Black Lives Matter “hero” who was honored by the Red Sox arrested for punching 80-year-old woman


SWAMPSCOTT, MA – Here’s your “hero”, America.

Ernst Jean-Jacques, Jr was recognized during a Red Sox game in a spot in which is normally reserved for military heroes.  However, for some reason, the Black Lives Matter activist was honored during a portion of the game called “hats off to heroes.” 

Four months later, Jean-Jacques was placed under arrest for allegedly punching an 80-year-old woman.

Jean-Jacques was allegedly captured on video punching the elderly woman, identified as Linda Greenberg, who was a vocal President Trump supporter. 

Jean-Jacques was charged with assault and battery on a person over 60 years old.  Greenberg refused any medical attention at the scene.

The incident started around 11am when President Donald Trump supporters had gathered at Monument Square, something they have done for the past several weeks.  The supporters stand on the street corners while waving the American flag and Make America Great Again flags. 

Of course, if there is a President Trump rally of sorts, those who support President-Elect Joe Biden or other liberal causes cannot be too far away, which was the case at this event. 

Counter-protesters, who according to ItemLive, is usually comprised of North Shore residents, was this time made up of a number of people who were from out of the area.  The group was led by Joseph Castro Del Rio who was previously involved in a Saugus protest in October of this year which was confrontational. 

Swampscott Police Sergeant Jay Locke said that they two opposing groups seemed destined to clash at some point.  He said:

“It was a powder keg.  Just the way people were interacting with one another.  This was definitely more aggressive action than in previous weeks.  It felt like it was going to be violent at any moment.”

Former local radio host Dianna Ploss, the leader of the Trump rally, was recording which captured the moment that Jean-Jacques allegedly punched Greenberg. 

The video starts out with Trump supporters dancing to “It’s Raining Men” while waving American flags.  Also in the video frame is a person who police identified as Jean-Jacques with a black face covering on standing in front of the Trump supporters.

At one point, the Trump supporters change the words of the chorus to It’s Raining Trumps.  At some point, it appeared as if water may have splashed onto Jean-Jacques who then reached across the barrier and allegedly punch Greenberg.

While the punch is obscured, it is clear that Jean-Jacques throws a jab, and shortly afterwards runs from the scene.  Greenberg is seen doubled over and it appears she may have been punched in the chest.  Locke, in speaking about Greenberg being struck, said:

“She definitely seemed shaken up.”

Police began looking for Jean-Jacques and were able to take him into custody without incident. 

Locke said that the rest of the counter-protesters began marching towards their police department, but apparently changed their minds and went to the Governor’s house where they protested until roughly 2pm.

Jean-Jacques was recognized at the Hats off to Heroes program, sponsored by John Hancock, at a Red Sox game in August of this year.  The in-between innings event normally begins with a video tribute to a military member that is shown to those in attendance. 

However, in this instance, the Red Sox received permission from their sponsor and decided to honor Jean-Jacques for his efforts with Black Lives Matter.  During the Hats off to Heroes portion, Jean-Jacques was ‘honored’ for his fight against social injustice. 

In accepting the honor, Jean-Jacques posted on Facebook:

“Wow wow wow.  I don’t even know what to say.  Thank you @redsox for the recognition, but I would be selfish to take all the credit. 

I accept this “Hats Off to Heroes” award on behalf of the @ffcof2020 and EVERYONE who has helped out during the last few months.  Without you all, none of this would have been possible.  Heading back to Boston with even more motivation than before.  #NojusticeNoPeace.”

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LET Unity

Christian Trump supporter reportedly violently attacked three times by Antifa supporters at Washington rally

December 13, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C.– It seems to be a consistent trend that Trump supporters are being openly assaulted, and their attackers are not facing any repercussions. 

On December 12th, Journalist Drew Hernandez posted a tweet that shows a man walking hand in hand with a woman down a street in the nation’s capital.

The man is first heard saying on the video to the mob around him:

“Jesus Christ is coming back”

Moments later, a man wearing black bloc is seen coming up behind him and punching him in the back of the head.


The video then shows another man attempting to pepper spray the victim before he takes off running after his attacker. After chasing the man a few yards, he turns around and comes back.

Sometime later, the victim is seen trying to pick up a bicycle and another attacker jumps on his back and begins punching him in the head and back before the woman he was with pulls him off. 

Breitbart reported that in another incident, Antifa/BLM protesters and Trump supporters engaged in a fight outside the Capitol Hilton Hotel. The video below shows a Trump supporter being hit in the head with a megaphone by one of the Antifa protesters.


Earlier that same day, supporters of President Trump gathered for the “March for Trump” rally in Freedom Plaza. The crowd can be heard on video singing “God Bless the USA.”



The attacks on Trump supporters seem to be all too common, especially in Washington D.C.

In November, Law Enforcement Today reported on a man who was attacked in Washington D.C. at the Million MAGA March, after having to walk through a gauntlet of Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters.

That incident, which was mostly caught on camera, shows Christopher Horne immediately being harassed by the left-wing terrorist groups who are being allowed to openly and blatantly assault individuals without repercussions. 


In the video, you can see the angry mob follow Horne as he attempts to walk away. One woman even went as far as to try to snatch the Trump flag he was carrying out of his hands, which resulted in several people throwing punches in Horne’s direction. 

After several minutes of ongoing assaults taking place on the video, police officers are seen and heard radioing for assistance. 

At that same event, LET reported that there was one video from a man named Jorge Ventura from @VenturaReport in which he showed leftist lunatics attacking Trump supporters. Some attempted to fight back as they walked away.

In the video, at the 1;25 mark, a man holding a “Trump-Pence Out” sign comes up behind and sucker punches the Trump supporter, knocking him out.

Black Lives Matter, Antifa rioters sucker punch man, knock him unconscious at Million MAGA March
Man struck by leftist Twitter screenshot @VenturaReport

At nearly the same time, the two females kicked and stomped the man’s head before others in the area came to his assistance.

Black Lives Matter, Antifa rioters sucker punch man, knock him unconscious at Million MAGA March
Leftist woman stomps man’s head while he’s knocked out; Twitter photo @VenturaReport

Other videos, Breitbart said, showed harassment and threats toward other Trump supporters, including those with children. This went on despite a fairly heavy police presence in the area.


While these blatant and violent physical attacks on Trump supporters are not being condemned by any major media outlets, or by political leaders, it can be safe to assume that if it were the other way around, and Biden supporters were being attacked, the world would be going wild. 

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