Black Lives Matter protests fatal police shooting of man who pointed gun at cops at U.S. Open of Surfing


HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – Black Lives Matter is protesting after an armed man was shot and killed by police in front of bystanders at Huntington Beach in Southern California over the weekend, and it was caught on video.

The shooting took place about 3:15 p.m. Saturday after officers received reports of a man with a gun at Huntington City Beach, police said in a press release.

The shooting happened about 3:15 p.m. on the sand, just south of Huntington Beach Pier and near the pathway, said Jennifer Carey, spokesperson for Huntington Beach police.

Witnesses said three police officers were pursuing a man in a white t-shirt and jean shorts as he passed under the pier.

Video capturing the incident showed the man holding something covered by a t-shirt. Officers said they approached the man and gave “multiple commands” for him to drop his weapon. The man refused to comply and raised the item and pointed it at officers.

At that point, fearing for their safety and the safety of bystanders, the officers fired on the man.

Hector Tovar, a Chino Hills resident, described what he heard:

“We started hearing pop, pop, pop. I thought it was fireworks, that’s how many rounds there were.”

The man, later identified by police as 43-year-old Andrew Garcia, fell to the sand wounded. While on the sand, Garcia frantically reached for the t-shirt concealing what appeared to be a firearm. Officers continued to fire until Garcia stopped moving.

Officers administered first aid to Garcia, and he was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

A gun was found at the scene, said Huntington Beach spokesperson Jennifer Carey.

 The beach was crowded at the time of the incident. The U.S. Open of Surfing is underway at the beach this weekend, though apparently competition for the day had ended prior to the shooting.

A World Surf League spokesperson said in a statement:

“The WSL is aware of the incident that occurred near the Huntington Beach event site after competition ended for the day. All athletes and staff are safe and accounted for.”

Carey said the incident occurred at the best time possible for such an occurrence:

“The crowds, the athletes had kind of dispersed. That was one great thing about the timing of it. Additionally, because of the U.S. Open, we had a lot of extra officers on hand.

“Due to that, our officers were able to get to the call much more quickly and much more effectively.”

Despite the video evidence, multiple witnesses, and the gratitude expressed by Carey, Black Lives Matter began organizing a protest immediately following the shooting.

Tory Johnson, a founding member of Black Lives Matter-Huntington Beach, demanded officers involved in the shooting of the armed man be held accountable for their actions despite having possibly saved multiple lives:

“This is what we’re fighting. We’re fighting police aggression, whether they are black, brown, purple.

“What we are saying is you can’t go around killing minorities, and you can’t treat people a certain way just because they look different from you, or they don’t fit the mold of an average citizen in our city.”

The City of Huntington Beach took a more measured approach for those who may have been impacted by the shooting. They will be hosting a community meeting in the coming days for members of the public directly impacted by the event to express their concerns and ask questions related to the incident.

Representatives of HBPD, Be Well OC and the city itself will be present. The date, time and location of the meeting will be made available the police department’s (@hbpolicedept) Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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Black Lives Matter affiliate demanding residents sign “privilege pledge” to make space for minorities at Ivy League schools

July 28, 2021


 The following contains partial editorial content which is the opinion of the author. 

DALLAS, TX- Most right-thinking people know that the Black Lives Matter organization is nothing less than an organized crime syndicate engaged in shaking down the American people, as well as American businesses. A recent letter sent to “wealthy white people” living in the Dallas, Texas area seems to confirm that.

A group called “Dallas Justice Now” (DJN) sent letters to Dallas area residents living in two wealth neighborhoods in which they demanded “wealthy white people” refrain from sending their children to Ivy League schools to leave spots open for black students, according to the Daily Mail.

 The organization appears to be rather new is shaking down whites believed to be supporters of Black Lives Matter to “commit to making sacrifices to correct centuries of injustice.” And here we thought this was only about George Floyd.

In the letter, the group is demanding white people sign its “college pledge” whereby they agree not to send their children not only to Ivy League schools but to any college or university on the US News & World Report Top 50 schools.

This is to in essence leave those spots available for “students from black, LatinX, and other marginalized backgrounds who were denied access to those institutions for hundreds of years.”

According to Data USA, only six percent of the student body at Harvard and Princeton are black, while at Columbia and Cornell the number is five percent, Brown seven percent.

US Census Bureau data for University Park, one of the neighborhoods targeted shows it is 88 percent white, with only 1.5 percent being black. In Highland Park, the other neighborhood targeted it is 91 percent white and less than 1 percent black.

Both neighborhoods are among the wealthiest in Texas, with median household income in exceeding $200,000 and Highland Park raking amongst the 10 wealthiest areas in the United States in 2018.

The pledge letter was forwarded to Dallas City Wire and says that “rich, white people earned or inherited your money through oppressing people of color.”

