Bloomberg: I’ll force police to undergo “implicit bias” training. Oh, and ‘sex reassignment’ surgery will be free.


Free college for all. Paid off student loans. Free healthcare. Universal basic income.

Is there anything Democratic presidential candidates won’t give away for free (besides guns of course)?

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire who likes to act like he’s one of the “little people” has released his plan for giving LGBTQ “equality.” Oh sorry, apparently there is now a “plus” sign at the end of the rest of the alphabet.

Bloomberg’s plan includes transgenders’ rights to free sex surgery and hormone treatment, rights to shelter based on gender identity, and forcing police and health care providers to undergo “cultural competency” and “implicit bias” training.

Hmmm. Sounds like a mind control thing.

Doomberg said in a statement on his campaign website:

“I have been honored to stand with the LGBTQ+ community in the fight for equality and justice, from New York, where we won marriage equality in 2011, to states across the country.

That fight—true to our nation’s highest ideals—has achieved historic progress, but we still have a long way to go.

As president, I will work to protect every member of the LGBTQ+ community from hatred, violence and discrimination.

We will close disparities in health care access and quality, stop violence against transgender people, and advocate for equal rights across the world. We cannot settle for anything less—and I won’t.”

Bloomberg’s agenda included supporting the Do Not Harm Act which would gut the Religious Freedom Restoration Act’s provision to protect Americans’ right to live and act according to their religious convictions.

So Bloomberg, who funds the gun-grabbing, Second Amendment gutting Everytown for Gun Safety now wants to similarly gut the First Amendment right to religious freedom.

“Mike will…end the Trump administration’s practice of granting federally funded organizations a license to discriminate against people based on their religious beliefs, sexual orientation or gender identity,” the website stated.

Bloomberg also thinks that it’s fine for people who formerly identified as male and have the hardware to prove it to play women’s sports. The Equality Act would bar governments and sports organizations from recognizing the biological/physiological difference between men and women and replace it with “gender identity.”

The website stated:

“Mike will also protect and expand ACA enrollment efforts and restrict the sale of plans that don’t meet ACA standards, ensuring coverage for medically-necessary gender-affirming care (e.g., gender-affirming surgery and hormone therapy).”

Bloomberg also vowed to “restore and enforce the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Equal Access Rule to ensure that transgender people are able to stay in shelters that match their gender identity.”

This policy would allow transgender women to stay in homeless and domestic violence shelters based on “gender identity.”

So think about this, you get a guy who likes beating up women. He now gets to “identify” as a female, and voila, he can go and stay in domestic violence shelter with women looking to escape domestic violence. What could possibly go wrong?

Bloomberg is also a solution in search of a problem. He would prioritize transgender rights in law enforcement:

“As president, Mike will establish a comprehensive approach to addressing violence against LGBTQ+ people, especially transgender women of color.

Mike will make hate and bias crimes a top federal priority, directing the FBI to take the lead on bias crime investigations, training local authorities to identify hate and pressing states to report all hate crimes to the federal government and improving data collection on violent deaths of LGBTQ+ people.”

As we said, this is a solution in search of a problem. Last year through September, there had been 18 transgender people…18…killed in the United States. There were 26 in 2018. This is an epidemic?  26 deaths in a WEEKEND is a quiet weekend in Chicago.

There is also some disconnect between the agenda put forth by the left and scientific facts. It is interesting that the left tells so-called “climate deniers”, who reject the premise of man-made climate change that they need to “believe in science”, yet reject science when it comes to gender identity.

In a piece in the Witherspoon Institutes Public Discourse, attorney and writer Jane Robbins said:

“The concept of changing one’s biological sex is, of course, nonsense, as sex is determined by unalterable chromosomes. An individual can change his hormone levels and undergo surgery to better imitate the opposite sex, but a male on the day of his conception will remain a male on the day of his death.

And as discussed below, the idea that there is a real personal trait called “gender” that challenges or invalidates the identity significance of biological sex is equally fallacious.

But the absence of genuine evidence is simply ignored, and faux “evidence” is created to validate the mania.”

Physicians have embraced the transgender ideology and from a financial standpoint, who can blame them? Transgender treatment is a lucrative industry, with surgery costing over $10,000. It has pretty much become a cottage industry.

