Sen. Blumenthal claims he didn’t know event he spoke at was sponsored by communists – but video proves he’s lying


The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the author, a retired Police Chief and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

UPDATE: Earlier this week, Law Enforcement Today reported on Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal helping the Communist Party of Connecticut commemorate the 102nd birthday of the Communist Party USA.

Blumenthal likely didn’t realize that video of the event would be released, and now he is apparently trying to give himself some cover.

During the event, Blumenthal awarded winners “certificates of special recognition” from the United States Senate, according to the Yankee Institute.

Blumenthal, who is up for reelection next year, is now trying to apparently claim ignorance, according to The Blaze.

In an interview with the Hartford Courant, Blumenthal asserted he was “unaware” of the event’s ties to the Communist Party USA, and claims he wouldn’t have attended had he been aware of the ties.

“My understanding was that this ceremony was strictly a labor event. If I had known the details, I wouldn’t have gone,” Connecticut’s senior senator said. “Let me just say very emphatically, I’m a Democrat and a strong believer in American capitalism. I have been consistently a Democrat and a strong supporter and believer in American capitalism.”

One might think it is a bit of a stretch that Blumenthal didn’t know the “details” of the event, since it was sponsored by Connecticut People’s World Committee. People’s World on it’s website says the organization is a “voice for progressive change and socialism in the United States.”

Further, it’s history on the same website says the group “traces its lineage to the Daily Worker newspaper, founded by communists, socialists, union members and other activists in Chicago in 1924. [emphasis added] Clearly, either Blumenthal or his staff did a poor job vetting this group before he decided not only to attend but to award “certificates of special recognition.”

Aside from claiming ignorance, The Blaze reported, he also suggested that “some details fall through the cracks” of his schedule.

“I go to a lot of events, places, meetings, rallies and ceremonies in Connecticut. I’m delighted to be invited anywhere, and in this instance, I was invited by local labor unions to honor these three individuals, and that’s why I was there. That’s pretty much it,” Blumenthal said.

In addition to making excuses, Blumenthal also blew off the criticism he was receiving.

“People are going to do what they’re going to do. I’m just going to keep doing my job for the people of Connecticut. There’s a lot at stake in the Senate right now—voting rights, the ongoing pandemic, making childcare affordable, lowering prescription drug prices. That’s where my focus is.”

The Blaze obtained video from the event, which suggests that Blumenthal’s claims that he was “unaware” the event was tied to the Communist Party USA is a lie. Moreover, the person who actually introduced Blumenthal noted “how important the Communist Party is.”

The emcee of the event, Ben McManus even addressed the connection to the Communist Party USA, the Yankee Institute observed.

“We invite you to join the Communist Party in this epic time as we make good trouble to uproot systemic racism, retool the war economy, tax the rich, address climate change, secure voting rights and create a new socialist system that puts people, peace and planet before profits,,” McManus said at the event.

Is Blumenthal lying? You decide.

For our original reporting on the event, we invite you to read below:

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The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the author. 

NEW HAVEN, CT- Law Enforcement Today has previously reported on the deep ties Connecticut’s elected officials have to the Connecticut Communist Party (CCP), in particular Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D).

Well lo and behold this past weekend, Blumenthal helped the CCP celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party USA, American Greatness reports. And we expect these people to stand up to China?

Saturday at a union hall in New Haven, the Connecticut People’s World Committee (CPWC) presented it’s annual so-called “Amistad Awards” to several people, among them State Sen. Julie Kushner (D-Waterbury), Pastor Rodney Wade of Waterbury, and SEIU (Service Employees International Union) activist Azucena Santiago.

Blumenthal, a far-left zealot said he was “excited and proud” to be at the event to help the CCP celebrate the anniversary. Ironically, video of the event is not allowed to be shared on either Facebook or Twitter.

How weird is that? 

“I am really excited and honored to be with you today and share this remarkable occasion,” Blumenthal said enthusiastically after his introduction.

