The Bloodbath Continues in Chicago – 75 Recently Shot, (13 Killed, 62 Wounded)

It’s safer to be a US Army GI deployed to Afghanistan than it is to be a young person on the West or South side of Chicago. That’s not hyperbole but a fact.

The Austin neighborhood has had 215 shot with 42 of them fatal. Chicago has one person shot every 2:53 hours resulting in one homicide every 14:52 hours. Year to date, that’s 1837 people shot resulting in 356 homicides for 2018. And it’s only August 9.

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods. When asked where you are from, people respond with the neighborhood name; Gresham, Austin, Lakeview, Bridgeport, and Wrigleyville are a few. If you are Catholic, you might respond with the Catholic parish in your neighborhood. I grew up in Lakeview in the St. Sebastian’s parish.

Chicago is also a very segregated city. The neighborhoods once were Polish, German, Mexican, Black, and Irish. We have Ukrainian Village and Little Italy. Now the neighborhoods are more likely to be defined by the racial majority in the area. Although few areas of the city have been untouched by these shootings they are concentrated in Hispanic and Black neighborhoods.

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Sociologists will argue the cause of these shootings until they are blue in the face. Politicians have a new plan to combat crime every time you put a microphone in front of them. Groups like BLM blame the police and racism while they say they don’t want the police in their neighborhoods. Police officials and the mayor say they will put 600 more police officers in these dangerous neighborhoods. However, they don’t have plans to hire 600 additional police officers. So, this means canceled days off and overtime for the already hard worked officers of the city.

Church pastors lead marches to block expressways and to preach outside a Cubs game on the North side. They demanded jobs and better housing. I wonder if they believed the suburbanites attending the game looked on this march as anything more than an amusing diversion before the game started?

The interesting thing is these politicians and preachers fail to march to the street corners where the shootings occur. They hire school buses to transport their protestors to other neighborhoods when perhaps they should be marching and protesting closer to home.

Early this last Sunday, 12:40 AM to be precise, eight people were shot on the street at 1300 W. 76th Street on the cities South side. Five of the shooting victims were women. Six of the victims were teenagers. Imagine how many shots were fired if the shooters were able to wound eight people.

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This is 2.5 blocks north of St. Sabina’s Parish on 78th Place. St. Sabina’s is home to Father Michael Pfleger, one of the City’s most outspoken critics. Recently he led a march to block the Dan Ryan Expressway as a protest. Many of his critics immediately pointed out he should have led the march to the street corners in his parish where it might do some good. Had he and his fellow protestors been on 76th Street Sunday morning they might have done some good.

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Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson marching arm in arm with Father Michael Pfleger, July 2018 . (Screenshot CST news broadcast)

You can draw your own conclusions as to why he and his protesters hadn’t marched outside the Dr. Martin Luther King Roller Skating and Bowling Center at 12:40 a.m. A bloodbath might have been avoided had he been there. I imagine he wasn’t there since the lighting isn’t very good for TV cameras and no one had a microphone to hand him. That’s probably why BLM and a smattering of local community activists weren’t out there helping to keep things peaceful.

A group of activists is now talking about marching to O’Hare Airport to protest. The plan is to obstruct the flow of travel at one of the world’s busiest airports. Perhaps they discovered the FAA might not be as welcoming as Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Keep watching for more shootings. This weekend is Chicago’s Bud Billiken Day Parade. Along with a handful of neighborhood festivals   the already stretched thin police force will have their hands full with two days of mid 80’s and sunny weather. If you are on a Tac team don’t expect a day off until sometime late September. You can expect a great OT check but a weekend with your family would be nice occasionally too.

Thank you to for the shooting statistics. Someone has to keep the city honest.

Your responses and opinions are always welcome even if you’re wrong and don’t agree with me.

As always people, stay safe. Run low and zigzag.

– Robert Weisskopf (Lt. ret.)