EL DORADO HILLS, Calif. – In El Dorado Hills, there is a rock. It’s routinely painted throughout the year for different functions. 

Most recently, it was decorated in honor of fallen Sacramento Police Officer Tara O’Sullivan.

That is, until it was painted over. Twice.

That’s right. The memorialized rock shows Tara’s badge number and her department name. The other shows SpongeBob Squarepants and a shamrock with Tara’s name and some hearts. The painters left a message at the rocks that said “Please allow this tribute to remain until funeral services for the fallen officer have been completed. Thank you for your support and understanding.”

But the within two days of its decoration in her honor, vandals painted over it.


At first it was just a rainbow PRIDE flag that showed up. People who originally painted the memorial were confused. Was this a political statement? 

Tara was very much in favor of LGBTQ rights. 


The rock was then rededicated to Tara’s honor, painted back and sporting the message, “Rock is back to blue for you Tara!”

Tara O’Sullivan was laid to rest last week, but the day after her funeral, supporters found that the memorial had been vandalized yet again.

And this time it was personal.


When they discovered the new message that the rock read, they were shocked and hurt.

“Blue Lives Don’t Exist,” it read.

The rock was vandalized for a second time in just a matter of days. (Twitter)


The boulder also sported an antifa symbol with the code “1312,” which reportedly means that “All Cops Are Bastards.”

A local news station also reported that the vandals had stolen flowers and flags that had been left as a tribute to the fallen officer.


“It’s sad,” said El Dorado Hills resident Jim Martinez. “Why would someone do that for a memorial for someone that served the community?”

“1312” is code for “All cops are bastards.” (Twitter)


Though the rocks have been repainted to get rid of the hateful message, the Blue Family can feel the residual hate that came from the act.

Let’s rewind. Tara O’Sullivan was fresh out of the academy, just a few months on the job. She was reported to be kind and caring, and that’s why she stepped into that role to serve her community.

When she died, she was doing just that – helping a woman who had been a victim of domestic abuse.

But when she and her fellow officers were doing their job – doing the right thing – they were ambushed by a ruthless gunman who was armed to the teeth. He had been hiding out, waiting for the right moment to strike.

(Rose Borisow GraFX)


And he took this poor, young girl’s life. What’s worse, while other officers responded to the scene to try and help Tara, neighbors jeered at them and harassed them, yelling that “all cops should be shot.”

The world of social media also showed us that some people will do anything in the battle against law enforcement. Officer Michael Langsdorf’s death was broadcast live to Facebook. 

Another man began selling t-shirts with his face on it that said, “1 down, many more to go.”

What is happening in our country? Why are we rooting for people to die? Why are we going after an entire group of people who have volunteered their lives in an effort to save others?

And when will it end?