In a post on the American Federation of Teachers CT (AFT-CT) website of all places, the union noted the honorees were being recognized “for their commitment to organizing priorities that address racial equity, climate change, voting rights and the common good.”

Ah yes, common good…spoken like good little communists. In addition, honorees “were also selected for fighting for the rights of essential—and all, regardless of immigration status—workers during he pandemic.”

Earlier this year, we reported on Blumenthal’s financial ties to the Chinese Communist Party. You can see that story here. So it should come as no surprise that Blumenthal would show up at an event celebrating the Communist party in Connecticut.

In his remarks, Blumenthal, who one time famously claimed he was in Vietnam when he didn’t get within a few thousand miles of it, said he was happy “to honor the great tradition of activism and standing up for individual workers that is represented by the three honorees here.”

Blumenthal, lovingly known to the right as Da Nang Dick, noted that people do not necessarily need “to agree with anyone and everyone and every party,” but we guarantee he pretty much is in lock step with the Communist Party.

Blumenthal spoke highly of the three honorees at the event.

“I’ve known and worked with all of them. They are extraordinary examples of courage, grace under pressure, ferocious fighting for the rights of working people, and for Democracy,” Blumenthal said in a spark of sheer irony.


 “I know we’re looking back at past achievements, but I want to tell you that the fight ahead is even more challenging than almost anything we have encountered before because we are at a time when more than any other time in our history, we need to make ‘good trouble’ in the tradition of John Lewis,” he added.

Blumenthal then claimed in another spark of irony that it is Republicans, not Democrats who are trying to restrict Democracy. You know, the Republicans who are fighting against Biden and Congressional Democrats who are trying to chip away at Americans’ liberty day by day.

“Our opponents are trying to restrict Democracy. They are threatening the right to vote in state after state, congressional district after district all around the country, and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act,” Blumenthal railed.

Blumenthal then called on any efforts to secure election integrity undemocratic and vowed to fight against them. Sometimes it is sheer embarrassment to be from a state represented by this reprobate.

“These fights ahead of us go to the core of the lifeblood of our Democracy,” Blumenthal added, saying the communists had inspired him to redouble “his own efforts to abolish the filibuster.”

He then touted Biden’s debt-escalating, inflation-fueling Build Back Better plan, boosted the d$15 minimum wage and of course the importance of putting his sorry ass back in Congress. He is up for reelection next year and in solidly blue Connecticut, it doesn’t really make much difference who Republicans get to run against him.

“There’s a lot to be working for in economic justice, in racial equity (notice he said equity, not equality), in establishing a $15 minimum wage, and holding corporations accountable for the basic treatment of the American people. We need to look at our entire tax system, beginning with Build Back Better.”

According to People’s World, the official magazine of the Connecticut Communist Party:

“The Connecticut Communist Party is headquartered in New Haven and is run by long-time chairwoman Joelle Fishman, who also serves as chair of the CPUSA Political Action Commission.”

According to American Greatness, the Communist Party of the USA was established in 1919 after a split within the Socialist Party of America in the wake of the Russian Revolution.

Blumenthal, who is one of the wealthiest members of Congress somehow remains popular in Connecticut primarily with the far left, however he enjoys no such popularity with patriotic Americans, in particular military veterans, specifically those from the Vietnam era.

They have accused Blumenthal of “stolen valor” due to his lies about having served in Vietnam, with reports saying he received at least five military deferments between 1965 and 1970.

“You should be proud that you shared a uniform with so many brave souls who endured the hardships of war,” fourteen medal of honor recipients wrote Blumenthal in a letter in 2017.

“But instead, you chose to attempt to deceitfully and craftily join their ranks with your intentionally vague statements and false claims. Quite simply, it is impossible to ‘misspeak’ about having seen a war.”

