand to capture Booker’s dramatic display, no doubt having been invited to the Customs and Border Protection checkpoint in advance by Booker’s campaign. The women themselves attempted to shield their faces and identities from the welcomed press with envelopes and folders.

Booker further blames Trump claiming:

“This crisis that we are seeing is because Donald Trump took executive action … he has done numerous things that violate our values, that makes us less safe, undermines our human rights and ultimately costs us more taxpayer dollars.”

The five women were brought to an American shelter to await their asylum hearings as opposed to the Mexican run facility according to Washington Examiner’s Mike Brest and Emily Larsen.

Lee further reports that Booker had, only the day prior, released his own immigration plan should be become the 46th President of the United States. The immigration plan was largely contingent on executive order by Booker.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker

Cory further justified his actions of bringing the five previously deported women into the country by blaming immigration authorities. An official email from his campaign read:

“Cory observed the crossing, their interactions with federal immigration authorities, and the disastrous impact of President Trump’s cruel immigration policy as the migrants attempted to avoid the so-called Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) implemented by the Trump administration.”

Booker’s is far from the most extreme 2020 Democrat candidate for the presidency.

Julian Castro, the former HUD Secretary under the Obama administration, has openly called for revocation of federal law which criminalizes border crossing.

At the Democratic Debate on June 26, Castro took to the podium calling out the names of black men and women who had been killed by police. Castro has also openly states that he plans to give healthcare to undocumented immigrants, according to Politico’s Bianca Quilantan.

President Trump pointed out in a tweet following the debate that “all Democrats just raised their hands for giving millions of illegal aliens unlimited healthcare. How about taking care of American Citizens first!? That’s the end of that race!”

However, it is yet to be seen which candidate will ultimately out-do the competition in plans to radically transforming legal immigration into the United States.

Then, of course, you’ve got Mayor Pete.

You can’t attack the police just to propel yourself into the White House.  That’s the message from the local police union president in South Bend, Indiana to Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Harvey Mills claims that Buttigieg is using an Indiana police-involved shooting probe to further his White House ambitions.  He’s demanding that Buttigieg remove himself from the investigation and stop insinuating there is a race problem within the police department

“This incident has nothing to do with race,” Mills said. “This incident is about an officer that was forced to defend himself against a dangerous felon who used an eight-inch hunting knife to attack him. That’s all this incident is. It has nothing to do with skin color.

He said the fact that he’s using it as a campaign fundraiser is all people need to know.

“He has used this incident to further his political campaign and he cannot be unbiased about this… I would tell him that he needs to recuse himself from this investigation.”

You can find evidence of that in an email to supporters.  In it, Buttigieg said the shooting highlighted, “all police work and all of American life takes place in the shadow of racism, which hurts everyone and everything it touches.”

He goes on to talk more about that “racism”.

“Historic racism, present-day racism, and generational racism – they all secrete a kind of poison into the bloodstream of this country,” he wrote.

As far as that shooting goes, here’s what happened.

Police responded to a call on June 16 reporting an individual who was going through parked cars. When Sergeant Ryan O’Neill located the suspect at 3 a.m. inside a vehicle, the man approached the officer with a knife raised.

The officer opened fire and Logan died at a hospital.

But according to Indy Star’s Chris Sikich, there are some troubling details that the community wants answered. Logan was transported to the hospital in the police cruiser as opposed to an ambulance leading to ask if the delay in medical attention contributed to his death.

Paramedic and friend of the deceased Vernado Malone Sr. said:

“The ambulance department is two blocks away from the scene, so it’s not like the ambulance had to come from 5 miles away.”

Sikich also reports that Logan’s brother Tyree Bonds claims that Logan had no record of theft and does not believe his brother would approach and officer with a knife.

Obviously he was just a sweet and innocent American.

Except for the fact that records do reveal that Logan did have an arrest record for carrying a handgun without a permit as well as drug possession.

Sergeant O’Neill did not have his body camera on at the time of the incident.

Then the family points out that O’Neill was investigated in 2008 on allegations that he had made racist comments.

But…. O’Neill was not found guilty and received no disciplinary action.

The family of Eric Jack Logan has filed a federal lawsuit against the City of South Bend as well as Sergeant O’Neill claiming excessive use of force.

A rowdy City Council meeting was attended by upset residents of South Bend. Bonds implored them to allow the judicial system to work it out.

He said:

“If we as a family are willing to accept that, you all got to accept it, too. I watched all of the yelling and hooping and hollering yesterday (at the town hall meeting) and that was just ridiculous. Everybody knows this stuff has been going on for a long time, now let this happen. They said they are going to get a special prosecutor, let that happen.”

But it’s not only the minority community that is upset with Mayor Buttigieg. Indy Star reports that the South Bend Fraternal Order of Police released a letter labeling the mayor’s response the situation as divisive.

The letter states:

“Mayor Buttigieg’s focus on this incident is solely for his political gain and not the health of the city he serves.”

It continues:

“Mayor Buttigieg’s comments have already and will continue to have a detrimental effect on local law enforcement officers and law enforcement officers nationwide.”

Indy Star reports that since the June 16th incident, police officers in South Bend have been shot at on two occasions, but no officers have been injured. However, there was an incident at a local pub where one civilian was killed and 10 others injured in a shooting which lead to a disturbance at a local hospital.

Indy Star’s Natalia Contreras reports that St. Joseph County Police responded in an official release:

“Our County Police officers assisted South Bend Police Department at Memorial Hospital controlling a crowd of over 100 upset and angry citizens that came to the hospital from Kelly’s Pub, causing a lockdown at the hospital.”

A roadside memorial with stuffed animals and candles is set up for Logan. However, Sikich reports that it has twice been defaced, including scrawling of the words “Good Shoot”.

The memorial is now on around the clock watch by the community.

Buttigieg stated to MSNBC:

“And we’ve been on the ground, working with community leaders, working with community members, trying to make sure that the facts can emerge, but also recognizing that the anguish over what has happened is not only about a family that has lost a loved one, the family of Eric Logan, but also this ties to a much bigger set of issues that locally and nationally we have been dealing with.”

However, many critics in the community feel that the Mayor’s words are too late.  Sikich quotes Tyree Bonds’ strong message for the mayor:

“How are you, the mayor, going to run for president and you can’t even handle little South Bend.”

At a local event in June, residents heckled the mayor.

“You’ve gotta go back to South Carolina like you were yesterday — talk about ‘all lives matter’ in South Carolina,” one angry attendee yelled at the 37-year-old Democrat.

Mills argues the entire situation is harmful to police.

“It’s very demoralizing,” the local FOP president said. “He used the term ‘systemic racism’ apparently. Maybe he doesn’t understand the definition of systemic. We do. That means all. He’s basically called all police officers racist. That is blatantly untrue.

Mills says it’s all about service above self.

“I’ve served my whole life. First in the Navy and now as a police officer. It really comes down to a want to serve the community that you live in.”

Buttigieg’s campaign announced on Monday that he had collected $24.8 million from more than 294,000 donors over a three-month period that ended Sunday.

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