Body Cam Video Rebuffs Accusations of Racism


(Facebook Live)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, Va. – A body cam video rebuffs accusations of racism made by a motorist in Virginia.

After an accusation of racism during a Virginia traffic stop went viral, the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office has released a full, uninterrupted body cam video of the incident, reported WTVR.

Dawn Hilton-Williams described a traffic stop on Route 58 westbound in rural Brunswick County while behind the wheel of her car and on Facebook Live.

“I was just bullied by a racist cop, who threatened to pull me out of the car,” said Hilton-Williams in the 11-minute long Facebook video.

“This is where we got lynched. This is where we got lynched, even in today’s day.”

The traffic stop happened on April 27, when Hilton-Williams was heading home to Greensville, South Carolina after watching her daughter play in a tennis tournament.

In the video, Hilton-Williams said she feared for her life.

Others would say she continued to operate her vehicle haphazardly while filming her sensationalized perspective of the encounter. Just because she didn’t appreciate receiving a traffic citation, or understand the legal requirement to sign the ticket or appear immediately before a judge, does not make this a racist incident. It’s an exaggerated mischaracterization of events. Moreover, it’s inflammatory and damages race relations when publicized in this manner.

“I mean pulling you out of a car doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when you are African-American and you get pulled out of the car you get shot or you get Tased, or you get Sandra Blanded,” said Hilton-Williams.

“I said ‘I’m not putting my signature on that ticket.’ He said ‘if you don’t sign this ticket, then I’m going to pull you out of the car and I’ll arrest you, and I’ll impound the car,'” she said in the video.

As the Facebook video accumulated nearly 800 shares, it was brought to the attention of Brunswick County Sheriff Brian Roberts.

“I started getting calls from citizens asking what is going on. They had seen a posting and were concerned about how I would allow it to happen,” said Roberts.

After reviewing body cam footage of the traffic stop, Roberts said the stop was completely by the book, and his deputy did nothing wrong.

“I don’t know what she has been through and I don’t know her life history, what I worry about is this kind of thing will inflame situations where you see cops in other states have been executed while they were just eating lunch,” said Roberts.

With those concerns in mind, Roberts released the full body cam video to CBS 6.

The traffic stop

“Can I ask what you what you pulled me over for?” Hilton-Williams asked in the video.

“The reason why I stopped you is I clocked you at 70. The speed limit here is 55,” said the deputy.

“There’s no sign,” replied Hilton-Williams.

More interaction between Dawn Hilton-Williams and the deputy during the traffic stop:

Deputy: Alright ma’am, what I have here for you is a traffic summons for Brunswick County General…

Hilton-Williams: It’s a traffic summons.

Deputy: Yes, for Brunswick County General District traffic court. Your court date is going to be June the 6th at 10:30 for a 70 in a 55-mile per hour zone.

Hilton-Williams: Where is the sign that says it’s 55 mile per hour?

Deputy: Numerous places.

Hilton-Williams: Numerous places where? I mean between the gas station I just came from and right here?

Deputy: I mean numerous numerous places back that way. You are more than welcome to go back there and look at them, take pictures of them or whatever you want to do.

Hilton-Williams: So you didn’t give me a warning? You gave me an actual ticket?

Deputy: No warnings today ma’am.

Hilton-Williams: Wow.

Deputy: So your court date will be June the 6th at 10:30 for speeding 70 in a 55. You have the option to prepay this. I’m going to give you a phone number, plus a website that has our courthouse information. If you contact our courts they will tell you what the fine is, answer any one of your questions and if you decide to prepay it, you do not have to come to court.

Hilton-Williams: I will not be paying this ticket.

Deputy: If you don’t want to prepay it, you’ll have to come to court on June 6th at 10:30.

Hilton-Williams: I’ll hire an attorney.

Deputy: I need you to sign right here.

Hilton-Williams: I’m not going to sign that ticket.

Deputy: Uhh ma’am, okay.

Hilton-Williams: I don’t have to sign it.

Deputy: So ma’am.

Hilton-Williams: But I appreciate it.

Deputy: Hold on… So, what you are signing here is a promise to either come to court or promise to prepay. It is not an admission of guilt. It’s only a promise to me that you’re going to get it taken care of by either coming to court or prepaying it. If you refuse to sign the summons at this point, I’m gonna have to get you out of the side of the police car, place you under arrest and take you in front of a magistrate. I will get your vehicle towed and go from there. So, yes ma’am you do not have a choice…

Hilton-Williams: My cousin is on the phone.

Deputy: I don’t care about that. I don’t care who’s on the phone. I’m talking to you right now. You do not have a choice but to sign summons. See thank you. I knew you was gonna sign it. I appreciate it very much and you have a safe day. Okay, thank you.

“We’ve had dash cams for 10 years and body cams on our persons for about three or four. It’s to protect the public and our agency. This is a fine example. This entire incident was recorded on a body camera and it’s all lies,” said Sheriff Roberts.

Hilton-Williams told Crime Insider Jon Burkett that she remembered things differently.

“Get or pull. All he had to do was say step out of the car ma’am. I felt that it was threatening and I didn’t feel safe because he’s got the gun and he’s got the badge,” she said.

“I wish society was different, I wish it wasn’t normalized. I wish that everybody’s traffic stop was the same so that people would just feel normal,” said Hilton-Williams. “I certainly did feel Sandra Bland. I saw that and felt it… like that was about to happen to me. Like, what do I need to do and that I was scared.”

Sheriff Roberts remained resolved that his deputy did not say or do anything racist.

