Black man specifically targeting ‘military-looking’ white men shoots five in 20 hour spree


COLUMBUS, GA- Remember…according to Joe Biden, white supremacy is the biggest threat to the American people.

Tell that to five people in Georgia and Alabama, who were shot by a black man who admitted he was targeting “military-looking” white men.

This is what happens when people from the president down to members of Congress and the media tell us that the biggest threat to people’s safety and security are white males. It puts a target squarely on their backs. 

According to law enforcement authorities, Justin Tyran Roberts, 39 was arrested last Saturday by police in Columbus, Georgia, where he stands accused of shooting and wounding four people during separate attacks on Friday and Saturday, the New York Post reports.

In addition, Roberts stands accused of shooting a white man in the back at a hotel in Phenix City, Alabama, according to the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. All told, the shootings took place over a 20-hour period last weekend. Police say that none of the victims were personally known to Roberts.


During a preliminary hearing on Monday, Det. Brandon Lockhart of the Columbus Police Department testified that following Roberts’ arrest that he “had to have” one victim who was shot in the back as he got into a car under the Oglethorpe Bridge in Columbus.

“Basically, he explained throughout his life, specifically white males had taken from him, and also what he described as ‘military-looking white males’ had taken from him,” Lockhart said during testimony, repeating what Roberts told investigators.

The Columbus paper said that according to police chief Freddie Blackmon, all the victims were expected to recover.

Roberts also made an unsubstantiated claim that white men had been “shooting at him in a wooded area with a slingshot.” Officers said there was no evidence whatsoever to back up that assertion, Lockhart said.

Roberts is a convicted felon and was in possession of a Taurus 9mm pistol that had been stolen when he was arrested, Lockhart also testified.

The carnage started on Thursday at the Courtyard by Marriott hotel in Phenix City when a man believed to be Roberts shot a man during a random attack, Blackmon said on Saturday. The man was hospitalized and will recover.

The Ledger-Inquirer reported that Roberts matched the description of the attacker in that incident, and it is expected he will likewise be charged in that shooting.

Just hours later, two white males and a black female were shot in Columbus, which resulted in Roberts being charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault and gun charges related to his being a convicted felon, the paper reported.

Gateway Pundit reported that Roberts’ public defender requested he undergo psychological evaluations, claiming Roberts was suffering from “delusions.”

The officer’s testimony has demonstrated that Mr. Roberts is having delusions and a disconnect from reality,” the attorney told the judge.

During a press conference, Chief Blackmon told the public not to panic and stressed the area is safe, noting that Roberts appeared to be acting alone.

“Uptown is safe. These recent shooting incidents that occurred in the last 24 hours have been isolated incidents,” Blackmon said. “We have not received any information that would indicate there was anyone else involved in these shooting incidents other than the person we have in custody.”

“We want our citizens to know that there is no need to be in fear or be apprehensive of getting about,” WRBL reported the chief as saying. “We want everyone to continue to get out and know that we take this very seriously. Any incident, shooting incident, any crime that occurs in Columbus, we take it seriously.”

After the court hearing, Judge Julius Hunter found probable cause and forwarded Roberts’ case to the Muscogee Superior Court.

Roberts’ court-appointed attorney entered a not guilty plea on his behalf Monday, and Roberts was held without bond after the prosecution cited the random shootings as well as the apparent racial animus as a motive.

Law Enforcement Today will update this story as additional information is gathered.

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For more on our fearless leader, Joe Biden claiming “white supremacy” is the biggest threat to the United States, we invite you to read our prior reporting on that issue. 


WASHINGTON, DC – President Joe Biden falsely made the claim Tuesday that white supremacy is “the most lethal threat” facing the U.S. homeland, beating out international terrorism and ISIS.

The incorrect claim was made during a speech to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1921 Race Massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Comparing the racism of the 1920s to today, President Biden said in the speech that the single greatest threat to the United States is white supremacy, incorrectly referencing a claim made by the Department of Justice in the latter half of 2020 that said it was the most lethal group inside the U.S:

“According to the intelligence community, terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal to the homeland today. Not ISIS. Not Al Qaeda. White supremacists.”

In October, DHS issued a report showing that white supremacist extremism accounted for more fatal attacks than any other domestic violent extremist group since 2018.

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf explained at the time that the white supremacist groups posed “the most persistent and lethal threat” of violent extremism in the United States in recent years.

DHS did not state that white supremacy is the most lethal threat facing the homeland. The agency said that white supremacist groups were the most lethal extremist threat inside the United States, and did not address foreign threats to the U.S. mainland.

