Hundreds of activists rally against ‘white supremacy’ after a black man stabbed an Asian man in NYC


The following article contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

NEW YORK, NY- File this under “What the Hell?”

Activists in New York last week held a rally against “white supremacy” to protest the attack of an Asian man who was slashed with a box cutter on a New York subway by a black man.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Social justice warriors were protesting against white supremacy over an incident where an Asian was attacked by a black man.



Last Saturday, hundreds of protesters showed up at New York City’s Washington Square Park and then marched through the streets of Manhattan, shouting, “Whose streets? Our streets.”

At one point, they gathered in front of Macy’s department store on 34th Street, with one carrying a sign reading, “White nationalism is the virus.”

If that sounds confusing to you, join the club.


March organizers publicized the event as “seeking justice for the attack on Noel Quintana,” with a promotional poster reading, “End the violence toward Asians. Let’s unite against white nationalism.”

Reports said that Quintana, a native of Manila in the Philippines was randomly attacked on February 3 on a crowded subway car during morning rush hour as he headed to work.

It was said that the random attacker kicked Quintana’s tote bag, and when he complained about it, the man slashed his face from ear to ear with a box cutter.

As is typical for New York, no bystanders offered to step in or call for help, which forced Quintana to seek help on his own. As a result of the incident, Quintana required approximately 100 stitches to close the wound.


When police issued a “description” of the attacker, he was identified as “wearing a black mask with a Louis Vuitton log and a black North Face coat. That was it. No physical description. Why? Political correctness.

The NYPD conveniently left out an important detail.

The suspect had black skin and an afro. Kind of important to know, right?

But in 2021, that is no longer allowed; to do otherwise would be exercising white privilege, being systemically racist…you know, one of those buzzwords.

Police had clear video surveillance footage of the suspect, yet failed to put it out?

Why? Simple…it would have been politically incorrect, and probably in violation of some type of policy drafted by social justice warriors.

However by not issuing a description, the victim—Mr. Quintana—was given a grave disservice.

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The apparent disconnect between the police release and the actual suspect wasn’t lost on some Twitter users, who released a photo of the suspect.

“This is the suspect if you want to identify him,” said conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong Sunday.


Later reports said that a man was arrested in the assault, however his name was not available. 

The Philippine Daily Mirror reported that according to the Migrants Center where Quintana volunteers, the latest attack on an Asian American is part of an explosion in such crimes. 

“We see the attack on Quintana as the latest manifestation of the rising hate crimes against Asian Americans not only in New York but across the United States,” they said in a statement. 

Also, according to the Queens Chronicle, that crimes against Asian Americans in New York City “ballooned to 1,900 percent in the last year…” 

Yet another poster at the “anti-racism”, “anti-white supremacy” rally showed a picture of Vicha Ratanapakdee, an 84-year-old Thai immigrant who was killed in January in San Francisco in an unprovoked attack. 

Apparently in this case, a man came running across the street and slammed into him, knocking him to the ground. In that case, a 19-year-old  black man, Antoine Watson, was arrested and charged with Ratanapakdee’s murder earlier this month.

As in the case of Quintana, some questioned why the assault of a Thai immigrant by a black man somehow fit the narrative of “white supremacy.”

“IS there a shred of evidence that 84-year-old Vicha Ratanapakdee was killed by white nationalism?” asked journalist Lee Fang.

Former Republican candidate Joshua Foxworth responded by saying, clearly tongue-in-cheek was: “’White nationalism’ is to blame for black people assaulting Asians.”


The attack on the Filipino national was yet another in a series of unprovoked attacks on Asian Americans in the San Francisco Bay area over recent history.

In one such incident, yet another black man, 28-year-old Yahya Muslim was arrested for shoving a 91-year-old man to the pavement from behind, and then knocking down two other Chinese pedestrians in Oakland’s Chinatown area.

All of these attacks occurred in broad daylight.

However no matter what race the suspects are, it’s always the fault of white supremacy. The same was alleged in the California attacks which were once again blamed on white people.

In speaking to the assaults in the Bay Area, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Viet Thanh Nguyen said that Asians must recognize that the violence is “part of a pattern of white supremacy.”

He even made the ridiculous argument that no matter if the assailants are black, “the solution is not to fall back on racist assumptions of our own but to hold the system of white supremacy responsible for dividing us.”


So, let’s get this straight. It is the fault of whites that black men are attacking Asian Americans. Ok.

If you can understand the following diatribe by a “diversity activist” in San Francisco, Michelle Kim, good luck.

She said, Asians have “more work to do to eradicate anti-blackness.” Why? Because they have a “perceived proximity to whiteness because their “solidarity work with other marginalized communities” was covered up.

In a recent article on the explosion of hate crimes against Asians, and while acknowledging that the attacks on elderly Asians were perpetrated by blacks, in asking “who is [our] real enemy?” she had a ready answer. “White supremacy culture”

One has to question why or to what end denying who the true perpetrators of the anti-Asian violence in cities across the US will accomplish?

Some on social media had the same question, pointing out the dishonesty of shifting the blame away from those actually committing the crimes.

In pointing out the consequences of such a deception, one commenter said, “Don’t expect them to stop without addressing who the real perpetrators are. If sacrificing your grandma to prove you aren’t racist is worth it, go ahead.”

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