“We are writing to you because we understand you are white and live within the Highland Park Independent School District and thus benefit from enormous privileges taken at the expense of communities of color,” the letter starts. [emphasis added]

“You live in the whitest and wealthiest neighborhood in Dallas, whether you know it or not, you earned or inherited your money through oppressing people of color.” [emphasis added]

“However it is also our understanding that you are a Democrat and supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, which makes you one of our white allies and puts you in a position to help with these cruel injustices.”

The letter then advances to shaking down the residents and admonishes them to sign a pledge to “step up and back up your words with action and truly sacrifice to make our segregated city more just.”

Recipients of the letter are told to check off one of two boxes:

“I am a racist hypocrite” or “I agree” to the pledge.

Heads they (DJN) win, tails the residents lose. The group has threatened to publish the names of people who have and have not signed the pledge (let’s call it a threat because that is exactly what it is).


It’s somewhat amusing that people who tripped over themselves and sold their soul to Black Lives Matter and similar organizations are now being shaken down because some is never enough for groups such as this. Simply put, they are never happy. That fact wasn’t lost on Mark Steyn, filling in for Tucker Carlson on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight:


The founder of the Dallas Justice Network, Michele Washington said the group identified people who had put up BLM signs but hadn’t made “any sacrifices” to drive change.

“White abolitionists died in the Civil War so that we could live as free men and women. White freedom riders risked their lives at the hands of the KKK to end the racist Jim Crow Laws,” Washington told the Daily Mail in a statement.

“Now, wealthy white liberals in 95 percent white enclaves like the Park Cities in Dallas profit by professing support for Black Lives Matter on social media, displaying us like animals in their charity galas, and taking Instagram pictures of themselves at our rallies all the while failing to make any sacrifices themselves to cure the problems that they and their ancestors created and profited from.”

She said that the opportunity to get a college education at an Ivy League or Top 50 school is a social mobility tool, arguing that sacrificing the place of a white student is “a minor sacrifice for privileged families.”

“Imagine the progress we could make ending the multi trillion-dollar wealth gap if those hundred thousand spots at top colleges went to black and Latinx students,” Washington said.

“We understand that this is a minor sacrifice for privileged families, but we think it is the least they can do if they truly are allies of our communities. If whites want to be our allies, they must make sacrifices,” she continued.

Some people were (rightly) offended by the letter. One woman who dared to speak out, Casie Tomlin told the Dallas City Wire she couldn’t believe the letter was real.

“There’s no way an organization would send this,” she told the outlet.

That (of course) sparked Washington to call Tomlin “a racist Karen” while accusing her of reporting the group to the police over the letters. Tomlin disputes those allegations.

“I wholeheartedly dispute and deny all accusations made by Michele Washington and Dallas Justice Now,” she told the Wire. “I am now and have always been an active advocate for social justice.”

Tomlin should be able to see how much “tolerance” that has bought her…none.

Also, DJN decided to dox Tomlin on their Facebook page as well. We won’t justify that by linking to it. 

DJN appears to have only been in existence since last October, when its first Facebook post appeared. In a June 25 post, the group announced it was nearing completion of its website.

A person who goes by the name “Jamila” posted a video to the group’s Facebook page which described the organization as a “nonprofit advocacy group.”


“I’m Jamila with Dallas Justice Now. We are a nonprofit advocacy group in Dallas, and we are fighting for change, we are fighting for equality. We are wanting to bridge gaps and we just want to catch up.”

Yes, by shaking down Dallas residents to sign some bogus “pledge.”

Jamila described herself as a parent who wants to send her children to college, which she said would create “generational wealth” and have a “trickle down effect” on other generations in the city.

This has us wondering whether or not Jamila or any other members of this group have made requests to their Congressional representatives to make school choice available for all students in the country.

Failing public schools have shown themselves to be an abomination and allowing students of color the opportunity to use vouchers to attend outstanding schools would significantly improve their chances of getting into college. This could be done without shaking down parents to send their children to other than the top 50 colleges and universities.

Washington told Dallas City Wire that the group is planning to launch an advisory council which she claims will include Professor Troy Harden, director of the Race and Ethnic Studies Institute at Texas A&M University, which Harden denied, telling the Daily Mail “it’s not true.”

DJN’s shakedown may be for naught, however as some Ivy League schools have announced an increase in diversity admissions.

For example, Harvard announced its class of 2025 would be more diverse, with 18 percent of students being black, 27.2 percent Asian, 13.3 percent Latino, 1.2 percent Native American, and .6 percent Native Hawaiian. In other words, a majority of students in Harvard’s class of 2025 will be BIPOC.

Harvard, however, finds itself in the crosshairs of a lawsuit, alleging it imposes a “racial penalty” on Asian American applicants by using a system to score them lower in some categories than other applicants, while giving “massive preferences” to black and Hispanic students.

Harvard denies the allegations. Lower courts have agreed with Harvard and dismissed the case; however the plaintiffs, Students for Fair Admissions and anti-affirmative action activist Edward Blum have appealed the decision, which may eventually make its way to the United States Supreme Court.

For more on Black Lives Matter and affiliated groups looking for some quid pro quo, we invite you to read one of our prior reports, in case you missed it: 



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