Blue Angel of Hope

On January 15 ,2013, Galt Police Department, California, suffered their first LODD, K9 Officer Kevin Tonn #172. It was then that my heart was filled with so much sadness that I HAD to get involved and do anything I could to start giving back to those who give so much to us, the public, without reservation or hesitation daily to keep us safe and protect us.

Long story short, Community Heroes Appreciation Memorial Project (CHAMPGALT) was formed and I started serving as their vice president. I have now started a non-profit called Blue Angel of Hope. I am hoping to secure some much needed monetary help in order to keep the Thin Blue Line Flags going out daily to families of the fallen and brutally ambushed and attacked officers in the line of duty.

​​I am on a mission to MAKE A DIFFERENCE! With so many attacks on LEOs each day, I am doing all I can to get these Thin Blue Line flags sent out the same day. My son and I have personally sent out 850 flags to 35 states as well as Canada and Denmark. As of 2017 Blue Angel of Hope was created to spread Love and Support for all Emergency Service workers especially Law Enforcement.

Along the way I met Michael Newman, a former first responder, now paying it forward to LEOs for their unwavering dedication to those in need. He and I instantly formed a forever friendship. Consequently, today we are partnered, as we both send TBL flags and he sends his personally designed coins to families of the fallen. We share the same mission of helping families in time of need but each in our own ways. He has jumped on board as a Blue Angel of Pennsylvania to help take some of the overhead off me and to give back in his own community.

It’s amazing to see what we can do as individuals, but more so as a group, pushing for support for our first responders.

We NEED to BAND together to help one another these days so please, if you have an idea, please reach out to me so we can, together, make a positive difference in this world.

– Kristen Meyer-Millard, CEO/Founder, Blue Angel of Hope, Email: [email protected]