It’s only been hours since the dust has settled and already everyone is looking for someone to blame.


Body count:

– Dayton, Ohio, nine dead and dozens wounded.

– El Paso, Texas, 21 dead and even more wounded.

Total for one night in Dayton and El Paso, 30 people dead with 51 more shot in these two incidents. These numbers are sure to rise as more information comes to light.

Chicago, Illinois, 6 killed with 46 more shot, just over this past weekend.

The United States has had 251 mass shootings in which four or more individuals were shot in a single incident. The United States has four percent of the world’s population and controls 40 percent of the world’s guns.

21-year-old Patrick Crusius opened fire on a Texas Walmart on Saturday. (El Paso Authorities)


People blame guns but fail to blame the shooter. In fact, people often give the shooters credence by supplying alibies and motives for why the shooters acted out against society. Mental health issues lead the list. Poor home environments and lack of adequate schooling are normally mentioned. Fatherless homes are never brought up.  The lack of basic morale behavior tops my list. When the government takes over raising children, society is doomed. No politician would touch this topic because the votes they so disingenuously desire would leave their campaigns like rats on a sinking ship.  

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A Chicago man was recently arrested while in possession of two AK-47’s with barrel magazines that had a capacity of 100 rounds each. He also possessed a hand-gripped assault-style rifle with two extended clips with the capacity to hold 39 bullets each. Also, in his possession at the time of his arrest were approximately 30 armor piercing rounds that could penetrate any ballistic armor worn by police officers. This type of round would not only enter the front side of any bulletproof vests, they would cut through it like a hot knife through butter, blowing a large hole in the back panel while taking everything in between with it, heart, lungs etc.

Officials: Ohio mass shooter Connor Betts slaughtered own sister during rampage

Dayton shooter Connor Betts and his sister, Megan, who was among the dead. (Facebook)


A clear danger to society as well as all police officers, wouldn’t you say? He was arrested, charged and let on bond of $10,000. In Cook County, a person needs only to post ten percent of the bond. In his case, he put up one thousand dollars and was released.

And the politicians blame the guns! 


Murders in Chicago are double of those in Los Angeles and New York. Chicago Police officers are removing record number of guns of the streets, yet our jail population is shrinking. Felons arrested for possessions of a firearm are let on bond as well as gang members with criminal histories and thugs with attitudes. Our Cook County State’s Attorney is in compliance with the recent mandate to clear out the jails, reduce the population of inmates awaiting trial, and allow every arrested person to be able to post a bond that they can afford, normally a recognizance bond.

Sign on the dotted line and be free to commit more crimes until we arrest you again. Then follow the previous script.

Our politicians wonder why there is distrust percolating in City Hall. There is no realistic approach to gun control. But it’s a topic that gets votes. Political grandstanding at its best.


If they did control guns and shootings, the politicians would forfeit their platform and lose the day’s talking points. They would be forced to do their jobs. That will happen when pigs fly.


The alleged perpetrators of the recent mass shooting massacres. (Public Domain/Adobe Stock)


I do have the answers, but the true means to solve this gun issue will fall on deaf ears. Because remember… it’s the guns, not the people. 

To all my brothers and sisters in blue, lock and load and protect each other. And as always, stay safe.

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