The President also said that white Americans participating in the Klu Klux Klan ‘embedded” systemic racism in American culture:

“Millions of white Americans belonged to the Klan, and they weren’t even embarrassed by it. They were proud of it.

“And that hate became embedded systematically and systemically in our laws and in our culture.”

On May 30, 1921 in Tulsa, a young black man named Dick Rowland was riding in the elevator in the Drexel Building at Third and Main with a white woman named Sarah Page. Rowland was arrested for the act, and placed into custody at the courthouse.

The following morning, an exaggerated news report of the incident appeared in the Tulsa Tribune which created a confrontation between black and white armed mobs in front of the courthouse. The Sheriff and his deputies barricade themselves with Rowland.

Shots were fired into the crowd, and the black mob, being outnumbered, fled to the Greenwood District. White riots reportedly looted and burned Greenwood, and Governor Robertson declare martial law and called in the National Guard.

The Guard members helped extinguish the fires, and collected over 6,000 black men and women at the Convention Hall and fairgrounds.

Twenty-four hours after it erupted, the violence was ended. In the wake of the violence, 35 city blocks lay in charred ruins, more than 800 people were treated for injuries and contemporary reports of deaths began at 36. Historians now believe as many as 300 people may have died.

President Biden, who said in June 2020 that Confederate monuments belong in museums and “Don’t be surprised if someone pulls down the statue of Jefferson Davis,” told the crowd that Tulsa needed to remembered so American can remember its mistakes:

“We do ourselves no favors by pretending none of this ever happened, or that it doesn’t impact us today, because it does impact today. We can’t just chose to learn what we want to know, and not what we should know.

“We should know the good, the bad, everything. That’s what great nations do. They come to terms with their dark sides. As painful as it is, only in remembrance do wounds heal. We just have to choose to remember.”

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Who is his boss? Biden says he’s ‘not supposed to be answering all these questions’ when pressed by reporters

May 14, 2021


WASHINGTON, DC – The President of the United States is worried that he could get “in trouble” for answering questions posed by reporters. He made the admission while answering questions after delivering remarks from the White House on the COVID-19 vaccination program.

After answering several questions from reporters regarding the Colonial Pipeline cyberterrorism attack and the unrest in Israel and Gaza, a reporter asked the President about his infrastructure plan and a meeting he had held with a bipartisan group of lawmakers, The President responded:

“You guys are bad, I’m not supposed to be answering all these questions. I’m supposed to leave, but I can’t resist your questions.”


After making the off-the-cuff comment, President Biden answered the reporter’s question, saying that he came away “encouraged” by the meeting.

The comments came just days after White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted that the administration does not want the President to answer impromptu questions from the media, suggesting the administration wants to censor or approve his comments.

Psaki said that answering the questions was “not something we recommend”:

“He takes questions nearly every day he’s out from the press. That is not something we recommend. In fact, a lot of times, we say, ‘Don’t take questions.’

“But he’s going to do what he wants to do because he’s the president of the United States.”

The President has told the media that he would be “in trouble” for answering questions several times in the past. In April, he took questions from reporters as he walked away from the podium following a pandemic update. When a reporter asked him about India’s ongoing battle with the virus, Biden said:

“Look, I’m sorry. I’m going to — this is the last question I’ll take. I’m really going to be in trouble.”


President Biden has a long history of making verbal stumbles, and former President Trump used his gaffes during the 2020 presidential campaign to imply his intellectual capacity was failing.

Biden, who served as Vice President under Barack Obama, once made a comment that made the African American community cringe. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Biden said:

“(Obama was) the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

In another 2008 embarrassing moment, Biden, as the vice-presidential nominee, was on a campaign stump in Missouri and said:

“I’m told Chuck Graham, state senator, is here. Stand up Chuck, let ’em see you.”

Biden either did not know or had forgotten that Sen. Graham is confined to a wheelchair. When he realized his gaffe, he said:

Oh, God love you. What am I talking about? I’ll tell you what, you’re making everybody else stand up, though, pal.”


Baltimore Sun Columnist Stephen Frantzich discussed the gaffes in a September article:

“To his credit, he got through the Democratic convention without a gaffe. The question is not so much whether Joe Biden is prone to gaffes, but rather what they mean and how they should impact our vote. To the degree that a set of gaffes implies intellectual shortcomings or moral turpitude, such mistakes will rightfully push a voter away from Mr. Biden.” 




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