Black Lives Matter protesters harass diners outside restaurant: “Who burns sh– down? We burn sh– down.”


DALLAS, TX – Recent video has surfaced reportedly capturing an incident outside of a restaurant in Dallas, Texas, where a group of Black Lives Matter protesters gathered while loudly chanting about burning “shit down” and generally harassing diners present.

While it is unconfirmed whether it was the impetus, signage held by some of the protesters seen in the video suggests it may have been partially inspired by the death of Marvin Scott III, who inexplicably died while housed at the Collin County Jail back in March.

The footage seems to have been captured during the evening of April 13th, where a few dozen protesters effectively took over an eatery in Dallas while chanting:

“Who burns shit down? We burn shit down.”

Numerous protesters were carrying signs, some were armed with rifles, and at least one woman was hoisting a megaphone while leading participants into various chants. One of the other chants, presumably aimed at annoyed diners, went as such:

“Silence is violence, why the fuck are you quiet?”

At one point, during some of the footage captured, a woman stood atop one of the tables at the restaurant and started kicking drink glasses off of the table before engaging in more chants.

Sometime thereafter, the group had amassed outside of the Statler Hotel in Dallas, once again, chanting the likes of “black lives matter” and “silence is violence.”

Reportedly, the non-profit group Next Generation Action Network has at least accepted some of the responsibility for the armed protest outside of the Dallas eatery and hotel after one online commenter had recognized some of the armed people present were adorning red NGAN shirts.

When NGAN responded to one commenter asking why the group has “armed protesters harassing people,” NGAN responded that those armed protesters were their NPO’s “security team”:

“Our security team is licensed to carry ensuring the safety of our protest. We cannot depend on the Police for that.”

Based upon some of the signage being held up by the protesters in Dallas, it seems as though this demonstration was partially inspired by the death of 26-year-old Marvin Scott III, who passed away under ambiguous circumstances after being booked into the Collin County Jail following his March 14th misdemeanor marijuana possession arrest.

To date, medical examiners haven’t released an official cause of death while Scott was in custody at the jail.

What has been released regarding Scott’s death was that Collin County Sheriff’s deputies working the jail had reportedly pepper sprayed Scott and covered his face with a spit mask at one point while in custody at the jail.

Sometime after being pepper sprayed and fitted with a spit mask, Scott became unresponsive and was pronounced deceased after being transported to an area hospital. Reportedly, seven sheriff’s deputies have been fired in connection with the investigation into Scott’s death.

An independent autopsy conducted by forensic pathologist Dr. Amy Gruszecki, who was hired by the family following Scott’s death, resulted in what’s known as a “negative autopsy” – meaning that there’s no signs of apparent physical injuries akin to blunt force trauma that could reasonably lead to death.

Dr. Gruszecki said, based upon her examination, that the negative autopsy in conjunction with other facts from the case poses strong evidence of some sort of asphyxia:

“The investigation and history that is available to me so far is that he was restrained and had a spit hood on his head, so the physical struggle of the restraint as well as the possible asphyxia from the restraint would likely be causes of his death and a negative autopsy, meaning no injuries, no blunt force trauma is consistent with that.”

The Texas Rangers are reportedly leading the investigation into Scott’s death.

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In other news pertaining to Black Lives Matter, journalist Michael Yon recently referred to those among groups like BLM and Antifa are essentially a part of a “cult.”

Here’s that previous report from March. 


WASHINGTON, D.C.- Internationalist “conflict journalist” Michael Yon has been around groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter and he was in D.C. during the January 6th Capitol Riots.

He has seen different groups of similar intent all across the nation. His conclusion on what they all have in common? He says that they are all cults.

“Conflict journalist” are different than “war correspondents” or “embedded journalists.”

Conflict journalists like Yon are not just riding around in Humvees like many war correspondents or just traveling to hotspots around the world and mingling with criminal and often terrorist organizations.

Instead, they do it all and Yon is one of the few that does it justice and rightfully exemplifies this designation of “conflict journalist.”

He is currently on an assignment down in Panama City learning what he can do about the various migrant groups heading towards the United States southern border.

However, a recent report focused on his experiences during the January 6th Capitol riots where he discussed how he watched Antifa and “other agent provocateurs” drive protesters to storm the Capitol Building.

Yon explained how he had seen that type of activity before and that what happened on January 6th was relatively mild compared to what he’s seen in areas around the world, most recently in Hong Kong.

He added that what happened in D.C. was even mild compared to what has been happening in American cities like Seattle and Portland.

During the interview, JD Rucker asked Yon what who he thought was behind the various provocations of riots an anarchic activity in this country and around the world. His responded by saying:

“Actually, I’d like to answer this in two different parts. One is that there’s context all over the world where this is happening in many countries, right. It’s happening in Japan. I’ve written three books there in Japanese and English and the Japanese publisher wants another. They’re doing the same thing and in Japan, splitting apart, trying to for instance split off Okinawa.”

He added:

“I spent more than half of my life in other countries outside of the United States. Not half of my adult life, but more than literally half my life in so many countries, right and I see this now.”

He detailed how what the country saw in D.C. on January 6th is something that has been trending across the world for a while. The tactics used are so similar, one could have a hard time believing they are not being coordinated.

The question, then, remains, who is running the overarching movement? Yon responded again by saying:

“So, who runs all this stuff? Again, multi player game here. There’s nobody at the top of the pyramid.

This is a very flat pyramid, right? I mean it goes up in a pyramid shape and then it’s got a big flat area up there with CCP of course, Russians, you’ve got Soros of course, you’ve got, you know, Democrats or whoever that want this or that, people who’re just in it for financial reasons.

People that want, you know to get money because of the color of their skin from people because of the color of their skin.”

He added:

“Communism is clearly a cult. You know there are two things in the world that you can never go wrong with. Studying mathematics and studying cults because cults are everywhere, right and communism is a cult. Antifa is clearly a cult. BLM is clearly a cult.”

He said that it will be impossible to stop the spread of extremism in American if the motivating factors for it are not understood. He said that once it is accepted that Antifa, BLM and other radical movements are cults, then the issue can be handled appropriately.

Yon is a former Green Beret.

A native of Winter Haven, Florida and he has been writing from Iraq and Afghanistan since December 2004. No other write has reportedly spent as much time with combat troops in these two wars.

His dispatches from the frontlines have earned him the reputation as the premier independent combat writer of his generation. His work as been featured on “Good Morning America,” The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, ABC, FOX, as well as hundreds of other major media outlets all around the world.


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