Bloomberg-backed gun control group trying to flip Texas State House, turn state blue


TEXAS – The Michael Bloomberg backed organization Everytown For Gun Safety is in the midst of trying to get their preferred candidates elected within the Texas House.

Numerous districts are being targeted by the gun control group and they’re reportedly spending over $2 million for the various races this fall.

Reportedly, a majority of these races for the state’s House reside heavily within the DFW area. The districts that Everytown is honing in on were identified as districts 26; 64; 66; 67; 92; 94; 96; 108; 112; 121; 134 and 138.

Everytown’s senior political advisor, Charlie Kelly, recently invoked the shootings that took place within Texas over the recent years as being the impetus for this endeavor to oust Republicans from the legislature:

“The Republican-led state Legislature had plenty of opportunities to take action on gun safety. Instead, they’ve weakened gun laws across the board, even as Texans have faced four of the nation’s deadliest mass shootings.”

But it’s not only the Bloomberg gun control group that is attempting to flip the House in Texas – but also what is referred to as a “progressive” group known as Forward Majority. And Forward Majority is going to be shelling out over $6 million to turn the legislature into a Democrat majority.

Kelly admitted to “running ads on guns in every race” pertaining to the elections coming this fall for the state House. But they’re also sneaking in messaging relating to issues like immigration and education as an effort to get anti-gun candidates crafting laws in the Lone Star State:

“You can saturate on one message. So we’re talking about the issues that matter to voters in Texas that are top of mind.”

Essentially, a classic bait and switch technique in the realm of politics.

But this funding is merely a vicarious extension of Bloomberg’s anti-gun agenda for Texas. Apparently, it’s not just a organizational lackey of the billionaire that is meddling in state endeavors – Bloomberg himself has reportedly admitted that he’s trying to swing the national vote in Florida.

But the way he’s attempting to do so has raised numerous eyebrows.


NEW YORK CITY, NY – No amount of money was enough to keep Michael Bloomberg in the race for president. Now, he’s raising cash to get voters to the polls to vote, with high hopes that most of the people he’s paying will vote Democrat.

The billionaire former mayor of New York City has now raised $16 million to pay fines for minority felons, so that they will be eligible to vote in Florida this November.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that Bloomberg and his team at Florida Rights Restoration Coalition have brought in enough to cash to cover the court fines and fees of nearly 32,000 black and Hispanic voters with felony convictions.

The scramble to pay down their court costs is reportedly an effort to increase voter turnout for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in the vital swing state.

Bloomberg tweeted about the fundraising push on Wednesday writing:

“The right to vote is fundamental to our democracy and no American should be denied that right.”

Continuing the Twitter thread, he posted in a second tweet:

“That’s why this National Voter Registration Day, we’re working with the @FLRightsRestory to end the disenfranchisement and discrimination that prevents returning citizens from voting.”

The program is organized by the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to pay the fines for former prisoners already registered to vote in Florida, but legally banned from doing so because of their outstanding bills.

The FRRC website reads,:

“It’s Time to Free the Vote!”

The description for the organization says it is “about freeing the vote for everyone in Florida, no matter who they vote for.”

It reads:

“Our work is squarely centered on the 1.4 million returning citizens in Florida, and restoring their rights so that they can fully participate in our Democracy.”

While the group says it is helping felons “no matter who they vote for,” Bloomberg has said he is solely committed to backing Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

He has promised $100 million to help elect Biden in the sunshine state.

In the last week, FRRC said together they have raised more than $20 million from individuals and foundations.

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Bloomberg’s advisors told The Washington Post that Bloomberg saw the donations as a more cost-effective way of adding votes for the Democratic party than instead investing money into trying to sway Republican votes to Biden.

A post from the FRRC reads:

“Bloomberg’s decision to funnel money into paying off court debts came shortly after he also pledged to spend $100 million to help defeat Trump in Florida. Trump narrowly won the state with less than 113,000 votes four years ago and both Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are in a push to find any advantage that helps them in the margins.”

Florida’s October 5 voter registration deadline is quickly approaching, and still as many as 775,000 felons have unpaid debts that prevent them from voting.

The coalition’s deputy director said in an online statement that the group has already paid off fines and fees for nearly 5,000 people, at the cost of about $1,000 per person. He said that the dollar amount average may drop because the “goal is to help as many people as fast as possible.”

Bloomberg’s newly found focus on felons follows his own failed attempt to take a seat in the Oval office.

The former mayor said he spent $1 billion earlier this year on his presidential campaign which played out heavily in TV advertising prior to the debates.

Bloomberg pulled the plug on his campaign after Super Tuesday and facing fall out for his “stop and frisk” policy, which some called racist.

On Twitter, accolades poured in as Bloomberg posted about his fundraising and contributions to the cause.

However, the feedback on the media reports about his fundraising came with more mixed responses.

User Paul Dullea tweeted:

“This is a great way to fight FL’s poll tax. For anyone that has a problem with this, Bloomberg’s move shows how just how arbitrary the issue was. The restriction didn’t apply to anyone lucky to have a wealthy family. Now Mike is the rich uncle for the other folks.”

Twitter user Kieran Brennen voiced simply what many others commented in length, saying:

“Raises? He coulda just wrote a check.”

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