As wacky is Bloomberg is, the award for lunatic of the week goes to Elizabeth Warren. Warren, the queen of made-up stories and pandering to the audience came out with a beauty where it concerns the trans-pandering Democrats.

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Bloomberg:  I'll force police to undergo "implicit bias" training.  Oh, and 'sex reassignment' surgery will be free.

In a town hall in Iowa, someone asked Warren, “How would you make education inclusive for all backgrounds?”

Warren responded:

“I love this question. And the answer is: We need a Secretary of Education who believes in public education. In fact, I have two qualifications that I talk about over and over for my Secretary of Education.

The first: It has to be someone who’s taught in a public school, hello?

And part 2, because it came from a young trans person who asked about a welcoming community and I said it starts with a Secretary of Education who has a lot to do with where we spend our money, with what gets advance in our public schools with what the standards are, and I said:

“I’m going to have a Secretary of Education that this young trans person interviews on my behalf, and only if this person believes that our Secretary or Secretary of Education nominee is absolutely committed to creating a welcome environment, a safe environment and a full education curriculum for everyone will that person actually be advanced to be Secretary of Education.”

This came from an exchange back in October where a “9-year-old transgender American” named Jacob asked a planted question of Warren, no doubt from his social justice warrior parents about what she would do to “make sure that kids like me feel safer in schools.”

So, Warren is going to vet cabinet members using 9-year-old transsexual kids. God help us if this lunatic gets anywhere near the White House.

Back to Bloomberg for a second.

Did you know that Everytown for Gun Safety is promising to pledge $60 million toward electing gun-control candidates in 2020.

Did we forget to mention that Everytown for Gun Safety was founded and is funded by Michael Bloomberg? Because it is – big shocker there. The group intends to make sure that President Trump doesn’t land a second term, since he’s been making sure that his constituents know he’s looking out for their Second Amendment rights.

The Washington Post reported that the $60 million pledge showcases efforts to double the groups’ spending as compared to their 2018 numbers. Shannon Watts remarked on the monetary effort, saying:

“The gun safety movement has never been stronger. We have millions of supporters, and we are going to seize the moment. We are going to compete at every level.”

If the name Watts rings a bell, it’s because her and Bloomberg have been in cahoots for some time. Watts was the founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, which back in 2013 combined forces with Mayors Against Illegal Guns to create Everytown for Gun Safety.

The modern anti-gun group, when not trying to vilify the NRA, has served as a propaganda machine for years.

You needn’t look any further like when they claimed in February of 2018 that there were already 18 school shootings from the onset of the year to February 14th.

The Washington Post noted that the group conveniently labeled a man who committed suicide outside of a school that had been closed for seven months as a “school shooting”. Another “school shooting” they reported in that false 2018 statistic was from non-students in a school parking lot being shot at by someone in a car.

The big spending campaign is going to be overseen by Charlie Kelly, who mentioned that gun control is “going to be one of the most powerful issues in the election this year”.

Kelly was named the groups senior political advisor after his time as the executive director of the House Majority PAC. Seeing that House Majority PAC boasts a mission of “holding Republicans accountable and helping Democrats win seats in the House”, he clearly fits right in with the Bloomberg camp.

Haven’t these people learned anything from watching the demise of all political pundits that vied for the Democratic nomination, only to crash and burn when “gunning” for American’s guns?

All the other current Democratic front runners are keeping their mouths shut about guns after watching what happened throughout 2019.

The four Democratic hopefuls that rallied hard against guns are now engaged in a spectator sport – Cory Booker, Eric Swalwell, Kamala Harris, Robert “Beto” O’Rourke – they all dropped out of the race.

It could make one wonder if Bloomberg is slowly becoming insane. It seems he’s “doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”, like Rita Mae Brown cleverly coined in her 1983 novel “Sudden Death”.

Of course, we are talking about the same Bloomberg who thinks only police should be allowed to shoot guns. When speaking about the hero Jack Wilson, who saved countless lives inside of a church, Bloomberg stated the following:

“I wasn’t there, I don’t know the facts, that somebody in the congregation had their own gun and killed the person who murdered two other people. But it’s the job of law enforcement to, uh, have guns and to decide when to shoot. You just do not want the average citizen carrying a gun in a crowded place.”

You can’t make this stuff up. The name behind a news network that actually reported what happened in the church claimed he didn’t “know the facts”. There’s no amount of money that’s going to save Bloomberg’s campaign.

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