Blessed are those who wear the badge and those who wear the star,
Blessed are those who protect and defend no matter where they are.
Blessed are those who fight fires, and those who guard this land,
Blessed are those who sacrifice, brothers and sisters hand in hand.
They’re fathers and they’re mothers, they’re brothers and sisters too,
They’re someone’s children and grandchildren, maybe even some of you.
Besides their brave and selfless work, they have private lives as well,
I don’t know if some people realize that, sometimes it’s hard to tell.
They have my respect and my thanks, and they’ll have til the day I die,
I know there are some people who hate them, tho I really don’t understand why?
They’d sacrifice their lives for yours, take a bullet if need be,
Next time you see one give them a thanks, please do this one little thing for me.