Typical for Blumenthal. A pompous blowhard who has done nothing in Washington but pad his wallet, like many of them. Hopefully, he’ll get taken out in a red wave next November, but this is Connecticut…

Sen. Blumenthal claims he didn't know event he spoke at was sponsored by communists - but video proves he's lying

For more on the close ties between Connecticut politicians and the Communist Party of Connecticut, we invite you to read our prior reporting on it. 


The following article contains some editorial content which is the opinion of the author.

CONNECTICUT- For people who live in Connecticut, something hasn’t seemed right for quite some time.

However a recent video piece from the Epoch Times on their platform Epoch TV, How a Tiny Communist Party Took Over the Politics of a Whole American State, presents a disturbing, yet eye-opening account into just how corrupt the state is and how intertwined with the Communist Party the state’s elected hierarchy is.


The last several gubernatorial elections have been extremely odd, with last minute hijinks playing into the past two, where Democrats were somehow able to pull victory out of the jaws of defeat.

A lot of things, however, are starting to add up. After viewing Loudon’s video, we decided to dig a bit deeper.

And what of the current governor, Ned Lamont? He has been seen rubbing elbows with a number of the avowed communists we identify below. Another communist connection? Lamont’s great uncle, Corliss Lamont was, according to the Waterbury Republican-American editorial board an avowed Stalinist.

According to the paper, Corliss Lamont was the national chairman of The Friends of Soviet Russia, and former director of—gasp—the American Civil Liberties Union, long financed by communists and dedicated to advancing Marxism, while in the United States seeking to impose socialism and atheism on the American people.

Lamont also chaired the National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee for 30 years, fighting efforts to root out Soviet spies and sympathizers in the U.S. government and military.

When Lamont defeated then Sen. Joseph Lieberman for the Democratic nomination to run for Senate in 2006, he was supported by known race hustlers Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and were present at his victory party.

In June 2006, the Communist Party USA endorsed Lamont, noting that he “can make a positive contribution toward changing control and direction of Congress.” Lieberman would end up running as an independent and defeated Lamont and Republican candidate Alan Schlesinger.

In order to understand the depths of the tentacles of the Communist Party, a story from 2017 which didn’t get much attention was published in a blog called “Bomb Throwers” in 2017 by Trevor Loudon, the same person who presented the Epoch Times video.

Loudon is not a slouch, but an “author, filmmaker and public speaker from New Zealand who has researched extensively on the radical left, Marxist and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics,” his bio reads.

In that piece, Loudon noted that a key staffer for Sen. Christopher Murphy (D-CT), a key possessor of Trump Derangement Syndrome who still insists there was “Russian collusion,” is a card-carrying member of the Communists Party USA (CPUSA).

The fact that Murphy served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee makes that fact even more disturbing.

The staffer? Maxwell Goldman, who started out as a field organizer for Murphy’s campaign in April 2012, and continued being employed by Murphy at least through September 2016, working as a senior research assistant at Murphy’s Hartford, CT office.

Goldman briefly left to serve as field director for Friends of Elizabeth Esty until November 2016. Esty served Connecticut’s 5th District in Congress until 2018 when she left under a cloud of scandal regarding sexual harassment by an office staffer.

Who is Goldman? He earned a degree in philosophy from Tufts University in 2010, and was a leader of the Jumbo Janitor Alliance, a far-left group which had close ties to several Massachusetts state politicians.

After college, Goldman worked as a field organizer for former Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy (D), then became involved with the Connecticut SEIU, a heavily Communist Party USA-influenced labor union.

While being employed by Murphy in 2014, Goldman served as a Connecticut delegate to the Communist Party USA National Convention in Chicago.

Read that again…while serving on Murphy’s staff, Goldman was a delegate to the Communist Party USA’s national convention. While Murphy served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Nothing to see here folks.

CPUSA has close ties to Communist parties in countries such as Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Iraq, and Iran. These countries are not exactly on the list of those friendly to the United States.

