Police have released dramatic body camera footage showing the heroic response to an active shooter scenario at a grocery store in Kentucky.

By the time the situation was over, the suspect was dead and the potential victims walked away unscathed.

On Friday, police in Louisville, Kentucky responded to reports of a man firing a gun inside of a Kroger grocery store after he had allegedly assaulted someone by the meat department, according to a report published by NBC News.

Louisville Metro Police Department officers Patrick Norton and Alex Dugan were the first ones on the scene. 

A witness fleeing from inside the store pointed out the suspect to the officers as they descended upon the scene with their weapons drawn.

One of the officers can be seen running toward the store and taking cover. The suspect, a man dressed in a red hooded sweatshirt, comes out of the store armed with a handgun. Authorities say that the suspect saw the officers and immediately raised his weapon and began shooting, prompting metro police to fire back.

“The man that was shooting inside the store … came out of the store, was firing as he exited the store, fired shots at our officers, our officers returned fire, killing that man,” the chief said Thursday.

As one officer took cover near the front corner of the store, the other posted up at a different location and pulled out his long gun, which he used to train at the target. 

Audio from the second officer’s body cam recorded the words, “I got ’em,” and, “Still moving” as the two officers faced off against the armed threat.

“Shots fired, one subject down!” one of the officers can be heard calling over the radio following the hail of gunfire.

Two police officers sped to the scene of an active shooter situation. Their training kicked in and they handled the threat. (Louisville Metro Police Department)


The suspect was hit multiple times by the officers’ gunfire and dropped to the ground. As emergency crews sped toward the scene, Norton and Dugan attempted to perform lifesaving medical attention to the suspect, but were unable to revive him.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

You can watch the body cam video below.


Louisville Police Major Jamey Schwab said that no additional people were injured in the shooting, though a stray round reportedly struck a pipe inside the store.

“One round caused a water line near front to burst,” Schwab said during a press briefing on Friday evening.

Reports said that each of the officers who fired their weapons have been on the job for approximately three years. 

There was no immediate information available about the condition of the victim who was originally assaulted, but everyone else from the scene walked away. 

Critics have recently argued that more police are being shot and killed in the line of duty because whatever respect and fear for the law that society once had is now gone. And they say it’s because of our elected leaders.

In a recent interview with “Fox & Friends: Weekend”, the founder of New York City Blue Lives Matter Joseph Imperatrice said that if police were allowed to “do their job” nationwide, there would be fewer people carrying illegal firearms.

NYPD officers brutally attacked trying to arrest man.  Judge releases attacker immediately with no bail.

NYPD officers brutally attacked trying to arrest man.  Judge releases attacker immediately with no bail.


The notion isn’t radical by any means; when police are able to actually, you know, enforce the law, it helps establish a culture that is more cognizant of action-to-consequence situational awareness. Essentially, the “I better think twice about this,” effect.

On Tuesday of this week, the Dayton Police Department announced via Twitter that Detective Jorge Del Rio “succumbed to a line of duty injury” after being shot twice in the face while serving a drug-related warrant. Del Rio, who was a 30-year veteran of the department, was shot while working with a Drug Enforcement Administration task force with regard to a suspected drug house that was located in northwest Dayton, according to Police Chief Richard Biehl.

In the aftermath of the shooting that transpired at the scene of the search; there was copious amounts of contraband seized that included fentanyl, marijuana, three weapons each containing a 30-round magazine, as well as cash suspected to be ill gotten gains according to investigators. The 39-year-old shooting suspect in the case, Nathan Goddard, has a slew of charges against him that could carry sentences ranging from life in prison, all the way to the death penalty.


While on “Fox & Friends: Weekend”, Imperatrice continued delivering his perspective on the state of affairs regarding police and the perception that potions of the general public hold against them. He told host Pete Hegseth that the growing numbers of police deaths in our country is happening because of misinformation from leaders across the nation.

Imperatrice drove his point home.

“And, they go out there and they think it’s okay. We have the incident going nationwide especially in New York City where people are going to get locked up and they’re going to be thrown back on the streets.”

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Imperatrice is all too familiar with the earlier expressed sentiment, as his childhood friend Daniel Pantaleo was essentially hung out to dry by New York’s Bill de Blasio and Commissioner James O’Neill in the wake of the Eric Garner media frenzy. Not to mention, de Blasio is not helping the anti-LEO climate in the least when he teaches his son that he should be afraid of the police because he’s bi-racial, even going so far as to reiterate those feelings during one of the debates during his short run for president.

Imperatrice added that criminals know that they “can pretty much push the envelope and get away with it” and that the perpetrator involved in the slaying of Detective Del Rio is “an individual with an indifference for human life that just willingly and intentionally killed an officer.”


According to statistics, the number of police killed by gunfire the past three years was 136; and that isn’t even taking into consideration the number of those killed while they were off-duty.

When diving into the concept that there’s a link between police’s ability to do their job and the climate they’re subjected to, Imperatrice mentioned, “People aren’t afraid to carry firearms nowadays and if we allowed police officers nationwide to do their job, put fear into people that if they do get stopped they’re going to get locked up, less people are going to be carrying illegal firearms.”

We couldn’t agree more with that statement. It’s time for our police forces nationwide to be given the support from their communities and leaders to effectively do their jobs once again.


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