DENVER – A bladed-glove assailant with the appearance of a clown fatally stabbed a man outside a popular taco restaurant in an early-morning attack Tuesday, the Denver Police Department said.

When responding officers arrived, they found the 29-year-old man unresponsive in the Torchy’s Tacos parking lot. He was taken to Denver Health Medical Center and pronounced dead, reported Fox 31 Denver.

Witnesses said the man got into an argument with another man who was wearing “white clown-type makeup with black streaks on his face and a glove with blades at the end of each finger,” according to police. Witnesses described the blades as 2 or 3 inches in length.

Moreover, they said the man with the makeup and glove approached the victim and began threatening him. When the victim attempted to move away, the man, took swings at him with the claw gloves. The attacker was identified as Christian Lee Gulzow, 36.

The victim tried to defend himself by fighting back, police said.

According to witnesses, the unnamed victim walked away north up the alley when Gulzow followed and continued yelling at him. They heard arguing but did not see what happened.

The victim was later seen with Gulzow in the Torchy’s parking lot when Gulzow left southbound on a scooter. The victim then collapsed.

Police later found a knife in the bushes covered with the suspect’s blood. And Gulzow was later found covered in blood. He was taken into custody.

According to the report, he indicated that he and the victim got into an argument, and that the victim threatened him by saying “get out of my alley.”

Gulzow claimed victim status according to police. He said the deceased man was the one who attacked him and took his scooter, according to law enforcement authorities. Gulzow said he tackled the victim to get his scooter back.

Gulzow is being held for investigation of first-degree murder.

(Feature image screenshot Fox 31 Denver news broadcast)