One person whom Goldman served alongside includes a woman named Joelle Fishman, the daughter in law of a man named Victor Perlo, who was a Soviet spy ringleader during the era of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Fishman is the current chairman of the Connecticut Communist Party USA.

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Fishman has several other connections that deserve examination. She is a commissioner on the City of New Haven Peace commission and serves on the executive board of the Alliance of Retired Americans, another group with close ties to the Communist party.

Fishman has been closely tied to a number of Connecticut’s ruling elite, including both US Senators, as well as members of Congress and the governor’s office. She has also been linked closely to the Connecticut AFL-CIO.

Loudon called for an investigation into Goldman and Murphy at the time to see whether or not either had been compromised, and in being so may have jeopardized national security. It doesn’t appear that was ever done.

Murphy’s constant harping about Trump’s so-called Russia ties would be amusing if it wasn’t so hypocritical. And Murphy isn’t the only one of Connecticut’s delegation with some explaining to do.

In May of 2017, Connecticut’s resident Vietnam “hero”, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee was also engaged in a serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, as reported by Loudon on his website.

“The need for a special prosecutor is now crystal clear,” Da Nang Dick said. “President Trump has catastrophically compromised the FBI’s ongoing investigation of his own White House’s ties to Russia.”

Other members of Connecticut’s congressional delegation also weighed in, including Democrat Reps. Jim Himes, Joe Courtney, Elizabeth Esty, John Larson, and Rosa DeLauro, as well as Murphy. All expressed shock and concern about the possibility of Trump being involved with Russia and also Trump’s firing of then-FBI Director James Comey, a firing he would later be vindicated for.

The most ironic and frightening thing is that each and every one of the above have significant ties to the Connecticut Communist Party through one or more of its main front organizations: the Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans, the New Haven Peace Council, or the New Haven Peoples Center.

According to Loudon, the primary conduit for the Communist Party in Connecticut is through the New Haven Peace Council, which he says serves as the main US affiliate of the former Soviet Union’s international front council, the World Peace Council.

Lest you think some of the so-called “leaders” in Congress, such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are just dupes, a statement by the WPC over the current Cuba situation mirrors verbatim what Ocasio-Cortez said about the protests which have broken out in that Caribbean nation—that they are rooted in the blockade imposed by the US on Cuba.

The World Peace Council in 2017 (and likely still today) was run primarily by Greek and Cuban communists, however, still maintain close links to Putin’s Communist Party in the Russian Federation.

Two of the leading Communist party supporters in Connecticut were named Al Marder and Henry Lowendorf, who have both been active in the New Haven Peace Council and the World Peace Council.

In 2015, Marder traveled to Moscow, where he addressed a Communist Party rally in downtown Moscow and also managed to receive a hug from Putin ally Gennady Zyuganov.

In the case of Blumenthal, he has long ties to the Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans, including to a man named Kevin Lynch, a Communist Party supporter and New Haven Peace Council activist, and to Win Heimer, a member of the Communist Party.

Rep. Jim Himes give the impression that he’s a mainstream, non-radical member of Congress. However his background tells a different story.

In 1988, Himes submitted his thesis to Harvard University called: “The Sandinista Defense Committees and the Transformation of Political Culture in Nicaragua” in which he defended the Marxist Sandinistas, insisting that these groups “were legitimate vehicles of participatory democracy.”

A Harvard professor, Steven Levitsky called Himes’ conclusions “outside the mainstream” and noted that such sympathizers were limited to college campuses and the “left fringe of the Democratic party.” The thesis praised the “secret police units” of the pro-Soviet Sandinista regime.

How embedded with the Communist Party is Himes? From People’s World, the official newspaper of Marxists and the American left, founded by activists and communists in the early 1900s:

“There was much to celebrate at the 89th anniversary of the “Communist Party USA New Haven Connecticut Dec. 7, 2008. The party and its allies, unionists and friends joined together this year to work diligently to help elect our first African American president, Barack Obama. Folks pounded the pavement in Bridgeport, Conn., to defeat the last standing congressional Republican, Chris Shays. His replacement, newly elected Jim Himes, is vowing to take the people’s agenda forward.”

