Bleeding Out – Blue Lives Matter

During the last school year my 17-year-old son Steven Rahor and his friend Julia Cafero were faced with an assignment of creating a video by choosing a song and layering pictures and video onto it to address a current political issue. They chose a song called Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons and decided they wanted to show the pain and suffering that police in our communities endure to protect and serve the people of their jurisdictions.

The video was supposed to be featured at the Manalapan High School National History Day presentation but it somehow got omitted from the program at the last minute. As you can imagine the program was full of BLM, anti-Trump, and many other left-wing-themed videos. The kids were devastated.

There is a bright side though. I was so proud of the kids’ effort and of its’ message that I posted the video on my Facebook.

Blue Lives Matter from Steven Rahor on Vimeo.

Thanks to Law Enforcement Today and other “police centric” pages the video was viewed over 125,000 times. We received messages from CHP, RCMP, and other police agencies across the country and the world expressing their appreciation for the efforts Steven and Julia put forth.

There were numerous messages from active and retired LEOs who were deeply touched by the video. One noteworthy message came from a Connecticut police officer who reached out to tell me how his uncle, who is also a police officer, was seen in the video carrying a child out of a burning building.  Moreover, his uncle brought that child back by administering CPR. The officer thanked Steven and Julia for the video and for showing his uncle.

Finally, there were messages from widows and orphans of police officers across the country who loved the job these kids did.

Captain George Rahor, New York State Courts

Editor’s note: Law Enforcement Today would like to thank Steven and Julia for their heartfelt, yet courageous school project. Sadly, we live in a culture that doesn’t want to face the facts presented in the video. This project demonstrated reality in a dramatic way. We give you an A+ on the assignment. We are proud of each one of you!

(Photo courtesy Joseph McIntyre, Bayfield Marshal’s Office)