“This video here, there are things I could go over and critique the officer on, it’s not racial things, it’s not hate things. Certainly some etiquette or verbal judo that could be fixed and improved upon,” said Roberts. “What’s ultimately going to be accomplished, it’s not going to make the ticket go away, it’s not going to solve anything. It’s only causing more problems.”

Roberts said he has not received a formal complaint about the incident.

Hilton-Williams tells CBS 6 that she plans to file that complaint soon.

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For YEARS, people cried out for dash and body cams to expose the “evil cops”. Didn’t exactly work out the way they planned. ALL that the cams are exposing are fools like this woman who flat LIE about the entire incident and then liok STUPID when the cam footage brings the TRUTH!

I think this is hilarious people always wanting to pull some sort of race card and get tons of attention. But with the body cams they are finally being made to look like a complete fool and I get a good laugh to finally get to see our boys in blue getting to turn the tables on people like this and show them for who they really are.

I am a B/M and a 33 year retired motorcycle cop. This girl is full off crap. Sign the ticket and bring your dead ass to court and fight it. She is the one turning this into a race issue. What does a ticket have to do with lynching?

There should be some kind of legal recourse for blatant lies like this. Nothing like trying to be a victim of an incident that never happened.

They are in Georgia. We had this happen in Dekalb county and the woman who filed the false report got a felony conviction out of it.

I would think that if this woman is stupid enough to file an official complaint against the officer, then she may be charged with making a false report and obstruction of governmental administration. Then I’ll bet she sings a different tune.

Nah. I’m a white lady and I get that superiority BS when I get pulled. Hell, in fact, one week after my husband died, I got a ticket. If they weren’t going to give a NEW (WHITE) WIDOW with severe Brain Fog a “warning” they certainly weren’t going to give this young, obviously intelligent, but 15 mph-over-the-speed limit driving person.

She is obviously a “victim” of her own “CONFIRMATION BIAS” not of any “racist behavior” on the part of that cop who appears to be doing his job, and is acting exactly like any other cop I’ve encountered on the road. Learn what Confirmation Bias is. I get so SICK of people getting treated according to their OWN BEHAVIOR, then pulling their WHATEVER “CARD” as an excuse.

While I DO believe that people of color have to deal with bias, not every time they have a conflict is it anything other than the law presented to everybody. People don’t have a CLUE what older ANY-COLOR-AT-ALL women go through, out there ).

Oh, too…….Anyone driving 70 in a 55 mile zone ON ROUTE FIFTY EIGHT is going to get pulled. Right where she was is known as a speed trap. She had to stick out like a sore thumb going 15 mph and they have no mercy.

A (WHITE, YOUNG, PRETTY FEMALE) friend of mine was in a rental, and started speeding without intending to on 58. It.did.not.matter. She got a ticket.

I hope the law enforcement can add more charges like operating her phone and camera while driving or maybe for false accusations of a police officer. Something tells me she will probably just pay the ticket ..

I honestly have to commend this officer. Once back in my patrol car, I would’ve said all the things I’d WISHED I’d said to her face for being a brat about the whole ordeal. I guarantee I would’ve forgotten all about that body cam. If she just pulled out of a gas station, where did she get to it from?? If it was from a side street, I can almost guarantee a mph sign was right on top of the intersection. If it was from the same road, then she passed several and just didnt care.

Sorry but you are not special just because you are black. This procedure is the same for everybody. In my opinion, your clip is for getting your 15 minutes by predending the Policeman was being racist when he was not. Hey you were doing 70 in a 55 on a 2 lane road why would he give you a warning. He did not say he was going to pull you out of the car, he said he was going to have to get you out of the car. Your memory is what is racist for a reason and not a good reason.

that woman don’t realize what a fool she’s making of herself, body cams don’t lie! It’s people like her that get everybody else riled up and get things started, God bless this officer and I thank him for his service

This is what’s wrong with America today, people feel they can make a video and tell any story they want without repercussions.Thank God there was a body cam to tell the truth, I think there should be consequences for lies and defamation of character, I believe that the police officer should be commended for his professionalism. Thanks for the job you do

Liars, cheaters & thieves should pay more.

You mean to say another civilian lied about a police officer? Darn! I find that utterly amazing… (Sarcasm off.)

Ex-G/F was driving on the way to Oklahoma from Dallas. She was driving 100+. She pulls over and starts adjusting her shirt. I was like your joking right? Your going to jail. The police officer stared at her rack the whole time and gave her a warning. If I had been driving, I would have been pulled out of the car and knee put in my neck before being handcuffed and car towed.

This Is as bad as inciting a riot!!!!!
It’s not about race!!
And to those that want warnings, here’s a clue don’t break the law you won’t have to get made because you didn’t get a warning!!
I am white, married to a black man…my friend, also white, and I were driving thru a rural town she got pulled over, didn’t sign the ticket, got “pulled” out (because she wa antagonistic) taken to the jail and I had to go get bail money!!!
Break the law, pay.
By the way, kudos to this officer for keeping his composure, even after!!
Love Bodycams!!!!!!!!!

Why do these assholes WANT to cause tension?

This is exactly the kind of Racist crap that WHITE people have to deal with everyday. I think that ALL White people, not just the Police, should start wearing a body cam and than create a website wear ALL the Videos can be posted showing what is actually happening in our Racist American Society. The racists are the same minority group that are killing each other at an alarming rate, more than every other race combined and than doubled. Oh yes… Racism is alive and well in the USA…… in the hearts and mind of most American black people that is……AND just like Obama, the NAACP, Al Sharpton and Farrakhan want it to be. Truly Disgusting. This Woman should be ASHAMED at what she said…… but she isn’t, which is also a problem…….. NO self respect and NO respect for others.

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