Himes, by the way is also a longtime friend of the Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans, including Communist Party supporters Kevin Lynch and Call Bunnell. He is Chairman of the National Security, International Development and Monetary Policy Subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee.

Back to Murphy, he was tied to an organization called “Connecticut Opposes the War” in the early 2000s, which was partially led by Lowendorf. He is also tied closely to the Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans, which includes Lowendorf, as well as Fishman and Heimer.

Joe Courtney, who represents Connecticut’s 2nd District, which includes both the US Submarine Base in Groton, as well as Electric Boat, which manufactures nuclear submarines, also is close to the Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans, and is linked to Communist Party members Heimer, Joelle Fishman and Edie Fishman. Courtney is a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee.

Connecticut’s 1st District Congressman, John B. Larson visited the Communist nation of Cuba in May 2015, and met with Cuba’s foreign minister, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla. Larson is also tied to the Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans, and to Communist Party supporter Lynch and Party member Heimer. Larson is Chairman of the House Ways and Means Social Security Subcommittee.

Perhaps the Connecticut legislator most closely tied to the Communist Party in the state is 3rd District Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, Chair of the House Appropriations Committee.

In the 1980s, DeLauro led something called “Countdown ’87,” which was a push to defund the US war against the pro-Soviet Nicaraguan government, serving as Executive Director.

DeLauro headed up an event in August 2018 in celebration of Social Security’s 75th birthday, held at the Communist Party USA-run New Haven People’s Center by the Connecticut Alliance for Retired Americans. Connecticut Communist Party Chair Joelle Fishman, a longtime friend of DeLauro’s, chaired the event.

In March 2012, a celebration was held to honor Connecticut Communist Party long-timer Al Marder’s 90th birthday celebration, held at the New Haven People’s Center. The host committee for that party included DeLauro, several Democratic state representatives, former New Haven mayor Toni Harp,  Communist Party members Joelle Fishman, Craig Gauthier, Jarvis Tyner and supporters Lowendorf and Rev. Scott Marks.

To add insult to injury, DeLauro actually congratulated Marder in the Congressional Record:

“Mr. Speaker, it is a pleasure for me to rise today to join the many friends, family, and community leaders who have gathered to celebrate the outstanding contributions of Alfred L. Marder as he celebrates is 90th birthday. Al is one of our community’s most active advocates—dedicating much of his life to fighting for social justice and the improvement of the quality of life for all.”

One portion of DeLauro’s statement to Congress stood out:

“During the McCarthy era, AL was one of those singled out for proudly sharing his thoughts and ideas.” [emphasis added]

 This was of course where then Sen. Joseph McCarthy was investigating communism in the US government and other institutions.

The completely ironic part about all of this is each and every one of these people twice voted to impeach former President Donald Trump, first subsequent to the bogus Russia collusion hoax, and secondly for the so-called January 6 insurrection, which has been called “the biggest threat to our Democracy since the Civil War” by some Democrats.

Yet here we have our entire Congressional delegation in the state, including its newest member Johanna Hayes, tied to the Communist Party of Connecticut. These are national security risks which should be investigated, but we know they will not.

It should also be noted that all of these 0fficials have been repeatedly endorsed by the Working Families Party, an offshoot of the Communist Party USA. 

As Loudon notes, all of these representatives would have to submit to an FBI background check were they applying for low-level federal jobs; luckily for them no such requirement is necessary for members of the House or Senate.

Their close ties to the Communist Party in Connecticut should disturb every resident not only of Connecticut but throughout the rest of the US. What’s infuriating is the abject hypocrisy of these people. In classic Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals, Karl Marx style, these hypocrites accused President Trump of the very thing they were doing—colluding with Communists.

Many residents of Connecticut call their leaders “commies”—if only they knew how damn accurate they actually are.

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