NEW YORK – In a Blue on Blue skirmish, no one wins!

An angry New York State trooper declared “open season” on NYPD cops after the DUI arrest of a fellow trooper in the Bronx, according to text messages obtained by the Daily News.

The messages were reportedly sent after police arrested State Trooper Dana Narvaez early Friday morning.

NYPD officers discovered Narvaez passed out at the wheel of his running car outside his Pelham Bay home, authorities said. Consequently, when he was given a Breathalyzer test, he blew more than double the legal limit.

“OK. It’s official. Open season on NYPD members,” the texts read, naming the arresting officer, reported the Daily News.

According to officers in the 45th Precinct, the Blue on Blue skirmish appears to be on. They reported receiving calls from people claiming to be state troopers seeking retaliation, police sources said.

Narvaez, who was released without bail at his arraignment Friday, did not return messages to the Daily News seeking comment.

This certainly isn’t the first occurrence of something like this. But in our day and age of messages going viral, it has the capacity to give law enforcement a self-inflicted black eye. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail from each agency.

(Graphics Law Enforcement Today)